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  • Toontrack releases new title in Movie Scores EZkeys MIDI pack series

    Toontrack announce the release of the Movie Scores – Sci-Fi EZkeys MIDI pack, a new MIDI expansion inspired by scenes and soundtracks in the sci-fi movie genre.



    This marks the 85th overall EZkeys MIDI pack as well as the seventh title in the company’s hugely popular Movie Scores series.

    About the Movie Scores – Sci-Fi EZkeys MIDI pack
    The musical backdrop in sci-fi is as fundamental a part of the storytelling as the stories themselves. Covering the entire dynamic range from the soaring, epic and pompous to the eerily ambient, haunting and mysteriously odd, it plays a remarkable role in making the fictional, inexplicable and completely alien appear vividly real.

    In this collection of MIDI for EZkeys, we scratch the surface of this vast musical universe to provide a crosscut of melodic tidbits you can use as springboards to uncover new creative terrain with. Expect a MIDI pack where harmonic bliss comes head to head with skewed dissonance, where grand end credits-like themes give way to subtle passages and where suspenseful, ghastly tension resolves in soothing harmony.

    If you’re looking to add music to motion media or simply need a curated collection of new and interesting songwriting ideas to venture off from, this EZkeys MIDI pack will propel you to the very fringes of creative space.

    Ready to head into the unknown?


    • Piano/keyboard MIDI inspired by scenes and scores in the sci-fi movie genre
    • Includes approx. 160 individual files performed by a professional session player
    • 3/4 and 4/4 playing variations in straight feel with tempos ranging from 60 BPM to 122 BPM
    • Intro, main theme, bridge and outro sections

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