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  1. Yes, what is the meaning of using colourz in Music. Music have no colours.. Or do they??? Well, in history the early fokz did see colours in every note. Dont remember what not to what color. But it was like princip, they had.. I have hard time to belive in it - but they were sure of it.. D minor was blue - etc etc.. Today colour for me is to follow fashion - What colours is hot or not.. Like in last 2019 Christmas Red was hot.. Armin did all his stuff in it.. Yes ofcourse you say - it was christmaz - then red is the colour, yep agree.* But then some said Blue is spring - said that last year autumn 2019.. Also said Black for autumn 2020 and White for 2021. Thats crazy -- Because now on Corona stuff - Blue is perfect - Blue is the color who calm people.. Yes thats why the police have it.. And autumn to be Dark. Sorrow.. For they who dident survive this Corona viriii. So colour can have many ways to effect society yes the world - colours are importent.. Use them with care, especially if you do videos - like most do today with music.. Twan Chi - Signing off - Take care - wash your hands... Love is all ----
  2. Version 2.3.14


    Whatever Enjoy..


  3. Music is a part of all Arts. Yes your not alone. There are many - Paint, photo, dance, yes more - but all comes in time with fashion. What is hot or not. The easy way is to go to the big Companys on cloth and Perfume and Watch. Yes its not bad. But were do it all come from - you ask yourself.. Its all from US - we are the one who makes fashion - So - who is we.. Yes you and me.. Mostly the kids ofcourse - they wont look like us or listen to our Music.. Rebellion aginst what is --- to something that is new. That makes fashion.. And been so for ages.. I stop there else you get tired of Reading.. I know myself.. take care - wont write very much - not even sure i stay on this site.. depends on you.. Love is all - Feng Shoui (Magic)
  4. Allt handlar om kontakter - hitta nån som har dom
  5. Selecta - come again. View File Selecta.. Music that never made part 1.2 What mistakes was made - Do Think about it and speak ... Enjoy Submitter Twan Chi Submitted 2017-10-25 Category Elektroniskt/dans
  6. Version 1.2.0


    Selecta.. Music that never made part 1.2 Enjoy


  7. Gillar pianot - underbart Bra start... Ok - Rock... Påminner om tidigare grejor. Tänker på Zappa.. Bra sång. Låten måste komma igång... Tar för lång tid.. tycker jag... Men det är bra.. Snyggt jobbat Resten är bra -- snygga solon. Keep it up...
  8. Want to show if you have good melody- the Music can be really simple and work.)
  9. allright.mp3 View File Its a Remix of something I really like. Hope you Like Love - Twan Chi -- Jönköping Submitter Twan Chi Submitted 2017-10-25 Category Elektroniskt/dans
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Its a Remix of something I really like. Hope you Like Love - Twan Chi -- Jönköping


  11. Wow - Good Trance start - then much song.. Let the song Breathe... Love Twan
  12. Good Kick... Wow - Bästa jag hört på den här siten - var inte rädd för att byta tonalitet Thx
  13. Yeah - Interesting stuff Thx.. Love the Deepness
  14. Försök o fokusera sången lite bättre .. Annars bra tanke.. Jag gillar..
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