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So What the stuff about colours??

Twan Chi


Yes, what is the meaning of using colourz in Music. Music have no colours.. Or do they???
Well, in history the early fokz did see colours in every note. Dont remember what not to what color.
But it was like princip, they had.. I have hard time to belive in it - but they were sure of it..
D minor was blue - etc etc..
Today colour for me is to follow fashion - What colours is hot or not.. Like in last 2019 Christmas Red was hot..
Armin did all his stuff in it.. Yes ofcourse you say - it was christmaz - then red is the colour, yep agree.*

But then some said Blue is spring - said that last year autumn 2019.. Also said Black for autumn 2020 and White for 2021.
Thats crazy -- Because now on Corona stuff - Blue is perfect - Blue is the color who calm people..
Yes thats why the police have it.. And autumn to be Dark. Sorrow.. For they who dident survive this Corona viriii.
So colour can have many ways to effect society yes the world - colours are importent..
Use them with care, especially if you do videos - like most do today with music..

Twan Chi  -  Signing off - Take care - wash your hands... Love is all ----



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