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  • Fifth Metal Month release from Toontrack: Dark Ambience EZmix Pack

    Toontrack releases the Dark Ambience EZmix Pack, a new expansion for EZmix 2 featuring 50 custom mix-ready signal chain presets tailored for dark, gritty rock and industrial metal.



    This marks the 64th title in Toontrack’s collection of EZmix packs and the fifth overall release in Toontrack’s ongoing Metal Month campaign.

    About the Dark Ambience EZmix Pack
    What makes a great mix tangibly human and alive is rarely overly polished perfection, it’s rather the flaws, the dents and the patina. Exactly the latter is what this expansion for EZmix 2 brings.

    Inspired by anything from dark and ambient goth rock to absolutely raw and pounding industrial metal, this collection features 50 unique signal chain presets for saturated, distorted, ambient and dark-natured productions. Expect drum presets that’ll turn your grooves into bitcrushed beat machines, settings for clean to vividly saturated guitar and bass, phased echoes, dwindling reverbs, warped ambiences and much more.

    If you’re in the market for instant inspiration and a collection of presets that sits right smack in the vacuum between organic and electronic, this is the one. Get ready for an EZmix pack that’ll cut straight through the veneer of any raw material you throw at it and coat it in a viscerally dark, distorted and gritty aura.


    • 50 individually engineered signal chain presets for EZmix 2
    • Tailored for gritty, distorted and saturated sounds and ambiences
    • Inspired by dark industrial rock and metal
    • Instrument-specific settings for guitars, bass, drums, vocals, synths and more
    • General presets for saturated effects, delays, reverbs and more

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