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  • Softube releases Atlantis Dual Chambers

    Overflowing with hitmaking heritage: Softube uncovers Atlantis Dual Chambers.



    Stockholm-based Atlantis Studios is the birthplace of ABBA and has played host to a lengthy list of heavy hitters, from Roxette and Robyn to The Hives and The Cardigans, Ghost, Max Martin, Quincy Jones, and Elvis Costello. It is also home to the secret weapon of top Swedish producers: the best-sounding reverb chambers you have definitely heard and likely admired. The chart-topping charm of these uniquely bright rooms is now available to all in the Softube Atlantis Dual Chambers plug-in.

    Softube's Rock & Roll Scientists expertly captured the detailed reflections and long decay times of the Atlantis Studios chambers in close collaboration with the studio crew. The plug-in makes it easy to get the legendary sound of the spaces, full of airy high-frequency echoes, with added modern features, intuitive parameters, and straightforward workflow. With Atlantis Dual Chambers, users can drench their productions in authentic, world-class reverb. No trip to the Nordics required.

    Atlantis Studios.

    In short: 

    • NEW: Atlantis Dual Chambers
    • Meticulously modeled on exquisite-sounding physical chambers
    • Created in collaboration with and officially licensed by Atlantis Studios in Stockholm, Sweden
    • An intuitive layout and workflow to quickly get the reverb sounds you want
    • Two legendary chambers to use in tandem or separately
    • Adjustable mics, speakers, damping, and more
    • British-style filters and EQ, compression, drive, reverb time, and more

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