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  • Studiopodden: Christoffer Franzén / Lights & Motion

    Bakom Lights & Motion döljer sig Christoffer Franzén som både skriver, spelar, spelar in och mixar sin musik själv. Instrumenten är han självlärd på. David Henriksson har fått en pratstund med Christoffer.

    Björn Olsberg

    Christoffer Franzén som vanligtvis syns under namnet ”Lights & Motion”, komponerar, arrangerar, producerar, spelar in sin musik helt själv. Hans musik har hörts i flera Hollywood-filmer, i Jimmy Fallons och Ellen Degeneres talkshows samt under Super Bowl och Oscars-galan. Här berättar han om sin kreativa process, hur upplevelsen att höra Metallica spela med en symfoniorkester öppnade upp hans tankar om att det går att blanda nästan vilka musikstilar som helst och hur en del studier i musikteori (på senare) har hjälpt honom att effektivisera delar av arbetet. Mycket intressant snack med denna multimusiker och visionär.

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    • By David Henriksson
      Lovisa Sjöberg Nordahl har de senaste fem åren turnerat som gitarrist med bland andra Zara Larsson. Här berättar hon om hur musik- och gitarrintresset uppstod, skillnaderna mellan att plugga i storstads- och småstadsmiljö, vikten av att upptäcka kvinnliga gitarrist-förebilder i vuxen ålder, metoder för att öva och nöta in material, hur gehöret varit hennes bästa vän och mycket mer. Väldigt intressant pratstund!
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      > Lyssna på avsnittet som podcast
      > Samtliga poddavsnitt
      Video you Youtube:

      Den här videointervjun är sponsrad av EBS Sweden
    • By Studio
      Drum Empire 2020 – The latest in its lengthening line of free extension packs for its MDrummer virtual instrument plug-in, the most advanced drum machine and virtual drummer on the market, this time turning its attention to sampling a huge array of high-end drums and cymbals in Svárov Studio, a highly- specialised recording facility designed for working with drums, conveniently located a few kilometres outside of the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague, both before and during COVID-19-related restrictions — as of October 17…
      Simply speaking, MeldaProduction’s MDrummer virtual instrument plug-in is the ultimate drum machine and virtual drummer, duly making arranging drum tracks and realtime drum performances a quick and simple affair, one where the possibilities are (almost) endless. Entire ranges of percussion instruments — from drums to scratches — can conceivably be capably covered by MDrummer’s sound engine. Effectively, any number of drum kits, drums in each drum kit, layers and effects inserts for each drum are available, alongside sampling and synthesis capabilities, together with some special generators, so whether users are interested in acoustic drums, electronic drums, percussion, effects, or any combination thereof, MDrummer can do it! Fancifully featuring an advanced rhythm engine that users can control simply by pressing MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) notes — using Drum pad mode — or using the integrated song sequencer, MDrummer comes complete with a huge array of rhythms, boosted by a lengthening line of free extension packs, and also allows users to quickly create their own using the RHYTHM GENERATOR.
      Watch MeldaProduction’s informative introductory video for Drum Empire 2020.
      Getting Drum Empire 2020 out there into the wider world sees MeldaProduction broadening MDrummer’s massive percussive scope still further. Available as another extension pack for free, Drum Empire 2020 offers over 60 GB of compressed content to owners of MDrummer as a huge array of sampled high- end drums and cymbals played mostly with sticks, but also brushes and mallets, while hands also got a workout when things got broken!
      But there was only one recording location geared up for this no-holds-barred percussive approach as far as MeldaProduction was collectively concerned. Svárov Studio is a highly-specialised recording facility designed for working with drums, conveniently located a few kilometres outside of the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague — possibly the best studio for recording drums in Central Europe, thanks to its beautifully-controlled, high- ceilinged hall, not to mention many desirable drum kits always available from the likes of Gretsch, Ludwig, and Pearl, readily recordable to the highest standard using a superlative selection of microphones and preamps/DIs that are more than up to the task at hand. Helpfully, it turned out that it is owned by total drum junkies who eat, sleep, and drink drums!

      Turbulent times meant MeldaProduction started sampling for what would become Drum Empire 2020 at Svárov Studio two days before COVID-19-related restrictions kicked into play, yet the production played on with wearing of face masks failing to dampen the percussive passion from everyone involved in recording professional drummers in professional studio conditions — including the drummers themselves!
      Superlative sampling to the high standards for which MeldaProduction is well known necessitates exploiting equipment of the highest order when it comes to such content creation. Clearly, Svárov Studio — where the best preamps money can buy live together in perfect harmony with an abundance of analogue equalisers and compressors combining to bring a little musical mojo to the party, even when recording dry with some of the best-sounding microphones around (including the Neumann U87 large-diaphragm condenser classic and AKG D112 professional dynamic bass drum microphone) — lived up to expectations as MeldaProduction started working with cymbals. But best ones only, of course — and lots of them! Zildajians, Sabians, Meinl... so many, in fact, that it was difficult to capture all of them at once when photographing the sessions for posterity. Put it this way: when counting them, there were no fewer than 42 crashes, 17 rides, 11 Chinese cymbals, 10 splashes, and eight hi-hats! Stacking some of them on top of each other turned out to not only look cool — after all, not many drummers can afford to stack multiple K Zildajians — but sounded cool, too. So sampling 18 such combinations was where MeldaProduction ended up, ultimately available for all to hear and play using Drum Empire 2020.

      That said, as implied by the name chosen by MeldaProduction to front its latest free extension pack for MDrummer, the real magic comes courtesy of Svárov Studio’s desirable drum kits themselves with individual-sounding iconic examples ending up being sampled for Drum Empire 2020. To namecheck but a few: the classic Ludwig Vistalite was used by the one and only — but not only by — John Bonham (R.I.P.) during his trailblazing tenure with Led Zeppelin; the Yamaha Recording Custom is another classic that has remained regularly in use throughout the decades — designed as appropriately named by Steve Gadd, it is also responsible for Phil Collins’ classic drum sound, albeit without the bottom heads; a vintage Ludwig rock kit with 26-inch kick drum, plus 20-, 18-, and 15-inch toms, is so big that only big guys can comfortably play it; and the limited-edition Pearl Masters 50th Anniversary simply cried out to be sampled, as did a vintage Pearl MLX and classic Gretsch galore!
      Get this, though: all told, MeldaProduction sampled 13 different kick drums — ranging from a small one that is only 18 inches in diameter right up to the aforesaid 26-inch monster! Meanwhile, 18 of the most iconic snares, including the mighty Ludwig Black Beauty and its Supraphonic sibling, were also sampled. Subsequent experimentation revealed just how cool a snare can sound with another head on it — or, for example, with a tambourine.
      This literal march to (the beat of) a different drum certainly served MeldaProduction well when developing Drum Empire 2020. If, indeed, broadening MDrummer’s massive percussive scope still further was its mission, then mission accomplished! And owners of MDrummer are its beneficiary... and all for free!
      Drum Empire 2020 is available for free as a free extension pack for MeldaProduction’s MDrummer virtual instrument plug-in, directly downloadable via its dedicated webpage, which also includes more in-depth information, here: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MDrummerDrumEmpire2020
      MDrummer itself is available to purchase at an attractive 50% discounted price of €125.00 EUR (inc. VAT) until the end of October 2020 — returning thereafter to its regular price of €249.00 EUR (inc. VAT) — via its dedicated webpage, which also includes more in-depth information, here: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MDrummer (A fully-functional, 15-day trial of MDrummer is also available.)
      The latest version of MDrummer is downloadable — as an AAX-, AU-, VST- and VST3-supporting 64-bit-only virtual instrument plug-in for macOS (10.9 Mavericks - 10.15 Catalina ) and AAX-, VST- and VST3-supporting 32- and 64-bit virtual instrument for Windows (Vista / 7 / 8 / 10) — from here: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MDrummer/support
    • By Studio
      6 string Type A (set neck)  – alder body – 3 piece maple neck (thin C profile) with ebony fingerboard – 25,5” scale - 24 stainless steel frets – chrome hardware - Luminlay side dots – Solar locking tuners – EverTune bridge – Fishman Fluence Modern pickups – 1 volume , 1 tone w/ push pull for pickup voice selection  – 3 way blade switch-
      A1.6 VINTER:  1299 $/€ suggested street pricing. Pearl White Matte finish.
      Read more here
    • By Studio
      This new line is aimed at Rock / Metal bass players, featuring aggressive, pointy lines, combined with sleek necks and powerful active electronics. This is only the beginning of our new bass line, with more models under development.

      AB2.4BOP:  699 $/€ suggested street pricing. Black Open Pore finish.

      4 string Type A bass (bolt on neck)  – Sungkai body – 5 piece maple / jatoba neck (thin C profile) with ebony fingerboard – 34” scale - 24 super jumbo frets – Solar tuners – high mass bridge  – Solar Tesla active pickups – 1 volume , 1 pickup balance, 1 active bass w/ center detent, 1 active treble 2/ center detent.
      AB2.5RB:  849 $/€ suggested street pricing. Roasted Brown finish

      5 string Type A bass (bolt on neck)  – Sungkai body – 5 piece maple / jatoba neck (thin C profile) with ebony fingerboard – 35” scale - 24 super jumbo frets – Solar tuners – high mass bridge  – Solar Tesla active pickups – 1 volume , 1 pickup balance, 1 active bass w/ center detent, 1 active treble 2/ center detent.
      AB2.5NA:  899 $/€ suggested street pricing. Natural Aged finish

      5 string Type A bass (bolt on neck)  – Alder body – 5 piece maple / jatoba neck (thin C profile) with ebony fingerboard – 35” scale - 24 super jumbo frets – Solar tuners – high mass bridge  – Solar Tesla active pickups – 1 volume , 1 pickup balance, 1 active bass w/ center detent, 1 active treble 2/ center detent.
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    • By Micke Linderoth
      Kanske har du (eller hade) en pärlemorskimrande DeLuxe från 1958, en röd halvakustisk Viking, Hagströms flaggskepp Swede eller den senare Super Swede? Är du yngre har du säkert testat en ny Hagström byggd efter 2007, då företaget återuppstod. Vi testade en Super Swede Tremar (Studio 1-2011) och gav den fint betyg. Instrumenten byggs inte i Älvdalen (eller Tjyörtjbynn på älvdalska) längre, men det var där det började.
      AB Albin Hagström grundades i början av 20-talet och importerade dragspel. Tio år senare började man tillverka egna bälgaspel, men när rock’n’roll tog över etern 1958 började företaget bygga förstärkare och elgitarrer, de senare ofta lika pärlemorskimrande som företagets dragspel.
      Företaget blev ett litet imperium med musikaffärer i hela Norden och export till resten av världen.
      Tog upp kampen
      Många gitarrmodeller senare lanserades Swede, då för att ta upp kampen med de stora ame-rikanska gitarrtillverkarna. Den hämtade mycket inspiration från Gibsons Les Paul och första exemplaren från 1970-71 hette Hagström L.P. men döptes senare till Swede. Ingen vet säkert hur namnet uppkom men enligt en legend kommer namnet Super Swede – som först kallades Swede DeLuxe – från ett test i en brittisk musiktidning, men även vår svenske F1-stjärna Ronnie Peterson hade samma smeknamn.
      Elegant huvud
      Det mesta på Swede-gitarren hade klara släktdrag från Gibsons Les Paul-modeller. Några av dem är träslag: mahogny i kropp och hals, greppbrädan i ebenholts med 22 band och cutaway och två humbucker-mickar med treläges-switch. Men det fanns också detaljer som skiljde dem åt.
      Swede hade (ganska) diskret skruvad halsinfästning med en eller två skruvar, ingen lönntopp eller kantlister på greppbrädan. Ett elegant gitarrhuvud med en så kallad fransk lilja lånades från
      Hagström D’Aquistos jazzgitarrer, så look och design var ganska klassiska. Men – detta är viktigt – den skiljde sig från instrumenten som tillverkades i Japan och som idag kallas ”lawsuit models”. De sistnämnda var i stort sett klonade kopior av originalen.
      När Super Swede lanserades 1977 hette modellen Swede DeLuxe. Den hade limmad halsin- fästning, ebenholtsgreppbräda men med kantlister och längre mensur (avståndet mellan stall och översadel) och ett så kallat noll-band. I efterhand kan man spekulera i om anledningen var att man ville ge Super Swede mer attack? Super Swede gick att få i andra träslag, som lönn, och med bredare hals och bandstavar och du kunde till och med beställa din egen finish.
      Många musiker har genom åren spelat på Swede/Super Swede. Några av de mest kända är Björn Ulvaeus och basisten Rutger Gunnarsson, som spelade på en Swedebas under en USA-turné med ABBA.
      Frank Zappa, Henrik Schyffert i Whale och jazzgitarristen Larry Coryell är andra som valt Hagström. Idag är det många artister som spelar på Hagströms nybyggda instrument.
      Över 1 500 gitarrer och knappt 350 basar byggdes av Super Swede-modellen fram till 1983. En Super Swede var (och är) i grunden ett schysst instrument och ett skäl till att den inte klarade konkurrensen från amerikanska konkurrenter var säkert mickarna.
      Modell: Swede / Super Swede
      Tillverkare: Hagström
      Typ: elgitarrer
      Tillverkningsår: 1970-1983
      Prisläge: ca 20 000 kronor (Super swede, begagnad)
      Fotnot: Mikael Janssons utmärkta bok Super Swede, Hagströms gitarrer femtio år, Reverb förlag, ISBN 9789185697151 har använts som referens.
      Artikeln är tidigare publicerad i Studio 3-2013
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