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  1. Neu-Anspach, Germany – September 22, 2020 – The NicLen GmbH rental park has been filling up with lighting technology solutions from Cameo for around two years. Now, Germany's leading dry hire provider has expanded its Cameo portfolio to include the DROP B1 battery-powered outdoor mini uplight. With these new spotlights from the DROP series, NicLen continues to expand its cooperation with the Adam Hall Group in order to provide its customers with new and modern products – even during difficult times – that are especially suitable for smaller indoor and outdoor events. Smaller events have been gaining in importance for longer than just this past year. The demands of the public and organizers have noticeably increased, especially in the industrial and cultural sector, but also in gastronomy, the hotel business, and retail trade. The more unusual a location, the more challenging the temporary placement and installation of spotlights often becomes – whether indoors or outdoors. NicLen now offers its customers the DROP B1 as a flexible, mobile, and compact IP65 ambient light with a 6-in-1 RGBWA+UV LED – ideal for corporate events, receptions, private functions, and more. The battery-powered spotlights can be installed in a variety of ways, such as with mounting brackets (included) or simply on rubber feet with an additional set-up device. In this way, uplighting can be positioned from below without the need for a bracket. The DROP B1 also has an integrated magnet so that it can be attached to metal surfaces without any mounting equipment. The DROP B1 can be used even more flexibly thanks to the integrated 2.4 Ghz W-DMX™ receiver for wireless DMX control and the supplied hemisphere diffuser, which turns the lamp itself into a work of fine design. Trusting Partnership “Cameo’s portfolio of lighting technology grows increasingly diverse each year. The developers continue to amaze us with innovative solutions that comprehensively cover the needs of our broad-based clientele,” explains Nico Valasik, who, in collaboration with Jörg Stöppler, is responsible for managing NicLen GmbH. "We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the DROP B1, a flexible and mobile mini spotlight that runs on rechargeable batteries, which will be seen at many outdoor events in the future, thanks to its sophisticated design." More information: niclen.en Cameo DROP B1 adamhall.com blog.adamhall.com event.tech
  2. Fusing the raw power of Brute oscillators with digital Matrix precision, the innovative three-dimensional Morphée performance touchpad, and pristine stereo effects, PolyBrute represents a new era of polyphony. Available November 2020. > Learn More _Analog morphing polysynth Polyphonic power fused with unrivalled modulation capabilities. Infinite positions on an elusive spectrum of sound, instantly accessible. An instrument that responds to your every command for ultimate performance control. This is PolyBrute. The Brute factor 6 pure analog voices driven by 2 Brute oscillators, complete with distortion, wavefolding, and FM control, shaped by dual enhanced filters for massive timbral variety. Morphing Seamless three-dimensional morphing between two completely different states within a single patch. An infinite continuum of sound, immediately accessible expression. Express yourself A new dimension of performance control, with a dynamic ribbon strip, an assignable mod wheel, and finally, the innovative Morphée 3-axis performance touchpad. Modulation No more static patches. 3 envelope generators, 3 LFOs, and modulation flexibility normally reserved for modular systems - with the immediacy and precision of digital control. The Matrix The digital brain to PolyBrute’s analog heart - control presets, the sequencer, morph state editing, and of course, PolyBrute’s expansive modulation routing. Studio-grade effects Pristine stereo digital effects incorporated into every patch, with parameters that can be modulated to no end - including algorithms from our acclaimed FX Collection. _The full lowdown The new Brute flagship has landed. Raw, powerful, organic - the Brute range is all about the tactile immediacy of analog synthesis. Explore it for yourself… _Wooden legs PolyBrute is designed to be fully compatible with our Wooden Legs companion. The Wooden legs offer a professional ergonomic solution, with a timeless beechwood construction, built for studio and stage that’s as reliable as it is stylish - enjoy an unhindered performing experience with class. Find out more: https://www.arturia.com/products/hardware-synths/polybrute/overview Läs även på den svenska distributören EM Nordics sida: https://www.emnordic.se/nyheter/arturia-polybrute_sv
  3. KeyStep 37 is a controller evolved to meet the creative needs of musicians across the board. Intuitive appointments like Chord mode, Scale mode, and real-time LED note feedback make it the perfect option for beginner beat-makers and composers. Instant MIDI CC control, advanced connectivity and a high-end compact keybed make it a reliable solution for professionals. KeyStep 37 is a controller built to inspire, designed to let users interact and experiment with their music like never before - the new core of your setup. The creative idea generator Transform single note melodies and unfinished ideas into musical stepping stones. Choose from multiple chord voicings, instrument-like strum effects, and expressive velocity settings and make your music really sing. Map out KeyStep 37’s keybed with a scale of your choice using Scale mode and never play a wrong note again. Tap into your MIDI hardware and software with assignable 16 MIDI CC parameters across 4 switchable banks. The standout features The unique interplay between KeyStep 37’s features is designed to unlock and connect musical ideas in real-time. It encourages spontaneity and experimentation, letting musicians and producers savor the creative process. Let’s take a closer look at the features: With velocity, aftertouch and real-time RGB LED indicators for a comfortable, responsive performance. Creative sequencer and arpeggiator Sequence up to 64-steps with 8-note polyphony and 8 custom pattern slots, or explore 8 modes of arpeggiation. Supercharged Chord mode Generate instant chord sequences that respond to your velocity, with 12 chord types, and animate your chords with the articulate instrument-like strum control. Scale mode Quantize the keyboard and never play a wrong note. Choose from 5 scales, including a user-defined scale, to set your own musical terms. Assignable MIDI CC controls Interact with your hardware and software with 16 assignable MIDI CC parameters across 4 switchable banks, accessible via a new control panel and screen. Versatile connectivity Connect to your computer, your desktop MIDI synths, or your CV & modular gear for simultaneous control over hardware and software. About the Step range Universal sequencing controllers Uniquely combining the familiarity of MIDI controllers with the complexities of step sequencing, the Step range puts you in command of your software and hardware instruments. Just at home on stage as they are in the home studio, these sequencers are designed to enhance your ability to perform, improvise, write, and create. Each member of the Step range features a combination of USB, MIDI and CV connections, and a variety of workflows to suit any sequencing needs. All your instruments, marching to the same beat. Learn more here. Read more here
  4. September 8, 2020, Berlin – Native Instruments today announced MASCHINE+, an entirely standalone system that embeds the iconic MASCHINE workflow into a powerful, flexible groovebox that can be used without a computer. “This release marks a pivotal moment in Native’s history,” says CIO and President, Mate Galic, “and it’s something that’s been highly requested by the MASCHINE community. Since day one, MASCHINE has been about combining the power of modern computers with a fast, fun, hardware-based workflow. Today we come full circle by combining those key elements – together with some of the most iconic sounds from KOMPLETE – in a powerful standalone instrument. Not only is MASCHINE+ a new flagship for our range, it also sets a new benchmark for exciting future products and continued development.” MASCHINE+ brings new freedom to the same fast, fun, and flexible approach to making music inherent to the rest of the MASCHINE line. Musicians can plug in, power up, and sketch beats in seconds, as well as develop fledgling ideas into performance-ready pieces with arranging and mixing tools – both with or without a computer. As a studio centerpiece, it provides the same powerful sequencing, sampling, and synthesis Native Instruments users have come to know and love, with endless options for integrating outboard gear across a broad spectrum of setups and styles. On-stage, MASCHINE+ provides expressive, hands-on control over every element in a performance, with both high-impact macros and in-depth tweaking just a knob twist away. In addition to its classic groovebox workflow, MASCHINE+ packs an industry-leading collection of instruments, effects, and thousands of sounds with MASCHINE+ Selection. Heavyweight synths like MASSIVE, MONARK, PRISM, and FM8 join a lineup that includes the MASCHINE Factory Library, RAUM, PHASIS, and five Expansions, plus a voucher for two more. Every instrument and effect in MASCHINE+ Selection has been optimized to make the system’s standalone workflow smooth and seamless, and users can expand their sound libraries with a wide array of Native’s Expansions, as well as their own samples via SD and USB storage. Under the hood, a quad-core processor and 4 GB dual-channel DDR3L RAM power fast, spontaneous creation, to deliver a huge amount of freedom and flexibility when making music. MASCHINE+ will hit stores on October 1, 2020, and pre-orders are open now at the Native Instruments website. Pricing and Availability MASCHINE+ will be available online and in stores on October 1, 2020. Pre-orders are open now via the Native Instruments website. 1299 EUR / 1349 CHF / 1399 USD / 149,800 YEN / 1099 GBP / 1999 AUD / 1799 CAD / 9999 CNY Read more here
  5. Jiashan, Zhejiang, China / Neu-Anspach, Germany – September 8 2020 – at a press conference in China with more than 200 invited guests from renowned audio associations, large event companies, and the media, a strategic partnership between the global event technology company Adam Hall Group and Speaker Electronic (Jiashan) Co., Ltd was announced. Effective immediately, Speaker Electronic (SE) will take over exclusive distribution for all brands of the Adam Hall Group in China, the world’s largest market, including LD Systems®, Cameo®, Gravity®, Defender®, Palmer®, and Adam Hall®. Connected online for this historic moment were Michael von Keitz, Chairman of SE, and Markus Jahnel, COO and Managing Director of the Adam Hall Group, as well as important members of the German team. With its extensive network, Speaker Electronic will now offer the Chinese market high-quality German products and services by the Adam Hall Group from a single source. The confidence in Speaker Electronic as an exclusive strategic distribution partner is based on the long-term cooperation between SE and the Adam Hall Group that began in 2006. The Chinese subsidiary Speaker Factory is German owned and has been an important supplier for the Neu-Anspach event technology company since that time. In his video message, Chairman von Keitz spoke of the many years of confidence, fairness, and reliability in the now 14-year cooperation. “Our most important shared goal was and always will be to supply our customers with well-designed quality products,” says von Keitz, who is also the German owner of Speaker Factory. In his opening speech, COO Jahnel mentioned the most important flagship projects of the Adam Hall Group, such as the iconic MAUI P900, developed in cooperation with Porsche Design Studio, and also looked back on the success story of LD Systems as a global player in the pro audio industry. In the process, Jahnel emphasized Speaker Factory as a loyal supplier and contributor to this success. “To now have SE as an exclusive distribution partner for China is a win-win situation and a shared basis for intensive cooperation between China and Germany,” stated the COO in his words of praise. The heads of audio associations offered their congratulations and have high expectations of the cooperation. Unveiling of a beauty: the iconic MAUI P900 In the exhibition hall, experts and VIP customers were invited to see the unveiling of a product highlight from the audio division of the Adam Hall Group, the MAUI P900. A frequently heard sentiment among the crowd was that this exclusive PA column system is a German beauty that leaves an extraordinary impression on many people. More information: se-audiotechnik.com adamhall.com event.tech #EventTech #ExperienceEventtech #SpeakerElectronic #SeAudiotechnik
  6. iZotope Inc., Cambridge, MA (September 2, 2020) – iZotope Inc., the experts in intelligent audio technology, has released RX 8, the latest update to its flagship audio repair and enhancement software, as well as launched RX Post Production Suite 5. Additionally, iZotope announced that Music Production Suite 4 will be coming this fall. RX, which has made audio repair easier for musicians and post professionals for over a decade, continues to be the industry-standard audio repair tool used on countless albums, movies, and TV shows to restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition. Its newest version is a complete toolkit for audio cleanup and restoration needs at any level, from content creators to music producers to post production professionals. The two-time Engineering Emmy® Award-winning RX Advanced now allows audio professionals greater audio fidelity, whether repairing streamed dialogue with new features like Spectral Recovery or correcting pitch modulation with Wow & Flutter. The Batch Processor and Loudness Control have also been revamped, saving users precious time when they are repairing or delivering audio files. New RX 8 Standard features allow musicians to instantly adjust guitar recordings with Guitar De-noise, to rebalance their mix and create or isolate stems with the improved Music Rebalance, and to prep music for streaming with the updated Loudness Control. Both the standalone audio editor and the included plug-ins allow users to surgically fix audio problems and music performances with RX 8. The new RX Elements is a budget-friendly noise reduction and audio repair tool for small home studios that need the basics. It includes a standalone audio editor with spectral editing as well as four essential, real-time noise reduction plug-ins to fix clipping, hums, clicks and other unwanted background noise, like amp hiss or air conditioner noise. Its Repair Assistant continues to use the digital signal processing in RX Elements to analyze your audio and provide solutions to common audio issues. New & Improved Features: NEW - Spectral Recovery (Advanced Only) - Restores frequencies above 4 kHz, turning bandwidth-limited audio into clear, articulate recordings. NEW - Wow & Flutter (Advanced Only) - Corrects pitch variations and fluctuations associated with tape, vinyl and optical transfers. Use Wow to fix longer, sustained pitch drift, and Flutter to correct pitch variances that occur at faster rates. NEW - Loudness Control (Advanced and Standard) - Instantly load preset loudness targets and conform production audio to broadcast requirements in seconds, and monitor levels using the built-in numeric and history plot readouts for integrated, short-term, and momentary loudness. NEW - Guitar De-noise (Advanced and Standard) - Allows refining to guitar recordings for maximum clarity in seconds. Manage sounds that can unintentionally be emphasized by the effect of compression or limiting, like electrical amp noise and interference, distracting fret or string squeaks, and harsh pick attacks. NEW - 32 Audio Tab Limit (All Versions) - RX 8 doubles the previous 16-tab limit, now allowing users to view and edit up to 32 files within RX Audio Editor. NEW - Horizontal Scrolling (All Versions) - Horizontal scrolling is now built into the intuitive Spectrogram Display. Use the scroll gesture on a trackpad or mouse to scroll through your audio across the X-axis for lightning fast edits. IMPROVED - Music Rebalance (Advanced and Standard) - Users can easily re-animate a mix, make room for scene dialogue in post, remove or isolate vocals for a remix, or even create and export new stems for further processing and mixing. IMPROVED - Batch Processor (Advanced and Standard) - Process many files at a time, view pertinent metadata in your audio, then apply a full series of processors with Module Chain. IMPROVED - De-Hum (All Versions) - Now features independent frequency reduction bands, and a redesigned, intuitive interface. “Since we first released our flagship RX product, additional years of research and innovation in machine learning have allowed us to continue to provide the industry with timely solutions to audio repair issues that were previously impossible,” said iZotope Principal Product Manager Mike Rozett. “Our latest edition of RX continues this tradition with new features such as Spectral Recovery, Guitar De-noise and Wow & Flutter, all designed to help people solve the unsolvable in audio.” iZotope has also released RX Post Production Suite 5, which features its most powerful tools for post production, including RX 8 Advanced, Dialogue Match, Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3 (with Melodyne 5 essential), Insight 2, RX Loudness Control, Relay, Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D by Exponential Audio, and Tonal Balance Control 2, plus a one year all-access pass to Groove 3, a video training tool. In addition, Music Production Suite 4 will release this fall, which will include RX 8 Standard, Ozone 9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3 (with Melodyne 5 essential), Insight 2, NIMBUS by Exponential Audio, and Tonal Balance Control 2. Those that have purchased Music Production Suite 3 after September 2, 2020 will receive a free upgrade to Music Production Suite 4. RX Pricing & Availability RX 8 is now available at www.izotope.com and select retailers RX 8 Elements: $99 introductory ($129 regular) RX 8 Standard: $299 introductory ($399 regular) RX 8 Advanced: $999 introductory ($1199 regular) RX Post Production Suite 5: $1499 introductory ($1999 regular)
  7. SEATTLE, WA (September 2nd, 2020) – Tracktion is delighted to present the new, massive, FREE update to MOK’s innovative, wave slicing synthersizer, Waverazor which is packed with tons of new features. Plus, in alliance with PlugInGuru.com the all new Unified - Waverazor with a library of more than four hundred factory patches. Waverazor is a futuristic synth which uses its formidable, unique, patented oscillator design to splice waveforms. This new form of synthesis allows users to generate completely original sounds to give biting leads, glitched-out basses, cinematic pads and anything else in-between. Version 2.5 brings an array of new features to wave slicing and sonic exploration. The update adds three new Filters, three new Effects and two new Modulators combined with significant advances in the DSP modules to give greater control to reverbs and delays. The new CombLPF filter offers a great sounding comb and can be used as a reverb building block. The All-Pass filter provides the user with options to create phasers, reverbs and timbral shifts in distortion. The third new filter, TapLine 8, consists of eight short delays to aid physical modelling. Add to these the new TapLine8X effect to give longer delay time, a MOK style reverb effect and a dual-stereo delay effect and new sound outcomes are now wide open. Further improvements include a modular style Step Generator complete with direction control and a smooth Random source for natural movement. Current Waverazor owners can start their next sonic adventure by downloading v2.5 for FREE. For those thinking of taking an auditory leap into a new, experimental world of wave slicing, Waverazor is available for $159. In cooperation with PlugInGuru.com, Mok has also developed Unified – Waverazor, a library of more than four hundred factory patches in Unify’s native patch format. As well as being a potent instrument, Unify is also a powerful plug-in host which gives plug-ins users Layering and Splitting capabilities. Owners of both Unify and Waverazor can now load all the new Waverazor patches and combine, layer, split and stack them in conjuction with any other plug-ins they own. Homepage
  8. September 1, 2020, Berlin – Native Instruments today announced KOMPLETE 13, the latest generation of its flagship production suite, with new additions including some of the company’s biggest releases from the last two years. The launch will coincide with that of GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, a revamped version of Native’s amp and effects modelling lab. For 17 years, KOMPLETE has brought the very best from Native Instruments into a comprehensive production package for artists of every level and genre. KOMPLETE 13 is the biggest collection yet, and is available in four sizes; SELECT, KOMPLETE 13, ULTIMATE, and Collector’s Edition. The latest generation sees some of Native Instrument’s biggest new releases join the lineup, including GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, CREMONA QUARTET (including STRADIVARI VIOLIN), ARKHIS, PHARLIGHT, STRAYLIGHT, MYSTERIA, SUPER 8, SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC SUNBURST DELUXE, and NOIRE. There are four new additions to the KONTAKT Play Series – BUTCH VIG DRUMS, LO-FI GLOW, MODULAR ICONS, and CLOUD SUPPLY. The latest version also includes the CRUSH PACK, which puts a modern spin on distortion effects, as well as last year’s much-loved RAUM reverb. Each bundle provides up to 90% off the price of the individual products, and as always, existing KOMPLETE users also have the option to save when they upgrade or update from their current version. GUITAR RIG 6 PRO returns with an overhauled interface, new amps, new effects, and Intelligent Circuit Modelling – a new machine-learning modelling technology that can bring even deeper realism to hardware emulations. The technology has already been used to create a new series of iconic boutique and vintage amps, each offering plenty of character and tone to be explored. Users will also be able to pitch in and help decide what kind of hardware should be modelled for future updates. The latest version also extends the platform’s capacity as a powerful effects rack for any audio source with 14 new additions from Native’s wider ecosystem – including REVERB CLASSICS, VINTAGE COMPRESSORS, CRUSH PACK, MOD PACK, SOLID MIX SERIES, TRANSIENT MASTER, RAUM, RAMMFIRE, and TRAKTOR’S 12. GUITAR RIG 6 PRO comes loaded with an inspirational collection of presets from a variety of heavy-hitting guitarists, bassists, producers, and songwriters including Yvette Young, Tim Lefebvre, Pete Thorn, Zola Jesus, and Butch Vig, along with many more to come with future updates. Pricing and Availability KOMPLETE 13 Available October 1, 2020 KOMPLETE 13 SELECT: 199 USD / 199 EUR / 25,800 YEN / 169 GBP / 299 AUD / 259 CAD / 1,699 CNY / CHF 209 KOMPLETE 13: 599 USD / 599 EUR / 72,400 YEN / 499 GBP / 899 AUD / 799 CAD / 4,699 CNY / CHF 629 KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE: 1,199 USD / 1,199 EUR / 144,400 YEN / 999 GBP / 1,799 AUD / 1,599 CAD / 9,499 CNY / CHF 1249 KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE Collector’s Edition: 1,599 USD / 1,599 EUR / 204,800 YEN / 1,349 GBP / 2,299 AUD / 1,999 CAD / 12,499 CNY / CHF 1,679 GUITAR RIG 6 PRO Available October 1, 2020 Full version: 199 USD / 199 EUR / 26,800 YEN / 179 GBP / 299 AUD / 259 CAD / 1599 CNY / 209 CHF Upgrade: 149 USD / 149 EUR / 20,100 YEN / 129 GBP / 219 AUD / 199 CAD / 1199 CNY / 159 CHF Update: 99 USD / 99 EUR / 13,400 YEN / 89 GBP / 149 AUD / 129 CAD / 799 CNY / 104 CHF Further Information KOMPLETE 13 https://www.native-instruments.com/specials/komplete/komplete-13/ GUITAR RIG 6 PRO https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/guitar/guitar-rig-6-pro/
  9. Linköping, Sweden, August 27th, 2020: When inspiration strikes and a new hit song begins to take shape, it feels like magic. For a producer or a songwriter, the trick is finding that inspiration in the first place. But it also helps a lot if they have an easy way to transport their ideas to a flawless recording, ready to be shared with the world. We have a plan for those hitmakers. Statement Lead is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly polyphonic synth designed with the contemporary producer and songwriter in the EDM, drum and bass, and house genres in mind. We created Statement to the same high standard as our bass synth Monoment Bass, but for lead sounds. To achieve the very best sound sources for Statement, we fastidiously recorded and processed the sounds of rare and expensive hardware synths and, just like Monoment, it comes with built-in effects of the highest quality. The effects make it easy to fine tune, create spaces, add clarity, and further sculpt your lead sounds. These include Drive, Reverb, Delay, Multiband Compression, and Spatialization, and have been carefully chosen and designed for polyphonic synth lead sounds with the same superb high quality as Softube mixing plug-ins. In addition to the effects, Statement Lead comes loaded with meticulously created presets. There are no fillers–they're all good and the perfect starting point. It's easy to dig deeper and start tweaking until it’s exactly the sound you need. To put it simply, Statement Lead aims to inspire producers and songwriters to make a statement. This is the lead synth for creating hit songs that sound polished and finished with no complications along the way. In short NEW: Softube Statement Lead A 5-octave polyphonic synth designed for lead sounds with an organic, analog feel Amazing sound quality from careful recordings of rare, expensive hardware synths The perfect songwriting tool for EDM, drum and bass, house, and more, with an intuitive user interface and 150+ meticulously designed presets The lead sounds counterpart to Monoment Bass, with the same type of interface and similar features. Learn more about Monoment The 90 sound sources can be used two at a time with smart, modern tools that make it easy to dial in the foundation of the sound Advanced analog-sounding filter with its own modulation sequencer Advanced Auto Glide for creating organic-sounding analog sounds Analog Dirt feature: adds grit for a richer or dirtier sound Aging feature for less stable pitch, more unpredictable attacks, and even more dirt and grit Read more here
  10. Intelligent Sound lanserar IS Monitor 15. Nu tar vi ljudrealism till ny nivå säger Petter Hölaas som är mannen bakom Intelligent sound. Petter är helt blind sedan tidig skolålder och har arbetat med ljud och högtalarutveckling sedan 1971. Med sin ypperligt realistiska ljudåtergivning har IS Monitor 15 mottagits med stor uppskattning bland professionella ljudtekniker. Även musiker har entusiastiskt upptäckt realismen i ljudet och njutit av musik på ett sätt som tidigare inte varit möjligt. Hemligheten bakom framgången ligger främst i det nya 3-vägs delningsfiltret byggt på analog grund. Till skillnad från digital hantering kan vi analogt hantera flera parametrar. Egenutvecklade mätinstrument möjliggör studier av ljudet väldigt detaljerat och mycket noggranna analyser över vad som händer med ljudet innan det når våra öron. Trots mycket avancerad teknik är det öronen som har det sista ordet för slutprodukten. Här kommer Petters mycket tränade öron väl till pass. I ett samhälle där musik via MP3 dominerar sätts nivån på ljudåtergivning på en låg nivå. Det är allt fler som aldrig hört väl återgivet ljud. In-Ear lurar och väldigt små högtalare kan vara imponerande för sin storlek men kan inte generera en tryckvåg av ljudvågor som gör att ljudet upplevs som realistiskt. IS Monitor 15 återger hela ljudbilden i ett brett spektrum. Detta fenomen är ovärderligt i studiomiljö och mycket uppskattat hos den initierade lyssnaren i alla miljöer. Fakta Kubform 15 tums bas Tål 500 w RMS Hemsida
  11. Berlin, August 2020 – Native Instruments today released Butch Vig Drums – a collaboration with renowned drummer and producer Butch Vig, best known as co-founding member of the alternative rock band Garbage and the producer of the seminal albums including Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” Smashing Pumpkins’ “Siamese Dream,” and Green Day’s “21st Century Breakdown.” It is the first in a brand new line of artist-created Play Series instruments, bringing the signature sounds of world-famous music producers together into intuitive and inspiring instruments with great-sounding presets and real-time control. The sounds of Butch Vig Drums were recorded at United Recording’s iconic Studio A in Hollywood, and then further processed through a bespoke selection of analogue and digital preamps, compressors, stompboxes and more at Vig’s home studio “GrungeIsDead.” Expect hard-hitting drums, grooves, and FX presets created by one of rock music’s most influential producers, with hands-on control for easily programmed drum tracks that work in a variety of styles. Butch Vig Drums includes 21 individual drum kits, each with 16 one-shots created using Butch Vig’s distinctive approach to percussive sound design. Each kit also comes with 16 preset MIDI patterns, which can be triggered using a MIDI controller or edited within any DAW using drag and drop technology. All sounds can also be further processed using a range of powerful Kontakt insert and send effects. Early adopters can take advantage of special intro pricing until October 1, 2020, and get Butch Vig Drums for $49 instead of $69. More information More information about BUTCH VIG DRUMS can be found on the Native Instruments website. Pricing and availability BUTCH VIG DRUMS is available from the Native Instruments website.
  12. Sing alongside glistening digital textures. Add paraphonic harmonies to external sound sources. Scatter spoken word across sprawling modulated sequences. This is the uniquely unpredictable MicroFreak formula but not as you know it. A new look, a new configuration, a new sound. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this exclusive limited-run Freak tick... Gooseneck microphone Easily adjustable and removable, the mic connects to the headphone socket, designed to fit snug against MicroFreak’s rear connectivity panel. Limited-edition finish MicroFreak Vocoder Edition has been given a makeover, featuring a sleek, eye-catching white design with a unique Swan graphic. New 16-band Vocoder engine Accurately detect, filter and replicate the complex harmonics of the human voice. Sawtooth, pulse width and noise waveforms, with 16 new presets to boot. Connect external sound sources Process an external sound source like a drum machine/synth via the headphone socket for glitchy vocoder sound processing. Read more here
  13. HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (August 25, 2020)— Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today launched the Tim Armstrong Anniversary Hellcat in celebration of ten years of partnership with Grammy® Award-winning punk rock legend, Tim Armstrong. The signature anniversary acoustic guitar is the latest in a series of collaborations between the world’s leading guitar brand and one of today’s most genre-defining and iconic players in that space. Now, fans around the world can play this special anniversary Tim Armstrong edition while learning Rancid songs like “Fall Back Down”, “Ruby Soho” and “Time Bomb” on Fender Play, the complete learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele. The Tim Armstrong Anniversary Hellcat is faithfully based on Armstrong’s own instrument originally from the 1960s – the Fender concert-style acoustic he always turned to for songwriting inspiration. It features upgraded modern specs including a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, maple “C” shape neck, high quality onboard electronics, gold hardware and Tim’s signature “Hellcat and double skulls” inlay. This gloss black finish guitar also boasts a Fishman® Preamp with tuner to give peerless amplified acoustic performance. Watch Tim in action on his Anniversary Hellcat performing two great hits including “East Bay Night”, which was performed bayside at the Albany Bulb with Matt Freeman, Tim’s childhood best friend and founding member of Operation Ivy and Rancid. In addition, “Telegraph Avenue”, which was performed at the exact address by Tim on his own as a throwback to his days of living and busking on Telegraph. “Tim Armstrong is one of punks’ true guitar greats,” said Billy Martinez, VP Acoustic & Squier Divisions. “He has been an integral part in shaping the sound of American punk rock in the 1990s and his legacy is a true testament to his achievements as a guitarist. It is with huge pleasure for Fender to have worked with Tim for ten years and what better way to celebrate than by introducing our best-ever Hellcat to-date.” “The Tim Armstrong Anniversary Hellcat is the culmination of a decade of great work with Fender,” said Tim Armstrong. “This model is very loyal to the original guitar I’ve had since I was a teenager and it played a starring role in many of my albums, shows and songwriting sessions. I can’t wait to see what it can do and inspire in the hands of other players around the world.” Born in Oakland, California, Tim Armstrong is best known as the singer and guitarist of influential ska punk band Operation Ivy and American punk band Rancid which he formed in 1991. He spent the decade at the forefront of a burgeoning American punk rock scene, spawning platinum-selling albums including …And Out Come the Wolves and his achievements did not stop there. Armstrong has since proved his mettle as an industry-leading and genre-defying songwriter having written with the likes of P!NK, Joe Walsh and Jimmy Cliff (with whom he even won a Grammy® Award for Best Reggae Album) and established himself as a well-respected producer and independent record label owner. In true tradition, the Fender Artist Signature Series honours iconic musicians through product progression and storytelling, creating instruments inspired by the unique specifications of the world’s greatest guitarists and bassists. Fender discusses the all-new Tim Armstrong Anniversary Hellcat specs and all details in an episode of Fender's serialised social video series: Fender Demos. Fender Demos is an educational video series focused on providing a deep dive into Fender’s newest products. The series focuses on showcasing not only the key features and benefits, but also the sonic quality of Fender’s instruments, amplifiers and pedals. In addition to product demos, the series also provides valuable beginner, intermediate and advanced tone tips, set-up and maintenance guides and insights to getting the most out of your Fender gear. Read more here
  14. August 21, 2020, Berlin – Native Instruments today launched ARTIST EXPANSION: SASHA, the third in a new series of Artist Expansions that capture the signature sound of leading music producers, and share their production toolkits with the world. Over three decades, Sasha has established himself as an architect of emotive electronica. In this Expansion, he shares samples, sound design, presets, and kits that channel a diverse career of progressive UK dance music – from the ambient atmospheres of Scene Delete, to the euphoric swagger of Airdrawndagger, and the metamorphic genius of his Involver series. ARTIST EXPANSION: SASHA is a vivid collection that spans the entire spectrum of the artist’s discography, with over 800 melodic samples and loops, 35 MASCHINE kits, and 26 BATTERY kits that range from pulsing, mid-set percussive power to building blocks for atmospheric and cinematic soundscapes. Presets for MASSIVE, MONARK, and MASCHINE’s Drum Synth and Bass Synth cover everything from dark driving leads, to gritty textured bass, and lush pads. An avid MASCHINE user himself, projects and kits in Sasha’s Expansion mirror many of the producer’s own studio workflows, and users can easily adopt the same ways of making music for their own productions ARTIST EXPANSION: SASHA joins a growing range of over 70 Expansions – genre-specific sound packs full of samples, loops, presets, kits, and more for use in any DAW. Further information and audio demos can be found on the Native Instruments website: https://www.native-instruments.com/products/komplete/expansions/artist-expansion-sasha/ Pricing and availability ARTIST EXPANSION: SASHA is available now exclusively at the NI Online Shop for $49 / 49 € / £44 / ¥ 6,280 / AU$ 79. A compact version of Artist Expansion: Sasha is also available as an iMASCHINE 2 Expansion, for sketches on the go. The iMASCHINE 2 Expansion is available at the iMASCHINE 2 in-app store for $0.99 / 0,99 € / £0.79 / ¥ 120 / AU$ 1.29. Read more here
  15. 360-GTR är en tjänst där du kan lära dig spela, starta din podcast, få sång- eller artistcoachning, ta lektioner om marknadsstrategier för ditt band osv. Och allt detta av delar av Sveriges musikerelit. PROFFSEN VISAR DIG VÄGEN ALLA VÅRA COACHER HAR LÅNG ERFARENHET AV ATT UNDERVISA. DESSUTOM ÄR DE NÅGRA AV SVERIGES MEST ANLITADE PROFFSMUSIKER. DU SER DEM TILL VARDAGS MED BL.A MISS LI, JILL JOHNSON, OLA SALO, ERIC SAADE, DOUG SEEGERS, CHRIS KLÄFFORD, TOMMY NILSSON, IDOL-BANDET, SÅ SKA DET LÅTA..... Vår idé är att erbjuda lektioner/sessions för musikinstrument, podcast/media, sång/artist samt en tjänst för guidning som artist gällande release av din nya musik, marknadsstrategier osv. Detta med hjälp av några av de starkaste namnen i musik/mediabranschen i Sverige. Varje enskild coach är utvald då dem vid sidan av sitt flitiga turnerande också kombinerat detta med att undervisa som pedagoger. Det kommer också förekomma gästundervisningar i ämnen som ljudteknik, juridik, låtskrivande mm. Vårt mål är att få fler att hitta vägen till att lära sig skapa musik och få hjälp i djungeln som vi känner till som musikbranschen. Detta genom noga anpassade lektioner som är individuella för varje persons önskemål och ambitionsnivå. Grundare: Chris Andersen och Erik Janson Idén är sprungen under tiden för Corona-pandemin. Många av våra nära musikervänner blev hastigt av med sina jobb på obestämd framtid, samtidigt som vi förstod att med den sociala distanseringen och att folk satt hemma i karantän så kunde vi via vårt nätverk av vänner i musik/media-branschen erbjuda folk att få lektioner av delar av Sveriges absolut starkaste namn. Kolla in: www.360gtr.com
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