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  • Icon unveils the AirMic Pro Wireless Smart Microphone System

    Unleash your creativity with AirMic Pro from ICON Pro Audio; whether you’re live streaming, vlogging, podcasting or capturing outdoor recording adventures, this new wireless smart microphone system got you covered.



    Experience AirMic Pro’s discreet design, allowing for flexible recording setups. Easily attach to clothing with AirMic Pro’s built in magnet system or other objects like cameras and mic stands for convenient use in any environment. The intuitive AirMic Pro pairing process ensures you’ll be up and running right away. Plus get up to 24 hours of operating time: AirMic Pro transmitters supply eight hours of continuous use each, with an additional two full charges ready in the included charging case, so you’ll never miss a beat. And unique to AirMic Pro, the receiver can stay connected to your mobile phone in playback mode, eliminating the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting.

    Featuring a top-tier omnidirectional condenser microphone integrated within the transmitters, the AirMic Pro achieves exceptional performance with a remarkable 115B of SPL, outperforming rivals by a substantial 15B margin. Enhanced with supplementary grills, this ensures pristine, distortion-free recordings across diverse environments.

    With its user-friendly touchscreen interface located on the receiver unit, managing the customizable settings of both the receiver and the two accompanying transmitters has never been simpler. Effortlessly adjust microphone gain levels, monitor and output levels, and even fine-tune noise cancellation settings with ease using the intuitive touchscreen display

    The AirMic Pro guarantees crisp recording quality, offering an impressive coverage distance of around 250 meters. Additionally, included tested windscreens ensure your recordings remain unaffected by windy conditions, maintaining clarity and consistency.

    Attached metal clip and included magnet make it easy to conceal the transmitter beneath outerwear!

    The AirMic Pro seamlessly integrates with Android, iPhones, and cameras, complete with a comprehensive set of adapters and cables for diverse applications. A standout feature is its ability to remain connected to your mobile phone in playback mode, streamlining the recording process without the need for constant disconnection and reconnection. 
Capture audio in mono, stereo, or safety mode across different devices, all while benefiting from professional-grade sound quality and advanced noise cancellation capabilities.

    Easily rechargeable using the charging box, you can say goodbye to concerns about power depletion while on location. 
The intuitive pairing process ensures swift setup, and with extended battery life, each fully charged unit provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation. Ideal for on-the-go recording, this sleek and compact design is offered in both black and white, providing a stylish complement to your setup.

        •    AirMic Pro receiver
        •    Carry case/Charging Box
        •    AirMic Pro transmitter (x2 )
        •    Windscreens (x2)
        •    Rechargeable lithium ion batteries (internal)
        •    3.5mm – 3.5mm audio cable (for connecting older mobile phones) – black
        •    3.5 mm – 3.5mm audio cable (for connecting cameras) – red
        •    USB C – lightning cable adapter – for connecting older iPhones
        •    Included clip (affixed to the receiver/transmitters)
        •    Clip magnet for attachment of transmitter beneath outerwear
        •    Attached metal clip
        •    Quickstart Guide

        -    Icon Pro Audio unveils the AirMic Pro Wireless Smart Microphone System 
        -    2.4GHz proprietary encryption technology
        -    2 transmitters, 1 receiver and charging box included
        -    Up to 250m range
        -    Up to 8h battery life
        -    Transmitters with built-in omnidirectional condenser microphones with 9.7mm gold capsules
        -    Transmitter with 3.5mm Mic in input jack
        -    Receiver with large smart touchscreen display featuring adjustable parameters of the receiver and transmitters  
        -    Can be used with iPhones, Androids and digital cameras with included adapters

    August 2024

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