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  • Softube announces Icons: The Compressor Collection

    Three legendary compressors – studio staples since the 1960s and ‘70s – expertly modeled for authentic character and modernized for a DAW-based workflow. Plus, the celebrated sound quality of Softube.



    Introducing Icons: The Compressor Collection, featuring the new FET Compressor Mk II and the evergreen classics VCA Compressor and OPTO Compressor.

    Icons: The Compressor Collection offers producers and engineers the original character of the included compressors. Added modern features, such as Drive, Stereo Link, a Sidechain section, High Frequency Make-up, and Dry/Wet, ensure effortless tailoring of the sound of the tracks on a mix. Destined to be a studio star in its own right, Icons: The Compressor Collection is a must-have mix of authentically modeled essentials and a thoroughly modern workflow.

    In short: 

    • NEW – Icons: The Compressor Collection
    • Includes three essential plug-ins: FET Compressor Mk II, OPTO Compressor, and VCA Compressor
    • Meticulously modeled on the most popular, oft-used compressors in the world
    • Added modern features such as Drive, Stereo Link, a Sidechain section, High Frequency Make-up, and Dry/Wet
    • An intuitive layout and workflow to quickly tailor the sound of the tracks in a mix
    • Available for use in Softube Console 1 Mixing System

    FET Compressor Mk II.

    VCA Compressor.

    OPTO Compressor.

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