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Det är inte så jag svär. Jag älskar avicii. Det går inte en dag som jag inte lyssnar på hans musik. Han påverkar mig så mycket och har hjälpt mig igenom så mycket med just sin musik. Så jag vill göra ett arbete som kommer att hedra honom och göra honom stolt. Jag skulle älska att en dag vara precis som han. Och det är vad jag strävar efter att göra eftersom han är min hjälte.

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Hi! Your Song is good. I think it will be a better song if you work on it a little bit.

In my opinion:

1)If the FX Effect(ex. Avicii’s Sweep FX)is properly added, it will sound more natural.

2)In the intro, it would be better to play the piano with a little more space. Then, I think it'll sound more comfortable and spatial..(ex. DuDuDuDuDuDuDuDu  —>
DuDu   Du  DuDu   Du )

3)I Know that playing the piano in 1:10 is sound source for build-up. But It feels disconnected. I think it would be better to play it more properly.

4)You have to pop it properly in the Drop part, but the melody is left alone without beat, so it feels insufficient. I think it would be better to add beats and play more melodies.

5)At the end of the song, it would be better to give the feeling that the song is definitely ending. (I'm also thinking a lot about this problem.)

I would like to recommend you to listen the songs such as "Two Million," "Ryu," and "Remedy (Avicii Remix)," which are the early tracks of Avicii. You'll be able to study much more.

I don't know Swedish well yet, so I hope you understand that I'm writing in English. (Even though my English is not good too :^). ) 

But I don't think linguistic problems are important between people who like Avicii. Because we talk through the melody. Right? Let's do our best for Tim!

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Thank you so much for one! I appreciate the feedback so much. The problem with the piano is I'm using a weird DAW and it doesn't have the tools I need to be able to do it, at least to my knowledge. I can't find a good DAW for free that allows you to download your work and share it. But I will fix it( or do my best to with what I have lol) and bring back the results. Again, thank you!

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