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macOS 11 Big Sur och diverse pluggar etc

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Ni Mac-användare som dessutom kör med Waves-pluggar kanske bör vänta med os-uppgraderingen:

Please note that Waves plugins and applications are not yet qualified or officially supported on macOS 11 Big Sur.  
  We are working hard to qualify our plugins and apps for Big Sur as soon as possible.  
  In the meantime, we recommend you do not update to macOS 11 Big Sur and disable automatic updates (if enabled).  
  We will soon announce support for macOS 11 Big Sur.
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Ja, har stoppat uppgradering till Big Sur, annars slutar mitt Apollo-kort fungera o troligtvis en drös med pluggar (bl.a. Waves o UA). Tror det kommer ta ett par månader innan iaf. de stora drakarna uppdaterat sina mjukvaror.

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Och nu säger även Eventide samma sak:

Please Wait to Update to macOS 11 Big Sur

Today, Apple released the new macOS 11 Big Sur. We have been testing macOS compatibility throughout the Big Sur beta program, and at the moment are not yet fully compatible. While we expect to be fully compatible soon, we recommend waiting to upgrade to macOS Big Sur if you are using Eventide plugins.

Visit our Big Sur forum thread regularly to obtain up-to-date information on macOS 11 support.

Thank you,

Your friends at Eventide

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Och Antares:

Compatibility with macOS 11 Big Sur
As you may have heard, Apple is releasing macOS 11 Big Sur today. Antares plug-ins are not yet supported for Big Sur.
We’re working hard to ensure compatibility but we recommend that you hold off on updating for now, so that your plug-ins continue to work correctly.
We also recommend making sure that your DAW and other plug-ins are supported before updating.
You can find the latest information about our Big Sur compatibility here.
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