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  1. Melodier fastnar i minnet. Du kan säkert nynna en hel del låtar utan att du riktigt kommer ihåg texten? Melodin är en av de allra viktigaste komponenterna av din låt. Om du inte vill kompromissa med melodin, är det så klart bäst att börja med den. Då slipper du anpassa den till en text, tempot, rytmer, ackord och form med mera. Du ska prova dig fram och hitta ditt eget sätt att skriva melodier på. Om du inte är van låtskrivare kan du börja med att följa vårt förslag på workflow. Steg för steg De här momenten ingår: Utgångsläget Melodin & ackorden Kolla melodin &a
  2. PreSonus Eris Sub8 was especially designed to complement the voicing and frequency response of Eris-series media reference monitors. If you want to add serious bass to Eris E3.5, E3.5 BT, E4.5, or E4.5 BT media reference monitors, the Eris Sub8 is the perfect mate. Driven by an onboard 100 watt Class A/B amplifier, the Eris Sub8 delivers plenty of powerful, accurate low end all the way down to 30 Hz—a full 50Hz below the Eris E3.5s. It naturally extends the reach of Eris E3.5 or E4.5 monitors in a manner appropriate to smaller rooms, where these monitors excel. Eris Sub8 flexibly con
  3. “The Neumann studio monitor portfolio is experiencing an enormous increase in demand; in some cases more than 60% compared to the previous year. According to user feedback, one of the main reasons is that our monitors have the highest acoustic consistency on the market; i.e. different models deliver identical mixing results in varying listening environments. This is of crucial importance, especially when different decentralized monitoring processes are involved. To further perfect this advantage for our customers, automatic room correction is the next logical step,” explains Ralf Oehl, CEO of
  4. All new features are housed in the new revolutionary OPUS software engine. It will be released at the same time as its companion product Hollywood Orchestrator, a time-saving tool for composers of every skill level who want to achieve that Hollywood blockbuster sound within seconds. Brand New Recordings and Reimagined Original Content Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, the new recordings include a new 18 violin string section for Hollywood Strings, new ensembles for Hollywood Brass and Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds, plus new string, brass, and wind multi ensembles. “These new
  5. Tävlingen börjar nu och ditt bidrag senast vara inskickat senast den 21 december 2020 kl 23.59. För mer information och svar på frågor, se tråden på Studio forum nedan: Tävlingen har tre vinnare med riktigt fina priser (klicka för att läsa mer): Dynaudio LYD5. Värde 9 190 kr (per par) Austrian Audio Hi-X55. Värde 3 295 kr Moog Werkskatt-01. Värde 2 295 kr Totalt värde: 14 780 kr.
  6. Cobalt8 following in the footsteps (and footprints) of its ARGON8 8 VOICE WAVETABLE SYNTHESISER series siblings, leading British synthesiser manufacturer Modal Electronics is proud to announce availability of COBALT8X and COBALT8M — completing the COBALT8 synth series with 61-key and module/rack renditions, respectively, both bringing traditional and entirely new analogue-style sound textures to modern music creation and production as an innovative, sophisticated synthesis concept comprising two oscillator groups with selectable algorithms in self-contained elements enabling multiple oscillato
  7. This time immersing its users in the unique sound world of electronic music duo Darkstar, acclaimed artists on the trailblazing British independent record label Warp Records roster responsible for experimental electronic stylings such as IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), creatively collaborating to expand upon the sonic palette of this year’s critically-acclaimed Civic Jams album as a versatile tool to create the tension, depth, and atmosphere anchoring an equally unique sample library lending itself to any setting from contemporary electronic music to hybrid modern film, television, and game com
  8. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today released the new Brad Paisley Signature Esquire®, in collaboration with the multiple-Grammy®-Award-winning country music superstar. Over the course of the guitar brand’s nearly 75-year history, the Fender Esquire® has been used by generations of country musicians who prized its approachability and uncompromising tone. With his second Signature guitar, Fender honors both the storied history of the beloved model and a man who has made the Esquire iconic to fans of modern country music. Brad Paisley has used the Esquire® guitars tried-and-true s
  9. Celemony Software GmbH/Munich – No. 17th, 2020 (ictw) – With Version 2020.11, all Pro Tools users with an active subscription or an active Update + Support Plan will find a full version of Melodyne included: Melodyne 5 essential offers the basic Melodyne functions for pitch and timing – ideal for editing vocals. Musical, fast, and intuitive. With the same algorithms and Grammy-award-winning sound quality as the large Melodyne editions. Melodyne 5 essential operates in Pro Tools as an AAX plug-in. Melodyne's Audio to MIDI function can be accessed directly from within Pro Tools, the communi
  10. “If its sister model, the MD 435, is the beauty, the MD 445 certainly is the beast. It effortlessly cuts through loud stage sound and establishes an audibly greater proximity to the vocals. Its direct, high-resolution sound gives vocals a totally new richness, intensity and assertiveness”, says Kai Lange. The acoustics of the MD 445 have been tailored to modern stage set-ups with B stages and runways in front of the PA. At the core of the acoustic design is a newly developed voice coil made of lightweight aluminium-copper. Its fast transient response ensures a very detailed, nuanced and t
  11. Diatoniska ackord används i merparten av genrer som pop, rock, country, R&B med flera. Att känna till dem är baskunskap för låtskrivare. Här får du dessutom tips på hur du kan skapa olika känsla genom att använda ackordet med funktionen tonika på olika sätt. Diatoniska Ackord Diatoniska ackord, det låter komplicerat – men det är enkelt! Det är inget speciellt märkvärdigt med ackorden i sig själva. Det handlar om ”vanliga” durackord och mollackord. Finessen är istället vad ackorden har för relation till varandra och till den tonart du håller till i. En tonart är ett system av ackord
  12. The new loudspeakers are developed to allow more versatile use of our flagship XY-3B, the XY-1 and XY-2E represent the LF and MHF sections respectively and each unit is available in black. Using these individual enclosures enables installers, rental houses and touring companies to easily build ground stacked point-source arrays and deploy systems in venues with low ceilings via a wide variety of configurations. XY Series loudspeakers provide excellent reliability and outstanding audio quality to nightclubs and music venues around the world. In September 2017, we introduced the XY-3B and X
  13. HAMBURG, Germany — Steinberg today announced the immediate availability of Cubase 11, comprising Pro, Artist and Elements editions, each with the same core technologies but with dedicated tools tailored to the scope and scale of individual music production requirements. Cubase is celebrated for its comprehensive feature set, powerful tools and unparalleled sound quality. Since 1989, Cubase has been bringing technological advancements to the table, the German expertise in creating which has been accumulated over three decades of core contributions to the industry. Today, Cubase 11 is the next
  14. The new PreSonus® Revelator USB microphone makes it easy to get polished, professional-sounding results with great sounding presets, easy-to-use loopback audio, and selectable polar patterns. Whatever your application, Revelator will adapt to fit your needs. The secret to a “radio sound” is a combination of the right talent and microphone with just the right amount of EQ and compression. Revelator makes it happen with the same EQ and compression algorithms found in PreSonus’ award-winning StudioLive® Series III mixers. Eight easy-to-use, professionally crafted presets give you that radio
  15. The latest version of their music creation and performance software lets you create your perfect take with comping, compose with more feeling using MPE, experiment with new devices, and much more. Ableton is currently offering a 20% discount on purchases of Ableton Live 10 and upgrades from previous versions. Customers who buy Live 10 during this time will also get a free copy of Live 11 when it’s released – learn more at the Ableton shop. Live 11 was built to address a variety of music-making needs – whether recording, performing or experimenting – through several groups o
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