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  1. Well not anymore , ive uploaded 2 short songs that i made with the Music maker program. But since i have so much other things going on that take my time ( painting, writing on a book,my own company)i cant focus on music. If i do something i want to do it good and since i love music and doesnt want to give it up i make lyrics. Its quick and gives me a chance to exercise my fantasy and brain.
  2. No feedback is needed. Its more of a "i have a melody and this text fits in my song" type of thing. I dont have time to produce music so please feel free to use my lyrics but i would very much like to hear the result so please upload it here if you do it. Thank you ! The mighty eagle I saw it on the news today. Countries are at war. Missiles launched and people's in dispair. Powerhungry men in suits play game. You and me we end up maimed ! Its always the same. Why does men in suits dictate Ordinary peoples fate ? Why did truth and logic loose its
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I was fooling around with Music maker and made it. But i feel that it takes very much time if you want to get really good and i dont like to do things half-assed. Thats why i only write lyrics now . Its something that is quick and exercises the brain a little. Best regards from Robin H.
  4. Yeah ! Guitar and bass is sweet ! I bet you come up with lyrics fast when you get then going! 👍
  5. I am in no need of feedbacks. Its more of a "i have a melody and these lyrics fit my melody type of thing" Claustrophobia The locks are bolted, im inside This box of wood there is no light. Darkness all around myself. There is nobody here to help. The world around me is caving in Claus-tro-pho-bia begin. I am trapped within these walls Magicians helper . Damn them all! Pulse is rising. End is near. Fear and panic , hell is here! I try to scream but mouth is dry. My hands are slipping and i cry. "Help me please" im thinking now I try to
  6. Of course! Shoot man ! Best regards from Robin H.
  7. Hello Osiris , no its not strange at all . I dont have as much time as i want to put into the music. I write texts because i find it interesting and a fun play with words and to stretch my fantasy. Today i was an inmate in San quentin... I have no intention of going pro in the music world since i simply dont have the time and since i dont have the time i sometimes find it irritating when people gives feedback like "you didnt spell this correctly , you must have a story , dont rhyme like that.... " i seriously doesnt think there is any right or wrong when it comes to making
  8. I am in no need of feedbacks. Its more of a "i have a melody and these lyrics fit my melody type of thing" I did my time It was cold when i walked on through the gates. I had been told "its harder in the states" I had been told "you did a crime, but dont do no elses time" "Just mind your own and soon you'll be home" Ohh San quentin is a beast Makes grown men cry No its no feast I did my time. i came out. i survived. Out on the yard i heard him call my name. "Shotcaller" called on me but i never came. They made a shank and it had my name. They
  9. I am in no need of feedbacks. Its more of a "i have a melody and these lyrics fit my melody type of thing" A box of crayons A box of crayons spilling out i feel the same. Some days are blue and it is hard to spell my name. Sometimes its yellow and the sun is out. Im feeling fine and i have no doubt. I keep getting flashes of colors here. Sometimes the world is not so clear. Like a box of crayons i see the world. In all the colors it is twirled. The color green it makes me warm. thinking of the trees in all its forms. Red is the color that i like best.
  10. Yes Osiris , what happens if you have the key to someones heart and turn it all around ? Try it ? You might like it 😃 I dont really understand the obsession about stories ? Can you explain for me the story of the number one hit "Tutti frutti" by Little Richard ? All people have diffrent taste , i can love a song but doesnt have to know the language even ? But you must know the meaning and what the story is if you are going to like it as i understand it ? We are two diffrent person with diffrent tastes obviously and for me there does not have to be a story everytime in a song.
  11. Whats kepp? Now ? Or know maby ? Reade or read the I get confused when you keep coming back and tell me how bad my spelling is and you give me this ? Anyway i write text and if someone make a melody / song and think that my text fit this melody / song just holler to me. I dont have much time to put into making it myself but texts keep popping up in my head so i share them. If its annoying to you just block me and continue with your songs. //Robin H.
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