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The color of love - or what the hell has fashion to do with music?

Twan Chi


Music is a part of all Arts. Yes your not alone.

There are many - Paint, photo, dance, yes more - but all comes in time with fashion.
What is hot or not.
The easy way is to go to the big Companys on cloth and Perfume and Watch. Yes its not bad.
But were do it all come from - you ask yourself..
Its all from US - we are the one who makes fashion - So - who is we..
Yes you and me.. Mostly the kids ofcourse - they wont look like us or listen to our Music..
Rebellion aginst what is --- to something that is new.

That makes fashion.. And been so for ages..

I stop there  else you get tired of Reading.. I know myself..
take care - wont write very much - not even sure i stay on this site.. depends on you..

Love is all - Feng Shoui (Magic)


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