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  • OLLO Audio new versions and pricing

    Releasing the New S5X 1.1, S4X 1.3 and S4R 1.3 versions with included calibration. Calibration is a unit-specific file that works with the USC plugin by OLLO and with Waves Nx plugins. USC License is shipped with these new OLLO versions.



    Unit Specific Calibration file and plugin are included with your purchase. With USC they are calibrated to ~1dB tolerance to the respective target curve (spatial or stereo). The plugin runs on PC and Mac with AU or VST3 supported DAW.

    All current users can upgrade with USC calibration for 49 euros and Waves Add-ons. This offer is only available through OLLO webpage. They must submit their serial numbers and the USC file is individually made for them in 2-3 days.

    Rok Gulič from OLLO Audio explains flat frequency response for spatial audio, the development process and the calibration plugin.

    Translation of your stereo mix is tricky and spatial mix is even more complicated to get it right. The development started over 3 years ago and only now, with the 1.1 edition reached it's final stage with the USC calibration plugin. You can see the USC in action below.

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