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    Native Instruments reveals KOMPLETE 13 with GUITAR RIG 6 PRO


    September 1, 2020, Berlin – Native Instruments today announced KOMPLETE 13, the latest generation of its flagship production suite, with new additions including some of the company’s biggest releases from the last two years. The launch will coincide with that of GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, a revamped version of Native’s amp and effects modelling lab.


    For 17 years, KOMPLETE has brought the very best from Native Instruments into a comprehensive production package for artists of every level and genre. KOMPLETE 13 is the biggest collection yet, and is available in four sizes; SELECT, KOMPLETE 13, ULTIMATE, and Collector’s Edition.

    The latest generation sees some of Native Instrument’s biggest new releases join the lineup, including GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, CREMONA QUARTET (including STRADIVARI VIOLIN), ARKHIS, PHARLIGHT, STRAYLIGHT, MYSTERIA, SUPER 8, SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC SUNBURST DELUXE, and NOIRE. There are four new additions to the KONTAKT Play Series – BUTCH VIG DRUMS, LO-FI GLOW, MODULAR ICONS, and CLOUD SUPPLY. The latest version also includes the CRUSH PACK, which puts a modern spin on distortion effects, as well as last year’s much-loved RAUM reverb.

    Each bundle provides up to 90% off the price of the individual products, and as always, existing KOMPLETE users also have the option to save when they upgrade or update from their current version. GUITAR RIG 6 PRO returns with an overhauled interface, new amps, new effects, and Intelligent Circuit Modelling – a new machine-learning modelling technology that can bring even deeper realism to hardware emulations. The technology has already been used to create a new series of iconic boutique and vintage amps, each offering plenty of character and tone to be explored.

    Users will also be able to pitch in and help decide what kind of hardware should be modelled for future updates.

    The latest version also extends the platform’s capacity as a powerful effects rack for any audio source with 14 new additions from Native’s wider ecosystem – including REVERB CLASSICS, VINTAGE COMPRESSORS, CRUSH PACK, MOD PACK, SOLID MIX SERIES, TRANSIENT MASTER, RAUM, RAMMFIRE, and TRAKTOR’S 12. GUITAR RIG 6 PRO comes loaded with an inspirational collection of presets from a variety of heavy-hitting guitarists, bassists, producers, and songwriters including Yvette Young, Tim Lefebvre, Pete Thorn, Zola Jesus, and Butch Vig, along with many more to come with future updates.

    Pricing and Availability
    Available October 1, 2020

    KOMPLETE 13 SELECT: 199 USD / 199 EUR / 25,800 YEN / 169 GBP / 299 AUD / 259 CAD / 1,699 CNY / CHF 209

    KOMPLETE 13: 599 USD / 599 EUR / 72,400 YEN / 499 GBP / 899 AUD / 799 CAD / 4,699 CNY / CHF 629

    KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE: 1,199 USD / 1,199 EUR / 144,400 YEN / 999 GBP / 1,799 AUD / 1,599 CAD / 9,499 CNY / CHF 1249

    KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE Collector’s Edition: 1,599 USD / 1,599 EUR / 204,800 YEN / 1,349 GBP / 2,299 AUD / 1,999 CAD / 12,499 CNY / CHF 1,679

    Available October 1, 2020


    Full version: 199 USD / 199 EUR / 26,800 YEN / 179 GBP / 299 AUD / 259 CAD / 1599 CNY / 209 CHF Upgrade: 149 USD / 149 EUR / 20,100 YEN / 129 GBP / 219 AUD / 199 CAD / 1199 CNY / 159 CHF

    Update: 99 USD / 99 EUR / 13,400 YEN / 89 GBP / 149 AUD / 129 CAD / 799 CNY / 104 CHF

    Further Information


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    • By Nyhetsroboten
      Linköping, Sweden, September 24th, 2020: Imagine traveling in time to the early '70s, an era where new and experimental sounds were shaping pop music and taking it a step further. Softube’s Model 72 Synthesizer System is your vintage synth time machine. It’s component modeled down to the smallest details from a 1972 hardware unit in pristine condition with all the quirks and non-linearities intact, hence the name Model 72.

      The result is incredibly authentic sound, with all the warmth and smoothness heard in countless records. Now imagine this classic has traveled into the future to pick up some contemporary features, like doubling and stereo spread, and evolve into a full system with multiple versions for different applications. Wish you were here? Take the Autobahn.
      Use it as an instrument and more
      As a full system, Model 72 allows producers to create some very unique sounds on several different platforms. All of these are included in Model 72:
      Model 72 Instrument
      Use the instrument plug-in on instrument channels to create the original sounds this synth is known for with a connected MIDI controller, the built-in keyboard, or editing notes in your DAW.
      Model 72 FX
      Using the synth as an effect by running an external sound source to the external audio input is a common use case heard on countless albums from the '70s to today. Add the FX plug-in to your audio or mix track to replicate this external input feature and use the distortions and filter on your sound source.
      Modular Ready: 7 modules for Softube Modular
      All the Model 72 Instrument sections are available as individual modules for Softube Modular, ready to be added to your Eurorack system. It’s easy to combine single parts of the synthesizer in a modular workflow to build patches and get authentic vintage monophonic sounds.
      Amp Room Ready
      The Model 72 Amp Room module consists of the fat sounding filter from this legendary synthesizer complete with envelope follower, cutoff, resonance, and drive. Create truly unique sounds for guitar, bass, and keyboards with a vintage vibe with this incredible envelope filter effect.

      In short
      NEW: Model 72 Synthesizer System An entire system based on a classic analog monophonic synth from the early 1970s with the emphasis on sound quality Era correct: component-modeled to perfection, with all the quirks and non-linearities intact – it sounds and behaves just like its original hardware counterpart Actual use cases and tricks of the hardware correctly replicated in the software Four versions included: Model 72 Instrument, Model 72 FX, Model 72 module for Softube Amp Room, and seven Model 72 modules for Softube Modular Create combinations in Modular never possible before in real life or in the world of software Software-exclusive features added: doubler, stereo spread effect, and expanded controls Read more here
    • By Nyhetsroboten
      Berlin, August 2020 – Native Instruments today released Butch Vig Drums – a collaboration with renowned drummer and producer Butch Vig, best known as co-founding member of the alternative rock band Garbage and the producer of the seminal albums including Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” Smashing Pumpkins’ “Siamese Dream,” and Green Day’s “21st Century Breakdown.”

      It is the first in a brand new line of artist-created Play Series instruments, bringing the signature sounds of world-famous music producers together into intuitive and inspiring instruments with great-sounding presets and real-time control.
      The sounds of Butch Vig Drums were recorded at United Recording’s iconic Studio A in Hollywood, and then further processed through a bespoke selection of analogue and digital preamps, compressors, stompboxes and more at Vig’s home studio “GrungeIsDead.” Expect hard-hitting drums, grooves, and FX presets created by one of rock music’s most influential producers, with hands-on control for easily programmed drum tracks that work in a variety of styles.
      Butch Vig Drums includes 21 individual drum kits, each with 16 one-shots created using Butch Vig’s distinctive approach to percussive sound design. Each kit also comes with 16 preset MIDI patterns, which can be triggered using a MIDI controller or edited within any DAW using drag and drop technology. All sounds can also be further processed using a range of powerful Kontakt insert and send effects.
      Early adopters can take advantage of special intro pricing until October 1, 2020, and get Butch Vig Drums for $49 instead of $69.
      More information
      More information about BUTCH VIG DRUMS can be found on the Native Instruments website.
      Pricing and availability
      BUTCH VIG DRUMS is available from the Native Instruments website.
    • By Hasse Nilsson
      Det har gått nio år sedan Izotope introducerade multiverktyget Stutter Edit som främst är avsett för att bearbeta beats med rytmiska effekter. Nu har uppföljaren kommit. Häng med och se hur du drar nytta av nyheterna.
      När Stutter Edit lanserade var tricket, och är, att olika effektkombinationer triggas via tangenterna på din kontrollenhet. Genom att så att säga spela med effekterna i realtid uppnår du samma resultat som annars skulle behöva arbetas fram med automatisering. En ordentlig tidsvinst med andra ord. Och även mer känsla för feeling när det vankas dansant musikproduktion.
      Celebert samarbete

      Den nya versionen är ett samarbete med den emblematiske producenten Brian ”BT” Transeau. Han har, bredvid modularfantomen Richard Devine, ett slags inofficiellt världsrekord i pluggsamarbeten. Faktum är att han även var inblandad den första versionen av Stutter Edit, då med en omfattande bank med förinställningar. I och med Stutter Edit 2 har samarbetet fördjupats eftersom BT:s logotyp återfinns sida vid sida med Izotopes och producentens förinställningar dominerar utbudet med mallar att utgå från när du slöjdar dina egna.
      Första versionen

      Så här såg produkten ut när den släpptes första gången 2011. En ganska radikal förändring mot bilden nedan, eller hur? 
      Nytt utseende

      Det första som möter dig är givetvis det nya gränssnittet. Stutter Edit 2 är totalt omgjord från förra versionen och fått ett utseende som påminner mer om Izotopes populära mastringspluggar i Ozone-serien. Mer logiskt och inte lika plottrigt, tycker vi. 
      Maskinell hjälp

      Pluggen känner automatiskt av vilket inspelningsprogram du startat och visar sedan hur du ställer in Stutter Edit 2 på rätt sätt.
      13 effekter

      Du kan kombinera elva olika effekter till din inställning (preset) eller som Izotope kallar det: gesture (gest). Detta är alltså exklusive de två huvudnumren Stutter och Buffer som står för rytmisk repetering och tidsmanipulering av inkommande ljud. 
      Nytt filter

      Kamfilter (Comb) och är den filtervariant som är helt ny den här versionen. 
      Kan även chorusIzotope har ägen lagt till ett traditionellt Chorus till möjligheterna. I alla fall traditionellt för att vara Stutter Edit.
      Utvecklad efterklang

      Reverbet är också nytt, även om funktionen fanns i Stutter Edit 1. Som synes är det ingen match att låta rumsklangens storlek påverkas i takt och rytm som kvantiseras till bpm.
      Ordning och reda

      Det är superenkelt att arrangera i vilken ordning effekterna ska hamna, bara dra-och-släpp modulerna upp och ned i den vänsterställda vertikala menyn. Förhandlyssna på vilken påverkan förändringen har innan du går vidare.  
      Tidskritiska inställningar

      Varje reglage (parameter) i alla moduler går att synkronisera till tempo på olika sätt. Exakt hur reglagen ska påverkas styrs med hjälp av en grafisk redigeringsmodul som har en rejäl samling förinställningar, men du kan även rita dina egna kurvor för unika anslag eller rytmiska sekvenser.
      Hitta rätt sound

      Även biblioteket med förinställningar och mallar har fått en ny look och nya funktioner. En egenhet är att du inte kan spara förändringar i fabriksljuden. Så det blir att spara med ”Save as” innan du sätter igång och gör egna förändringar som du vill ha kvar för framtida bruk. Det finns hundratals förinställningar att använda som inspiration. 
      Den nya så kallade curve editorn och mer utbyggda möjligheter till komplicerade rytmiska förlopp har givit produkten två nya ess i ärmen. För det första går det att göra sömlösa, längre och böljande effektkombinationer. Tänk risers, drops och trailer-effekter. För det andra, och i motsatt riktning, går det att få fram mer intrikata och tajta rytmmanipuleringar av lajvljud och filer än tidigare. Ett samtida exempel på det är synkoperade Trap-hi-hats och liknande. Fler effekter, bättre strukturerat arbetsflöde ger vid handen att nymodigheterna i varit väl värda att vänta på.

      Stutter Edit 2
      Tillverkare: Izotope, www.izotope.com
      Platformar: macOS High Sierra (10.13)–macOS Catalina (10.15) eller Windows 8–Windows 10
      Format: au, aax, vst2, vst3 (samtliga i 64 bitar) 
      Stöd för inspelningsprogram: Logic Pro X, Live 9.7–10, Cubase 9.5–10.5, Pro Tools 12–2020, FL Studio 20, Studio One 4, Reaper 6, Reason 11, Bitwig Studio 3, Cakewalk by Bandlab, Digital Performer 10.
      Pris: Cirka 1 855 kronor inklusive moms
      Uppgradering: 925 kronor inklusive moms
    • By Nyhetsroboten
      Leading music software distributor and reseller, Time+Space, has welcomed Sonic Atoms to their top quality line up of premium soundware brands.
      A relatively new music software developer, Poland-based Sonic Atoms produce creative tools for composers and music producers, kicking off recently with Baltic Shimmers – an underscore/ambient sound library for the free HALion Sonic SE plugin.
      Today, the company has announced the release of Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition taking the library to whole new level with the mighty layering and manipulation possibilities offered by Spectrasonics’ powerful engine.

      Let's take a closer look...
      Baltic Shimmers
      Inspired by the mysterious, vast yet beautiful nature of the sea, Baltic Shimmers offers an incredibly expressive collection of ambient sounds made from organic sources such as the sea, birds, and acoustic / electric musical instruments.
      Baltic Shimmers comes with a custom GUI built for Steinberg's free HALion Sonic SE plugin, which offers easy customisation, navigation and manipulation. The instrument has 3 types of sounds: Shimmers, Pads and Drones which each have their own unique function and GUI page.
      Shimmer type has 3 stages which can morph from static, through wave into foam or as Sonic Atoms like to call it “shimmer”. Pad type on the other hand is more traditional but built from 3 atoms. Every atom is a unique sound. Atom 1 and 2 is always a long textured played forward or backwards, while atom 3 is a sea noise which is always triggered on key release.
      Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition
      This new edition of Baltic Shimmers ships with 144 patches and 144 sound sources for Spectrasonics Omnisphere. They can be layered, mixed and manipulated all from within the engine, allowing you to instantly create exciting new custom presets of your own. The library is divided into 3 categories: Shimmers, Pads and Drones which all come from the original Baltic Shimmers sample library.
      Both versions are available now, priced £35 / $€39 each.
      To get the absolute most out of Baltic Shimmers, you can also purchase the Baltic Shimmer bundle which combines the original HALion version and the Omnisphere Edition for only £44.95 / €$49.
      To view the full Sonic Atoms collection visit: https://www.timespace.com/collections/sonic-atoms
    • By Nyhetsroboten
      NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA: launched last year to widespread critical acclaim at The 2019 NAMM Show, Synclavier Digital is proud to announce continued advancement of Synclavier Go! — its innovative iPad instrument app directly descended from the codebase of New England Digital’s seminal Synclavier® II Digital Synthesizer, spearheaded by original co-inventor Cameron Warner Jones as a faithful recreation of the high-flying hit-making mega machine — at an even more pocket-friendly price for Version 1.30 (with welcomed AUv3 client capability, Soundfile support, and more), available as of March 12…
      “Part of my decision to embark on development of an iPad version was to introduce my instrument to a wider audience,” asserts Cameron Warner Jones, justifying faithfully recreating the seriously-priced seminal Synclavier® II Digital Synthesizer secured by a privileged few — forever stamping its influence on music technology throughout a lengthy lifespan, ever evolving from its early Eighties entrance to an enforced exit as the cutting edge eventually became more mainstream — at a much more pocket-friendly price on Apple’s all-conquering tablet computer. Continues Cameron Warner Jones: “In this vein, we have decided to drop the price to $19.99 USD for the time being. We want as many people as possible to be given the opportunity to own a world-class instrument. If we can inspire the next Stevie Wonder or Suzanne Ciani, we have achieved our aim. And if there are price concerns with Synclavier Go! then we hope that this $10.00 USD reduction will mean more young, aspiring musicians will now have access to this professional music-making tool.”

      That said, Synclavier Go! is ever evolving — just like the trailblazing Synclavier® II Digital Synthesizer from which it directly descends. November 2019 saw Synclavier Digital duly adding multi-track MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) functionality and MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) support to its innovative iPad instrument app. As such, many factory presets simply sound better by making use of the extra expression provided by the likes of ROLI’s multi-award- winning, next-generation Seaboard RISE MIDI controller or Roger Linn Design’s LinnStrument expressive MIDI controller. Come to think of it, the sheer quantity and quality of factory presets available as part of the Synclavier Go! app almost beggars belief, with over 1,000 diverse and emotional Timbres from over four decades of cutting-edge sound design quite literally at anyone’s fingertips!
      Further advancement of Synclavier Go! comes courtesy of adding AUv3 client capability to Version 1.30 — truly a game-changer! It is now possible to load an iPad-compatible DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) — such as Apple’s own GarageBand, Blip Interactive’s NanoStudio 2, or Steinberg’s Cubasis 3 — and insert multiple instances of Synclavier Go! as AUv3 clients, making it a much more appealing app in itself. Ultimately, users can play and record Synclavier Go!, mix it with other instruments, add inline effects, swap sounds in and out of the mix, and modify compositions with ease... and all from within a single app. All settings are recalled when saving a project in the DAW and loading it up again at a later date. It is an amazing environment to work in — far from being bogged down in the same way that weighty Mac- or PC-based DAWs often are. And, of course, it is more cost effective — so much so that maybe the ‘Twenties’ will be the decade which will witness a hit record realised on little more than an iPad and a MIDI keyboard.
      “Synclavier Go! was already a very capable app, but by adding the ability to load Soundfiles to Partials it’s hard to imagine that there can be a more capable digital synthesizer on any platform — be it a computer plug-in or hardware device, let alone an iPad.” So says Synclavier Digital Marketing Manager Craig Phillips, proudly introducing another standout Synclavier Go! feature that is new to Version 1.30, before adding: “And with the added portability and price point of an iPad application, it’s simply stunning!”
      Synclavier Go!’s interface is necessarily deep with a steep learning curve by association. And yet once climbed it is highly rewarding. Readily going against the grain of today’s loop-based soundalikes, skilled operators of Synclavier Go! can creatively manipulate existing Timbre presets to quickly create new ones. On that very note, samples — Soundfiles in original ‘Synclavier-speak’ — can now be mixed into a Timbre to add richness and excitement to any sound. Samples can be loaded by Synclavier Go! users through iCloud with support for many formats, including AAC, ALAC, CAF, FLAC, and MP3 at various bit-depths and sample rates. Ready to go is a carefully curated collection of 116 original New England Digital-era Soundfiles in studio-quality 24-bit/48kHz lossless format, alongside a new Featured Timbre Artists library by sound designers Indie Moon, two Parisian singers specialising in melodic modern synth-pop as huge fans of Eighties electronic music.
      Meanwhile, many of the same features available to Synclavier Go!’s additive synthesis sounds are available when working with Soundfiles — such as FM modulation, Tremolo, Vibrato, and Chorus — so sound design possibilities are seemingly endless as a result! Enhancing Eighties-era Synclavier® offerings with world-beating Soundfile capabilities could cost owners some serious money, so it is testament to the primitive computing power of the time that the necessarily lean algorithms used to process those samples still sound stellar. Indeed, it is those same algorithms at the heart of Synclavier Go! that lend the innovative iPad instrument app audacious power. Put it this way: the number of voices that can be played simultaneously more than adequately exceeds the amount of fingers that can play (or touch) the keyboard at any given time. This still holds true with Timbres that are fully loaded with Soundfiles and replete with effects! Splitting Soundfiles across keyboard ranges permit poly-sampled instrument usage to achieve more realistic-sounding results, while dynamic envelopes can also be applied, for instance, to set louder samples to greater keyboard pressures — perfect for working with today’s traction-gaining MPE control surfaces.
      So, while Synclavier Go! was already impressive in its previous incarnation (including InterApp and InterDevice audio support, AudioBus 3 and Ableton Link support, and — most recently — multi-track MIDI functionality and MPE support), thanks to the timely introduction of Version 1.30, seminal Synclavier® II Digital Synthesizer co-inventor Cameron Warner Jones’ ‘Twenties’ instrument’s introduction to a wider audience clearly continues to march to the beat of its own drum... do they need to know that the ominous gongs opening Michael Jackson’s 1983 chart-topping ‘Beat It’ introduced the wider world to a stunning Synclavier® II Digital Synthesizer preset in all its ear-opening glory? Not necessarily. After all, should a hit record end up being realised on little more than an iPad and a MIDI keyboard anytime soon then it is likely to sound very different to those made with a little help from the original high-flying hit-making mega machine — more than likely musically no less impressive if skilled operation of Synclavier Go! is involved, and at a fraction of the purchase price of the seminal Synclavier® II Digital Synthesizer secured by a privileged few back in its hardware-happy heyday!
      Version 1.30 of Synclavier Go! is available for free to existing owners, otherwise it can be purchased and directly downloaded from the App Store priced at $19.99 USD (Tier 20) from here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/synclavier-go/id1378108734
      For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated Synclavier Go! webpage here: https://www.synclavier.com/synclaviergo/
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