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  • Toontrack releases Cinematic Patterns MIDI pack

    Toontrack announces the release of the Cinematic Patterns MIDI pack, a new MIDI expansion featuring unique groove foundations inspired by soundtracks, scores and more.



    This release marks the 117th individual title in Toontrack’s massive collection of drum MIDI for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer.

    About the Cinematic Patterns MIDI pack
    This isn’t your regular set of grooves – this is a drum MIDI pack riddled with unique beat foundations that span anything from unusual phrasing and odd time signatures to uncommon rhythmic patterns and some real left-field instrumentation. Inspired by soundtracks, scores, Latin and a wealth of other styles, this collection will give you a truly eclectic swatch of rhythmic textures to frame your groove-centric ideas around.

    Although most grooves work great as is, the real magic happens when you use parts of each variation to create all-new hybrid beats by using several instances of EZdrummer/Superior Drummer. To add, this pack was performed and designed in such a way that you seamlessly can swap parts across tempos and styles, making each combination virtually limitless. Mix, match, slice, dice – and be surprised! This is a pack for complete playfulness and unhinged creativity.

    Looking for a drummer who seemingly has way more than two arms? Need a MIDI pack designed to trigger new ideas rather than serve as your everyday staple set of grooves? Got an urge to experiment? If you got all those boxes checked, this collection of grooves is for you. Welcome to your new rhythm reel.


    • Drum grooves inspired by soundtracks, scores, odd time signatures and pattern-like rhythms
    • Designed for creative layering, mixing and matching
    • Includes 39 “songs” and more than 380 individually played 8-bar loops
    • 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 and 7/8 in straight and/or swing feel
    • Tempos ranging from 77 BPM to 163 BPM
    • Performed by drummer Luke Oswald

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