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  • Amped Studio releases Chord Creator

    Amped Studio has just released an exciting new feature to their online Studio,  Chord Creator, which lets you add individual  chords and chord progressions with the click of a mouse.



    Chord Creator is the perfect addition to an already feature packed product that makes working with chords fast and easy for everyone. You can change the  tempo, sound, key and rhythm simply in Chord Creator and it saves lots of time drawing in notes and searching for chords and harmonic relationships.

    Not only is Chord Creator a fast way to add chords, but it is also a great way to learn about chords and chord structure”, says Bil Bryant CEO of Amped Studio. “If you need inspiration to start a song, experimenting with a ready-made chord progression or the different instruments and effects you can use with the chords can really spark up an idea for a beat or composition.”

    Chord Creator is free in Amped Studio  and is an excellent compliment to the integrated loop library and selection of virtual instruments. There is a tutorial on getting started with Chord Creator on our Blog here. and there is a video tutorial with music tech blogger Composing Gloves here: 

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