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  • Waves releases Cosmos AI-Powered Sample Finder and CR8 Creative Sampler

    Your sample collection is a creative treasure, but only if you can find the right sample when you need it...



    Cosmos is the first sample finder to use advanced neural network technologies in order to analyze, auto-tag, and sort your entire collection of samples – everything from one-shots to entire loops – into a unified easy-to-search database. 

    Cosmos turns sample finding into a lightning-fast, fun, creative workflow. Finally, you can easily find the sounds you need, when you need them. No matter how you named your samples or where you placed them – Cosmos will find them for you. 

    You can see all your samples visually laid out in front of you, in 3 different views: Waveform, List, and the Cosmos view. You can filter and search all your one-shots and loops by instrument, BPM, key, and even sonic characteristics such as brightness, saturation, and dynamics. 

    Need to find a distorted kick? Just type “distorted” and “kick” in Cosmos, and all your distorted kicks will show up, no matter what the samples are actually named. Need to find a bright reverby drum loop in 120 BPM? Or a saturated moving synth sample in G minor with a cinematic feel? Just choose the appropriate tags, and Cosmos will deliver the samples you’re after, instantly. 

    You can easily audition your samples from within Cosmos, with just one click. Then just drag-and-drop the sample you want straight from Cosmos into your sampler or DAW.  

    Cosmos can open as a standalone app from your desktop, or from within the Waves CR8 Sampler. 

    As a bonus, Cosmos comes pre-packed with over 2500 one-shots and loops! 

    Waves CR8 takes everything fun and exciting about sampling – and puts it in one fast & easy workflow. 

    Read more about Cosmos here


    CR8 is a 8-layer sampler designed to help you get creative, shape powerful sounds, and create infinite original instruments – fast. 

    In addition to all the creative controls you’d expect to find in a great sampler, you get 5 stretching algorithms that allow separate manipulation of pitch and time; 8 sample layers with automatic BPM & root detection, and a mixer to easily blend them; group filtering, and a creative modulation station that allows you to drag-and-drop 4 LFO/Sequencer modulators and 4 ADSR envelopes onto practically any CR8 sampler control. 

    CR8 also smoothly integrates with the Waves COSMOS Sample Finder. You can open COSMOS directly from within the sampler, and easily search and audition all your samples in the context of your session. 

    We believe that this unique combination of features will make CR8 the smartest and most inspiring sampler out there. Don’t take our word for it, take it for a spin and have fun.

    Read more about CR8 here

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