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    Studio: PC, Cubase 7, Sonar X3, lite olika pluggar, RME Babyface, Line 6 UX2, AKG Perception, 2x T-bone pencilmic, mm
    Gitarr: Hagström Viking Deluxe, Jackson DInky 2, Ibanez Jumbo akustisk, Marshall 2x50w combo, pedalbord med div, loopstation, distpedaler, delay, etc
    Övrigt: Epiphone thunderbird bas, Pearl cajun, ukulele,
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    Låtskrivare, musiker, gitarist, vokalist, trubadur, hemmastudio, ljudteknik, akustik.

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    Jimmy wrote the lyrics for this song in frustration over peoples ability to fuck things up and it became both funny and deep at the same time. To back the single up we released a tribute cover of Zavods great song Pripyat to our friend Konstantin in Zavod who helped us making the music video.
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