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  • Arturia goes dark mode with limited-run black editions for entire Step range

    From finger drummers to keyboardists down the Eurorack rabbit hole, there’s a Step for every application, style, and ability.



    Get creative with instant sequencing and arpeggiation, make beats with effortless controls, and hook up your entire rig in perfect sync.

    These are the Steps, designed to let you perform, improvise, write, and create with stealthy accuracy - out now while stocks last. Contact your nearest dealer for availability.

    Compact Sequencing Keyboard
    keystep_red.jpg.77a114f5f7943277348f34b07af750ef.jpgA polyphonic sequencer and arpeggiator in the familiar form of a portable, highly-creative keyboard, perfect for controlling everything from softsynths to modular racks. More about KeyStep


    KeyStep 37
    Creative Idea Generator
    keystep37_red.jpg.ea512d1a4c38100b57375461e3d73cb4.jpgA flexible 37-note keyboard with intuitive sequencing, instant chord generation, real-time MIDI controls, scale quantisation, and more - the perfect tool for musical discovery. More about KeyStep 37


    KeyStep Pro
    Universal Sequencing Mastermind
    keysteppro_red.jpg.bd8669053eb0e93527da6a85f2f4df41.jpgThe all-in-one sequencing and performance controller, with 4 tracks, a dedicated drum sequencer, and all-encompassing connectivity - control anything. More about KeyStep Pro


    Portable Pad Controller
    beatstep_red.jpg.8bf6b2f15918fd8e8ce58283e2c2caa5.jpgAn ultra-compact controller with deceptively advanced MIDI, CV, and DAW control capabilities, including mapped controls and instant scale quantisation. More about BeatStep


    BeatStep Pro
    Beat Making Powerhouse
    beatsteppro_red.jpg.4eab9f5f1ddc450c0561276c190a9fd0.jpgThe BeatStep formula expanded into a supreme multi-faceted controller, with projects, multiple 64-step sequencer tracks, 8 individual drum CV gate outputs, and much more.


    Read more here

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