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  1. Tjo, Submission audio har släppt en ny limiter - Flatline. De kanske är mest kända för deras bas samplings Bibliotek, som för övrigt är grymma. Men nu kommer något helt annat! Jag har slängt ihop ett test och jämfört med några av de mer populära limiters på marknaden så som Fabfilter L2, Ozone9 och Kclip3. Det finns high Rez filer att ladda ner om man vill det annars är det bara på kika på YT:
  2. Sedan den här veckan står det klart att musikkedjan 4Sound även i Sverige går i konkurs. Det innebär att butikerna stänger och att Sverige tappar den största kedjan av musikbutiker.
  3. Efter några hektiska veckor och hot om konkurs är nu Luthman tillbaka igen.
  4. https://www.toontrack.com/meet-your-new-bass-player
  5. Känns som ett riktigt bra standard reverb. https://www.arturia.com/reverb-gift
  6. Gratis 1176 här: https://audioplugin.deals/black-76-limiting-amplifier-fet-compressor-limiter-by-ik-multimedia-free-download/?fbclid=IwAR2itU9BoPhkvfZWlvR3QFFhZv2sxK8Z_zyc6pW_PJDd_DltfK3_TvdsK-8 Man måste installera hela T-racks paketet samtidigt dock.
  7. 1950 MEETS 2019 The W2395c is a classic Baxandall EQ combined with a powerful and beautifully sounding mid band. As solitary or complementing equalizer with that special something, its particular tone and slightly interactive bands let your tracks stand out big time. In close cooperation with its creator, analog mastermind Roger Schult, we are delighted to offer this amazing plugin completely for free. Laddas ner här: https://fuseaudiolabs.com/#/pages/product?id=300965965
  8. PRESSRELEASE BluGuitar GmbH/ Germany - September 16th, 2019 (ictw) - With the AMP1™ IRIDIUM EDITION BluGuitar introduce a pedalboard amp that is completely new researched, developed, designed and merciless voiced for modern Metal. In cooperation with experienced, international metal guitarists, BluGuitar founder and professional guitarist Thomas Blug has developed this new amp from the ground up and, unlike the acclaimed AMP1™ MERCURY EDITION, he voiced the IRIDIUM uncompromisingly towards modern metal. Three independent, discrete OVERDRIVE channels deliver rich and tight distortion sounds that can be changed in gain structure and timbre. Each of these channels offers different kinds of attack, response, and dynamics. The CLEAN channel, with its massive headroom and treble reserves, delivers transparent, sparkling clean sounds even in conjunction with mid-heavy humbuckers. MODERN – With its extremely high gain reserves, this channel delivers crystal-clear string separation through a massive low-cut, and the Custom Control TONE knob lets you dial from a “cut thru the mix” solo sound to the typical “maximum brutality” mid scoop. CLASSIC – Due to the hard distortion characteristics and the specially tuned bass filter, this channel is percussive and significantly wider and harder in the mid-range than VINTAGE. The mid-range can be shaped by the Custom Control TONE from “Hot Rodded British High Gain” to “Teutonic wall of sound“. VINTAGE – Tight and mid-emphasized woody sounds that are transmitted tightly especially using extreme low tunings while delivering creamy midrange distortion. CLEAN – Massive headroom thanks to the 100 watt power amp and treble reserves, which give even mid-emphasized humbuckers a transparent, sparkling clean sound. The optimal platform for pedals like shimmer reverb, modulation or delay. Thomas is a legendary intellectual creator of tube-driven pedal amps. He started developing products for well-known manufacturers in the early 1990s, some of which today are regarded as the milestones of true tube pedals. Both the AMP1™ MERCURY EDITION and the AMP1™ IRIDIUM EDITION are the results of this unique expertise. AMP1™ IRIDIUM EDITION will show up at the Guitar Summit 2019 (www.guitarsummit.de) from Sept.27th - September 29th 2019 in Mannheim, Germany. The amp can be played and listened at multiple testing stations and at the BluGuitar booth # 223 A dedicated AMP1™ IRIDIUM EDITION workshop is scheduled for Saturday September 28th from 17:15 - 18:00 at the Recording Stage. Thomas Blug and Frank Fleckenstein will guide through this special Metal workshop. Pricing and Availability AMP1™ IRIDIUM EDITION will be available after November 1st, 2019 from dealers worldwide for USD 849,- Euro 799,- and GBP 810,- Read more here
  9. PRESSRELEASE The latest in the line of their acclaimed “Effects You’ll Actually Use” series, the 3 delays modeled in this bundle cover the most popular, and best sounding varieties of the effect: vintage tape delay, analog “bucket brigade” echo, and a cutting edge digital design. As with their other award-winning software effects, 3 Delays You’ll Actually Use has its promise set out in its name. Musicians and producers will be able to stop auditioning dozens of different effects, trying to find the right sound, and enjoy legendary tone and awesome features in one simple bundle. Covering all bases, Arturia have modelled 2 famous delay effects, and developed their own next-gen modern delay. Saturated tape tones, lo-fi BBD feedback, and synth-style modulating digital delay. It’s all here. Using their exclusive TAE and Phi modelling technologies - the same know-how behind their multi-award winning V Collection series of synths and keyboards - Arturia have revamped these 2 legendaries effects, and created an exciting, 21st century delay. Made to inspire, we have recreated 2 of the most famous hardware analog delays ever made, and developed our own powerful, versatile digital to give you the best echo processing available: Delay TAPE-201 Modeled on the famous 70s “space” delay loved by guitarists and studios for half a century. This iconic delay has been reborn in your DAW, with perfect tape emulation and saturation, and powerful new features. Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE The legendary “memory” BBD guitar pedal has been reimagined as a plug-in for your DAW. Lo-fi, filtered, dark tone with a huge scope for feedback. This delay will give you “the edge”! Delay ETERNITY A cutting-edge modern delay packed with modulation possibilities, LFOs, twin delay lines, and signal-smashing effects within the feedback loop. A totally original Arturia plug-in. Each delay plug-in also features a beautifully rendered, comes with awesome presets, letting you quickly audition unique and interesting sounds. Price & Intro Offer All of these effects are free to try, and are on a special launch promotion. 3 Delays You’ll Actually Use will retail for $199 / 199€. EXCLUSIVE INTRO OFFER until September 9th: $99 / 99€ for new customers even less for existing Arturia customers: if you already own Arturia software or hardware, log in to the Arturia website to see your exclusive deal. Read more here
  10. PRESSRELEASE Iisalmi, Finland – September 5th, 2019... Genelec, the world leader in professional audio monitoring, has expanded The Ones series of Ultimate Point Source Monitors to bring uncompromised precision listening to a much wider range of room sizes, listening distances and SPL requirements. The announcement of the new 8351B and 8361A coaxial three-way monitors alongside the complementary W371A Adaptive Woofer System means that The Ones family now delivers uniquely uncoloured and neutral reference monitoring performance - from ultra-nearfield through to mastering-calibre and main monitor applications. The Ones range was launched in 2014 with the introduction of the 8351A, whose extraordinary imaging, extended frequency response, controlled directivity and fatigue-free listening enabled professionals to work faster and make more informed, consistent decisions when recording and mixing. In 2017 the 8351A was joined by the 8331A and 8341A models, creating a trio of compact nearfield monitors that stunned users worldwide with their outstanding performance, garnering multiple industry awards along the way. By colouring neither direct sound nor reflections, The Ones rapidly gained a well-earned reputation for making a good room sound incredible. Today, the new 8361A three-way coaxial monitor refines the point source concept even further, offering the most advanced acoustic performance of any studio monitor currently available - with extremely high dynamic range, unrivalled directivity and imaging and a short term SPL of 118 dB with peak levels even higher. Now the largest coaxial monitor in The Ones family, the 8361A will deliver an exquisite monitoring experience at any listening distance up to 5 metres, making it perfect for small to medium sized rooms. The 8361A features two newly-designed Acoustically Concealed Woofers - generating high SPL output with extremely low distortion - and brand new MDC coaxial midrange and tweeter drivers which provide smooth directivity, low distortion, high SPL and extended frequency response up to 40 kHz. Like all models in The Ones range, the 8361A’s unique Minimum Diffraction Enclosure eliminates colouration and its entire front baffle acts as a Directivity Control Waveguide - producing a fantastically wide, uncoloured sweet spot. Efficient proprietary Class D amplification is complemented by advanced DSP processing, including delay equalisation and twenty precision EQs for room compensation. The newly upgraded 8351B shares much of the technology of its other Ones siblings and benefits from the many recent advances in electronic, mechanical and acoustical design that Genelec has continued to pioneer. Drawing inspiration from the electronic design of the 8341A and the driver technology of the 8361A, the 8351B revision has managed to improve on the exemplary performance of its predecessor by offering increased SPL, additional room compensation EQs, equalised delay and enhanced HF response. The W371A Adaptive Woofer System is a truly unique concept, designed specifically to seamlessly complement 8341, 8351 and 8361 monitors, and in conjunction with these models creates a series of full-range monitoring solutions with unrivalled neutrality and supreme levels of control over directivity and the effects of room acoustics. For the first time ever, studios can now experience all the benefits of a main monitor, but with the freedom to locate this free-standing system in optimal positions within the control room; even providing the option to switch between nearfield and main monitors without image-shifting. Standing at 1100 mm (43 1/4 inches) high and featuring dual high performance woofers, one forward-facing and one rear-facing, the W371A introduces a palette of novel ways to custom- tailor system performance carefully to the room over the critical lowest four octaves. As a result, the W371A offers vastly superior performance compared to standard free-standing loudspeakers or supporting subwoofers, since it offers a flatter and smoother in-room frequency response with more coherent low frequency imaging - yet achieves this without sacrificing envelopment. Augmenting the dual woofers of The Ones coaxial models with a complementary W371A yields four woofers in total per channel, and these are combined using advanced acoustic measurement to reduce destructive cancellation and standing wave artefacts - through a host of tools including crossover frequencies, polar response and directivity. As a result, the W371A goes further than any other monitoring system in removing the detrimental influences of the listening room on low frequency reproduction – universally recognised as a key issue in all modern studios. As part of Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring family, all models in The Ones range integrate tightly with Genelec’s GLM software application, which can configure, calibrate and control entire Genelec smart monitoring systems. Based on experience from thousands of studios around the world, GLM is able to minimise the listening room’s influence on the sound, enabling the user to produce mixes that translate perfectly to other systems, whether the format is mono, stereo or high channel count immersive. Commenting on the launch, Genelec Managing Director Siamak Naghian said: “No other family of studio monitors can offer this level of coherency, control, neutrality and sheer ability to adapt to any acoustic environment. From the ultra-nearfield precision of the 8331A to a full-range system comprising the 8361A and W371A, our point source technology is now fully scalable, broadening its appeal still further and maintaining The Ones’ position as the industry’s benchmark for truthful reference monitoring.” For more information please visit www.genelec.com
  11. PRESSRELEASE Hamamatsu, Japan, September 5, 2019 — Roland, a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments and professional video products, unveils the MC-707 and MC-101 GROOVEBOXES, two self-contained production tools designed for today’s electronic music creators. These powerful products reintroduce Roland’s iconic GROOVEBOX concept to a new generation of musicians, updated with the very latest sounds and a wide range of customization options. With the versatile MC-707 and MC-101, users can create complete, polished productions with no external gear or easily integrate with modern computer-based music environments. MC-101 & MC-707 In 1996, Roland launched the original MC-303 GROOVEBOX to great acclaim, and the popular series evolved with many additional MC models over the next decade. Building on workflows introduced with genre-defining Roland instruments like the TR-808, TR-909, and TB-303, the GROOVEBOX series allowed people without musical training—but with keen musical sensibilities—to create songs quickly and easily, and in some cases, these individuals gave rise to entirely new musical genres and styles. The MC-707 and MC-101 fuse this landmark concept with today’s advanced technologies, giving electronic-focused musicians more creative power than ever before. The MC-707 GROOVEBOX offers everything needed to create a song or perform a live set without a computer. Users can immerse themselves in eight-track recording, sequencing, sampling, synthesizers, and studio-grade effects, plus a curated palette of sounds, loops, and phrases. Audio and MIDI can be recorded with deep control over timing, while hands-on faders and knobs inspire in-the-moment creativity. Equipped with Roland's latest sound engine, the MC-707 has all the sounds of legendary Roland rhythm machines and synthesizers, but also looks forward with modern digital and hybrid sounds. The eight-track sequencer is optimized for fluid production of today's electronic-focused music styles, with 16 ultra-sensitive pads for playing or sequencing drum parts, melodic basslines, or polyphonic chord progressions. There’s also a TR-REC step sequencer inherited from Roland’s classic drum machines, perfect for building rhythm parts quickly. With its advanced USB audio interface capabilities, the MC-707 easily flows in and out of any computer production setup. Users can record all eight parts to individual DAW tracks and finish a song there, or sample sounds from a DAW to capture backing tracks, stems, and more for live shows. The MC-101 GROOVEBOX has all the high-quality sounds, sequencing, and effects of the MC-707, but in a more compact four-track version that’s go-everywhere portable. This professional production tool features a solid-yet-light design and runs for up to five hours on four AA batteries, allowing users to craft sounds, create drum patterns, and compose musical phrases just about anywhere. To learn more about the MC-707 and MC-101 GROOVEBOXES, visit Roland.com
  12. PRESSRELEASE If there was a hierarchy of analog studio gear (and let’s face it, there kind of is) it’d be hard to dispute the Chandler Limited® Curve Bender’s claim to the throne. Among analog mastering grade equalizers, this one’s about as blue-blooded as they come. With tremendous pedigree, huge yet controlled power, and most importantly, exceptional sound quality, thanks to component-level modelling of the original germanium and inductor circuits, the Curve Bender reigns supreme over the domain of tone-shaping in analog mastering. This magnificent mastering grade equalizer is based on desk circuits from the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London, used to create albums of genuinely legendary status, such as Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd, and Abbey Road by The Beatles. And as with any truly supreme successor to a noble line, it builds on the greatness of its ancestors. The Curve Bender has more bands (four, compared to the original console’s two), more fixed filter points (a huge fifty-one, up from just nine, chosen and designed in the image of the original circuits by Chandler Limited founder, Wade Goeke), more Q and gain options, and added low and high pass filters, making the unit a mastering powerhouse without sacrificing the exquisite analog sound-flavor which made it a leader. In software form, the Curve Bender plug-in not only allows the user the luxury of using this crown-jewel mastering equalizer in multiple places in the same mix (across instrument groups AND the master bus, for example), but also adds functionality to the original hardware, with Mid/Side processing and channel linking. The Curve Bender is perfect for gently sculpting the entire mix, with never a hint of harshness despite its endless power. It’s the one true sovereign of analog mastering equalizers. Read more here
  13. Effective in late November 2019 - the exact date to be announced - imports and exports of finished musical instruments, finished parts and finished accessories will no longer need a CITES permit. The exception applies to all species of dalbergia except Brazilian rosewood, which remains on CITES Appendix I. The change culminates three years of work by the musical instrument industry and was adopted at the just concluded CITES Conference of the Parties (CoP18) in Geneva. “The consensus reached in Geneva this week and the new policies adopted by CITES parties are the result of more than three years of collaboration among international music stakeholders, government officials, and conservation leaders,” noted Heather Noonan, vice president of advocacy for the League of American Orchestras. “Musical instrument stakeholders have a lasting commitment to the goals of CITES, will remain at the table for ongoing conversations, and are committed to educating the music community globally about how compliance with CITES requirements will support both urgent conservation needs and essential international cultural activity.” Read more here
  14. IDG har sålt varumärket Studio till två av grundarna och Nordens största sajt inom musikskapande lever vidare i nygammal regi. Stockholm 2019-05-23: Som flera av er besökare säkert noterat har publiceringstakten på Studio.se varit relativt låg de senaste månaderna vilket berott på att det pågått ett ägarbyte bakom kulisserna. Sedan Studio startade 2003 har en stor del av mediekartan förändrats på ett spännande sätt och så även förutsättningarna för Studio. Under mer än 15 år har medieföretaget IDG stått bakom Studio. Både genom starten av papperstidningen, webbsajten Studio.se, genomförandet av många mycket lyckade seminarier och inte minst communityn Studio forum. För att Studio även fortsättningsvis ska ha förutsättningar att utvecklas som en värdefull community för musiker, producenter och låtskrivare, tar två av de ursprungliga grundarna, Andreas Hedberg och Björn Olsberg över projektet. Det görs från och med nu genom det nybildade företaget Studio AB. – Vi har flera spännande idéer för Studios framtid, säger Björn Olsberg, före detta chefredaktör och fortsätter: – Det är idéer som vi just nu arbetar fram planer för att genomföra. Precis som tidigare är Studio en gemenskap för musiker, låtskrivare och producenter och där vi alla bidrar till att Sveriges musikliv är ett av världens ledande. Studio forum har redan flyttat från IDG till en ny server. Startsidan www.studio.se kommer tillfälligt att ta en paus men återkommer inom kort. – Som besökare på forumet kommer du till en början inte märka någon större skillnad, men vi kommer lägga tid och kraft på att stärka Studios position som en mötesplats för hela musiksverige, säger Andreas Hedberg. Andreas har i sin roll som marknadsansvarig på IDG hela tiden varit involverad i Studio medan Björn kommer tillbaka till sajten som han en gång i tiden var chefredaktör för. Björn Olsberg och Andreas Hedberg
  15. Izotope har sänkt priset med 60% på Ozone. Laddade ned trial versionen och funderar på att slå till. Ozone Advanced går på 2000 kr nu. Verkar vara en rätt bra plugin. Någon som använder den?
  16. Hej! Studio forum uppdaterades nyligen, och i samband med det så gick det under några timmar bland annat inte att kommentera eller skriva inlägg. Nu är detta löst! Bästa hälsningar, Studio
  17. Yes! Många fixar! :-) (Hoppar upphetsat upp och ner).
  18. I årets upplaga av utvecklarkonferensen WWDC i San Jose, Kalifornien, visade Apple Många nyheter. Det som kan vara av intresse för oss här är: Ny version av Logic Pro X på gång. Inte mycket sagt ännu, men jag uppfattade det som att samplingsbibliotek skulle bli betydligt större och att det tar bättre tillvara på fler processorkärnor. Oklart när den kommer. Ny Mac Pro med upp till 28 kärnor och många utbyggnadsmöjligheter avsedd för proffs. Efterlängtat av många. Görs även i rackformat. Kommer i höst. Apple gör skärmar igen. Pro Display XDR med Retina 6K. Kommer i höst. macOS 10.15 Catalina. Inga viktiga nyheter för musiker presenterades annat än att det för Apple-enheter närmre varandra. Har bland annat inbyggt stöd för att ansluta iPad som en separat skärm. iPad får eget OS helt enkelt kallat iPadOS med ännu bättre möjligheter att köra fler appar samtidigt. Och så iOS 13 så klart. Kommer i höst.
  19. https://www.waves.com/specials?utm_source=wnletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=shop-all-specials-btn&utm_campaign=top-ranking-50-off-june-2019#sort:path~type~order=.default-order~number~asc|views:view=list-view|paging:currentPage=0|paging:number=20
  20. https://www.propellerheads.com/en/reason/tryreason
  21. Guest

    Cubase 50%

    Om man tänkt skaffa Cubase så finns det ingen bättre tid än nu när Steinberg firar 30 år. Om man som undertecknad skippade senaste uppdateringen till 10:an och är kvar på 9.5 så är det verkligen dags att köpa uppdatering för endast 473:- och låta bli installera den tills 10.5 kommer och får den gratis. Läs mer på: https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/celebrate/
  22. Kilohearts har skapat sitt eget format snapins där deras effekter kan sättas samman till olika seriella eller parellella kedjor i pluggarna Multipass och Snap Heap. Nu släpper de sin nya flaggskeppssynt, Phase Plant. Den som har använt Kilohearts produkter tidigare känner igen sig i effektsektionen. Här skapas kedjor av effekter utifrån deras snapins och därför kan Phase Plant skalas upp i mer eller mindre avancerad form utifrån vilka effekter du äger och de behov du har. Om du laddar en preset som använder snapins/effekter som du inte äger så låter ljudet som tänkt men du kan inte justera effekten. Paletten av oscillatorer är stor. Dels finns traditionell virtuell analog syntes och brus, dels finns wavetable-oscillator och en sampler. Allt kan vridas med övertonsförskjutning, FM, PW m.m. Modulation är lätt och överskådligt trots att en ratt kan styra många parametrar. Macro-rattarna erbjuder snabb kontroll över presets för att göra spelandet mer organiskt. Prislappen varierar utifrån hur stort paket av extraeffekter du vill ha, med utgångspunkt från ca 1800 kr och uppåt. Alla snapins i paketet går att använda som fristående effekter i inspelningsprogrammen. Mer information hos kilohearts.com
  23. Sandvik har skapat en gitarr – ja, du läste rätt – och till många rockstjärnors förtret är den okrossbar. Gitarrgurun Yngwie Malmsteen har testat att slå sönder den och misslyckats.– Vi ville visa vad vi kan på Sandvik, säger Phil Etheridge, kommunikatör på Sandvik men också medlem i bandet Men On The Border. Sandvik har tillverkat tre stycken okrossbara gitarrer. En kommer att auktioneras ut i London och pengarna kommer att gå till Ingenjörer utan gränser och de två andra kommer att resa runt på olika utställningar för att marknadsföra Sandvik. Den som frågar hur mycket gitarren kostar går bet – svaret blir bara "det får vi se på auktionen". Läs mer
  24. Tjo, Förra året skrev jag en metal-djentish låt med en polare som en del av hans praktik. Jag tänkte att det kanske vore kul för folk att testa mixa på egen hand så jag tänkte dela med mig av multitracksen. Trummorna är inspelade i Recordia i varberg. Vi använde en hel del highend utrustning, api/neve, u67or, coles 4038, aea84, km84 mm på trummorna. Sång och gitarr är trackade i mitt mixrum med Kemper och u67 på sång. Jag har själv sjungit, proddat/mixat/masterat. Ni hittar länken i YT video beskrivningen eller här: http://www.studiohaga.net/mixit/
  25. Kyra är en virtuell analogsynt i desktop/rack-format med inte mindre än 128 röster och 10 oscillatorer per röst. En riktig monstersynt om vi ska tro Waldorf.Läs hela artikeln här
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