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  • Teenage Engineering introducing the evolution of the pocket operator: EP–133 K.O. II.

    In 2015 teenage engineering released the first pocket operators; a series of affordable micro synthesizers and samplers. now with the world’s most sold sampler PO-33 K.O.! as blueprint, meet EP–133 K.O. II.



    EP–133 K.O. II. is a portable and powerful synthesizer, sampler and composer. featuring a fully reworked sequencer, brand new punch-in 2.0TM effects and a workflow that lets you go from idea to track faster than ever.

    EP–133 K.O. II is portable and built to play anywhere, taking you away from programmed beats and into the moment. featuring a built-in microphone for instant sampling, built-in speaker, 999 sample slots, 64MB of memory, a powerful high resolution sequencer, multifunctional fader and a selection of drums, bass and keys. instantly add stereo and punch-in effects in real-time, chop, loop and sync up MIDI gear, go chromatic with keys mode and experience the combo of tactility and pressure sensitive keys. EP–133 K.O. II runs on 4x AAA batteries and can be powered via usb-c.

    EP–133 K.O. II comes packaged in a 10” collectors box with a quick start guide.

    EP–133 K.O. II apparel and accessories include a splash bag, soft carry bag, overnight bag, boxing tape, shorts and hoodie.



    Tech specs

    • 46kHz/16-bit hi-fi sample rate
    • 999 sample slots / 64 MB memory
    • 6 stereo voices / 12 mono voices
    • high resolution sequencer
    • 6 built-in master fx and 12 punch-in fx
    • connectivity: 1x stereo output & input, sync in/out, trs-a midi in/out and usb-c midi device mode.

    240 mm x 176 mm x 16 mm weight: 620 g / 22 oz

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