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  • Free Products from iZotope and Native Instruments to Celebrate New Alliance!

    Starting today, iZotope and Native Instruments are offering AI-driven mastering powerhouse Ozone Elements and the immensely fun HYBRID KEYS for free, along with $25 off at both companies’ online shops.


    Ozone Elements is the entry-level edition of iZotope’s acclaimed mastering plug-in, Ozone 9. Native Instruments’ HYBRID KEYS blends a huge range of sounds to create unconventional keys that are great for melodic duties on everything from heavy-hitting drill to wonky electronic workouts.


    In March 2021, iZotope and Native Instruments announced an unprecedented partnership, teaming up to form a new technology alliance. Both companies share a vision of crafting a seamless creative experience to help you shape the future of music and audio production. The two companies have joined forces to offer this free product giveaway in celebration of their new partnership and to kick off iZotope’s annual Community Appreciation campaign.


    This free product offer and the accompanying $25 e-vouchers will be available to all of iZotope and Native Instruments’ audiences. Both Ozone Elements and HYBRID KEYS are an excellent entry point into each company’s expansive product portfolios. E-vouchers are not valid for products already on special offer, and are valid through June 30, 2021.

    When:  May 18-31, 2021

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