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    Supro completes Blues King tube tone trifecta with new 1x10 combo


    March 9th, 2020 – (Port Jefferson, NY) –  Building on the success of the 12" and 8" Blues King tube amps, Supro rolls out a new, 5-Watt, 10" model, with on-board spring reverb, switchable FET boost and Fat Drive circuits. The Blues King 10 delivers the authentic 6V6-powered tube-amp tone of the Chicago-made Supro combos from the 1950s. The Class-A power amp found in the Blues King 10 provides all the natural compression and touch-sensitive headroom that have made these vintage “single-ended” combos a go-to solution for studio recording since the early days of Rock and Roll.

    Supro Blues King 10 Demo by Matt Smith

    In addition to the traditional 12AX7 tube preamp in the Blues King 10, a BOOST function can also be switched into the signal path for an extra push. When even more gain is desired, the Blues King 10 offers a FAT DRIVE mode with a freshly designed CMOS tube emulator circuit that will send your tone soaring over the top with additional distortion and sustain. 2-band EQ and Master Volume controls join the footswitchable BOOST and DRIVE functions to help tailor the amp’s sound for gigging, recording and home practice.

    Supro Blues King 10 Official Demo by Rick Devita

    The 1810R Blues King features a custom-made genuine analog spring reverb and a line output located before the master volume for direct recording or slaving to another amp. The vintage-inspired poplar wood cabinetry is based on the mid-50’s Comet model and comes loaded with a BK10 speaker. This custom-made 10” driver was specifically designed to capture the magic of the original field-coil speakers used in the earliest American tube amps.


    • 5-watt 1×10” tube combo
    • Footswitchable boost and gain
    • Analog spring reverb
    • ¼” line output
    • FET Boost
    • FAT Drive
    • Class-A tube power amp
    • Custom Supro BK10 speaker
    • 1x 12AX7 preamp tube
    • 1x 6V6 power tube


    The Blues King 10 is now shipping to dealers worldwide, and retails for $499.

    Read more here


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