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  • RME unveils the M-1620 Pro (Milan®) and M-1620 Pro D (Dante®) converters

    RME unveils the M-1620 Pro, a cutting-edge converter for seamless analog to digital signal integration, featuring advanced networking and monitoring capabilities.



    RME proudly introduces the M-1620 Pro, a state-of-the-art device that converts 16 analog line-level signals (per channel switchable up to +24 dBu) to and from MADI, ADAT®, and either with Milan or with Dante network technology (M-1620 Pro D). This innovative unit is designed with a newly developed front panel that combines LED level meters with a display and includes two separate headphone outputs for monitoring - all within a single-height 19-inch rack device. Cutting-edge converters and flexible internal routing place it at the forefront of any audio network.

    Reliability and Redundancy
    RME prioritizes reliability by equipping the M-1620 Pro with built-in redundancy. This includes dual network and dual MADI connections, along with a monitored DC input in addition to the internal AC power supply. A unique system clearly signals when an issue arises, ensuring seamless operation. With full stand-alone capability, users can adjust device settings directly on the unit for quick modifications or to recall entire user-defined presets.

    Advanced Features
    The M-1620 Pro allows manual configuration of the converter’s aliasing filters for optimal impulse and frequency response. Jitter on digital input signals is effectively reduced with SteadyClock FS.  Separate Word Clock BNC and coaxial MADI connectors, with optional optical MADI via an SFP module, allow the device to be easily integrated into existing infrastructure.


    With Dante…
    Responding to frequent requests, the M-1620 Pro D integrates 64 channel Dante connectivity, providing direct links to other audio devices via standard ethernet switches. If redundancy is not required, the device can act as a switch itself and allow daisy-chains of several Dante devices. Users can record and playback up to 64 channels of any of the M-1620’s analog and digital I/O on their computer using Audinate’s Dante Virtual Soundcard™ (license not included).

    …or Milan.
    The Milan-certified model transmits and receives up to 128 channels at 48 kHz (96 @ 96 kHz, 64 @ 192 kHz) with precise, fixed latency across a deterministic network. It reveals its status and configurable options to controllers using the open IEEE 1722.1 (ATDECC) standard and is compatible with the new Milan Manager.

    Remote Control and Integration
    Both models feature a JSON-based API for full integration and remote control from either network port or USB. A web-based remote application offers convenient access to the 304x308 channel routing matrix (240x244 for M-1620 Pro D).

    For more information on the M-1620 Pro Series, please visit: www.rme-audio.com

    Available from: Q3/2024

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