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  • Toontrack releases new expansion for EZmix 2

    Toontrack releases the Drum Elements EZmix Pack, an all-new expansion for EZmix 2 centered solely around settings for mixing drums. This marks the 63rd title in Toontrack’s collection of EZmix packs.



    About the Drum Elements EZmix Pack
    The Drum Elements EZmix Pack was designed to give you a curated collection of expertly crafted signal chain presets tailored for drum production. Covering anything from the most fundamental to the far fringes of the experimental, this collection of presets presents the broadest possible palette in terms of variation and creative engineering.

    The presets included were specifically designed for use with buses and auxiliary channels but can also be used as inserts on individual channels. Expect anything from room and ambience settings to instrument-specific presets for kicks, snares and toms as well as complex effect chains for compression, saturation, distortion, reverb and even entire drum buses.

    In need of endless inspiration and a definitive go-to package for creative drum mixing? Want to make sure your mixes have drums that pop, regardless of genre? If so, this pack is a must.


    • 50 custom settings specifically engineered for drums
    • Drum bus presets for entire kit mixes
    • Settings for individual kit parts (kicks, snares, toms, etc.)
    • Aux effect chains for reverbs, compression, distortion, EQ, etc.

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