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  • Toontrack releases new drum MIDI pack

    Toontrack releases the Loop Layers MIDI pack, a collection of drum grooves and fills inspired by pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, EDM and more.



    This marks the 112th individual title in Toontrack’s massive collection of drum MIDI for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer.

    About the Loop Layers MIDI
    Inspired by a multitude of different genres and styles, this drum MIDI pack was created with the intent of giving you an intuitively laid out patchwork of groove starting points for use in virtually any imaginable scenario. Although each and every file works as is, the magic happens when you layer, mix and match instrument parts between grooves to create your own hybrid beats. With the pack performed and designed in such a way that you seamlessly can swap parts across tempos and styles, only your imagination sets the limits as to where each new beat you start working on may end up.

    Not into experimenting? Go with the already-great grooves as they were performed. Ready to head into an unending black hole of creative possibilities? Welcome a veritable chameleon of a MIDI pack that you can use to create intricately and creatively textured percussive patterns from the ground up. Add to that the power of assigning custom sounds to individual groove parts by using several instances of EZdrummer 3 or Superior Drummer 3…and yet another universe opens up.

    If you’re a broad songwriter, here’s your new MIDI beat machine. Start creating – with layers!


    • Drum grooves inspired by pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, EDM and more
    • Designed for creative layering, mixing and matching
    • More than 400 individually played 8-bar loops
    • 4/4 in straight and swing feel
    • Tempos ranging from 70 BPM to 130 BPM
    • Performed by drummer Luke Oswald

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