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  1. Supreme Reach-01 is a new wireless instrument audio system that features 5.6ms latency, performance more smooth. A wonderful music inspiration on tapl 5.8GHz wireless transmission band. 24bit/48KHz sample rate, high quality, low interference, lossless, professional sound quality! 30 meters effective distance, go where cables can't go. 8 hours+ continuous use time. 1.5 hours quick charge. Specifications: Sample Rate: 24bit/48KHz uncompressed professional sound quality. Wireless Band: 5.8GHz band. Latency: 5.6ms. Range: 30 meters outdoor or 15 meters wall dis
  2. Amped Studio, the online DAW, has just added Europa from Reason Studios to their growing arsenal of virtual instruments. Europa is an impressive wave table synthesizer that is loaded with features and controls to shape and customize your sound. If you are familiar with the basics of synthesis, there are 3 synth engines and highly developed spectral filters to work with and if not, there are a ton of great sounding presets to choose. Amped Studio has integrated Europa as a WAM, the online plugin format they are supporting for the creation of a web-based plugin format for effects and
  3. Linköping, Sweden, September 24th, 2020: Imagine traveling in time to the early '70s, an era where new and experimental sounds were shaping pop music and taking it a step further. Softube’s Model 72 Synthesizer System is your vintage synth time machine. It’s component modeled down to the smallest details from a 1972 hardware unit in pristine condition with all the quirks and non-linearities intact, hence the name Model 72. The result is incredibly authentic sound, with all the warmth and smoothness heard in countless records. Now imagine this classic has traveled into the future to
  4. Neu-Anspach, Germany – September 22, 2020 – The NicLen GmbH rental park has been filling up with lighting technology solutions from Cameo for around two years. Now, Germany's leading dry hire provider has expanded its Cameo portfolio to include the DROP B1 battery-powered outdoor mini uplight. With these new spotlights from the DROP series, NicLen continues to expand its cooperation with the Adam Hall Group in order to provide its customers with new and modern products – even during difficult times – that are especially suitable for smaller indoor and outdoor events. Smaller events
  5. Fusing the raw power of Brute oscillators with digital Matrix precision, the innovative three-dimensional Morphée performance touchpad, and pristine stereo effects, PolyBrute represents a new era of polyphony. Available November 2020. > Learn More _Analog morphing polysynth Polyphonic power fused with unrivalled modulation capabilities. Infinite positions on an elusive spectrum of sound, instantly accessible. An instrument that responds to your every command for ultimate performance control. This is PolyBrute. The Brute factor 6 pure analog voices driven by 2 Br
  6. KeyStep 37 is a controller evolved to meet the creative needs of musicians across the board. Intuitive appointments like Chord mode, Scale mode, and real-time LED note feedback make it the perfect option for beginner beat-makers and composers. Instant MIDI CC control, advanced connectivity and a high-end compact keybed make it a reliable solution for professionals. KeyStep 37 is a controller built to inspire, designed to let users interact and experiment with their music like never before - the new core of your setup. The creative idea generator Transform single note melodies
  7. September 8, 2020, Berlin – Native Instruments today announced MASCHINE+, an entirely standalone system that embeds the iconic MASCHINE workflow into a powerful, flexible groovebox that can be used without a computer. “This release marks a pivotal moment in Native’s history,” says CIO and President, Mate Galic, “and it’s something that’s been highly requested by the MASCHINE community. Since day one, MASCHINE has been about combining the power of modern computers with a fast, fun, hardware-based workflow. Today we come full circle by combining those key elements – together with some
  8. Jiashan, Zhejiang, China / Neu-Anspach, Germany – September 8 2020 – at a press conference in China with more than 200 invited guests from renowned audio associations, large event companies, and the media, a strategic partnership between the global event technology company Adam Hall Group and Speaker Electronic (Jiashan) Co., Ltd was announced. Effective immediately, Speaker Electronic (SE) will take over exclusive distribution for all brands of the Adam Hall Group in China, the world’s largest market, including LD Systems®, Cameo®, Gravity®, Defender®, Palmer®, and Adam Hall®. Connected
  9. iZotope Inc., Cambridge, MA (September 2, 2020) – iZotope Inc., the experts in intelligent audio technology, has released RX 8, the latest update to its flagship audio repair and enhancement software, as well as launched RX Post Production Suite 5. Additionally, iZotope announced that Music Production Suite 4 will be coming this fall. RX, which has made audio repair easier for musicians and post professionals for over a decade, continues to be the industry-standard audio repair tool used on countless albums, movies, and TV shows to restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition.
  10. SEATTLE, WA (September 2nd, 2020) – Tracktion is delighted to present the new, massive, FREE update to MOK’s innovative, wave slicing synthersizer, Waverazor which is packed with tons of new features. Plus, in alliance with PlugInGuru.com the all new Unified - Waverazor with a library of more than four hundred factory patches. Waverazor is a futuristic synth which uses its formidable, unique, patented oscillator design to splice waveforms. This new form of synthesis allows users to generate completely original sounds to give biting leads, glitched-out basses, cinematic pads and anyt
  11. September 1, 2020, Berlin – Native Instruments today announced KOMPLETE 13, the latest generation of its flagship production suite, with new additions including some of the company’s biggest releases from the last two years. The launch will coincide with that of GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, a revamped version of Native’s amp and effects modelling lab. For 17 years, KOMPLETE has brought the very best from Native Instruments into a comprehensive production package for artists of every level and genre. KOMPLETE 13 is the biggest collection yet, and is available in four sizes; SELECT, KOMPLETE 13,
  12. Linköping, Sweden, August 27th, 2020: When inspiration strikes and a new hit song begins to take shape, it feels like magic. For a producer or a songwriter, the trick is finding that inspiration in the first place. But it also helps a lot if they have an easy way to transport their ideas to a flawless recording, ready to be shared with the world. We have a plan for those hitmakers. Statement Lead is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly polyphonic synth designed with the contemporary producer and songwriter in the EDM, drum and bass, and house genres in mind. We created Statement to the
  13. Intelligent Sound lanserar IS Monitor 15. Nu tar vi ljudrealism till ny nivå säger Petter Hölaas som är mannen bakom Intelligent sound. Petter är helt blind sedan tidig skolålder och har arbetat med ljud och högtalarutveckling sedan 1971. Med sin ypperligt realistiska ljudåtergivning har IS Monitor 15 mottagits med stor uppskattning bland professionella ljudtekniker. Även musiker har entusiastiskt upptäckt realismen i ljudet och njutit av musik på ett sätt som tidigare inte varit möjligt. Hemligheten bakom framgången ligger främst i det nya 3-vägs delningsfiltret byggt p
  14. Berlin, August 2020 – Native Instruments today released Butch Vig Drums – a collaboration with renowned drummer and producer Butch Vig, best known as co-founding member of the alternative rock band Garbage and the producer of the seminal albums including Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” Smashing Pumpkins’ “Siamese Dream,” and Green Day’s “21st Century Breakdown.” It is the first in a brand new line of artist-created Play Series instruments, bringing the signature sounds of world-famous music producers together into intuitive and inspiring instruments with great-sounding presets and real-time
  15. Sing alongside glistening digital textures. Add paraphonic harmonies to external sound sources. Scatter spoken word across sprawling modulated sequences. This is the uniquely unpredictable MicroFreak formula but not as you know it. A new look, a new configuration, a new sound. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this exclusive limited-run Freak tick... Gooseneck microphone Easily adjustable and removable, the mic connects to the headphone socket, designed to fit snug against MicroFreak’s rear connectivity panel. Limited-edition finish MicroFreak Vocoder Edition has
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