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  • Teenage Engineering introducing the vivid 
OB–4 Off-White

    A year after the release of OB–4 magic radio, it is with mixed feelings that teenage engineering announce the luminous orange, limited edition OB–4 Off-White™ and range of apparel - a collaboration that honors their partner, Virgil Abloh.



    OB–4 Off-White
    teenage engineering asked virgil to offer his spin on OB–4’s disk mode, a space that activates teenage engineering experimental features, like ambient, karma, and metronome.

    so in addition to the bright orange exterior and back logo, OB–4 Off-White™ adds a new feature: the gyil music of sk kakraba. a traditional instrument of ghana, the gyil is known for its distinct buzzing sound. it has 14 wooden keys, which are played with rubber mallets. beneath the keys hang calabash gourds, where small holes are made and covered in spider silk. sk kakraba is one of the last remaining masters of both building and playing this instrument.


    OB–4 Off-White™ will have a limited run and is sold exclusively with the custom carry bag.

    Off-White™ x teenage engineering apparel
    the collection designed by Off-White™ includes a transparent orange carry bag, custom-designed to perfectly fit the OB–4, with black and white Off-White™ branded shoulder strap and black logo on the back. t-shirts and hoodies are available in white and orange, as well as a white bomber jacket and cargo pant set, designed to carry a range of teenage engineering products.

    About the collaboration
    OB–4 Off-White™ marks teenage engineering and virgil abloh’s first released collaboration. in light of virgil’s passing, both teenage engineering and Off-White™ are proud to finally share this collaboration.

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