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Damn! Damn! DAMN!!!


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I got it now ! Need to record it with a mic.

But that's just impossible now, is it ?!

Cause wherever I am, wherever I go,

there are disturbing sounds, I tell you so.


I actually got a little studio, sort of desktop.

You know, push the ON and the speakers go pop.

There's some silent hiss and the 50 Herz hum,

and everything echoes in guitars and drum.


That laptop's fan only goes off when google allows.

they probably milking our ideas like we cows.

Maybe I just get it down on tape,

yeah, just push rec, piece of cake.


Shit, it wobbles and the tap is liked glued.

That's the good old technics for you, dude.

I can't fix that, and new cassettes now are rare,

and my little muse will soon go I dare.


I the kitchen, the fridge hums, clock spikes.

There are huge spiders in the cellar, jikes!

The toilet's dripping and boy that smell !

Later it's gonna be laundry day again, hell !


Forget the living room, they are all on the phone.

At least the dog I can occupy with a bone.

What's left ? Maybe in the boiler room ?

No, every other minute the pumps make a sonic boom.


I thought, the attic, it's gotta be quiet up there.

No, all of the house sounds accumulate up here.

Wish I had a studio booth, like where the pro's have their beer.

Hello! Somebody's sponsoring over here ?


Hell, there's no room for it anyway.

I just wanna do my thing, don't want nobody to pay.

Maybe I can do it in the car ?

the parking lot is not so far.


A Skoda, I can see me in it rocking,

all the by passers shocking

calling the cops.

Maybe I make the newspaper tops.


Forget it, cars battery is old

and the mic needs 48 or it'll stay cold.

Can't drag the extension cord through the city,

never quiet there anyway, it's a pity.



Why don't we have public studios, where you just can come and play ?

Just dreaming, the city’ll never pay for building and power anyway.

I would let others use my stuff, that's fine.

Just can't have them over all the time.


When you really want silence without beep or click,

I guess, dying makes the trick.

Oh man, that's just sad,

remember the world we once had ?


People coming together, you know, just having a play.

Somebody knew somebody with instruments or place, no pay.

No money needed, together it worked out alright.

They just played, trying new stuff, no fight.


Today, I don't even know the guy next door.

Probably someone making EDM Techno hardcore.

Having a studio, mixing the stuff to be,

or just messing around alone, just like me.


Oh, what's the point,

do I need a hit to get drunk, having a joint ?

Once partying, I remember recording drunk,

everything sounded great, next day, it all turned out to be junk.


Aren't we the masters of illusion ourselves ?

Doesn't the truth always turn out to be something else ?

Well, that was it is to me,

nothing ever works out easy, see ?


I just wanted to make a quick recording.

Now I'm sitting here lost and waiting.

Muse left me for somebody else,

to guys with potential, not just sitting in their cells.




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