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    Östergötland / Motala
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    andrahands instrument och gratis downloads -> About me
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    jag är typ allätare, musik och göra musik så klart, LEGO, teknik och konstruktion, uppfinningar (eller mer nerfinningar i mitt fall), serietidningar, filmer, såklart ska det finnas ett musikvideo till mina låter (hur nu det ska gå till) goo mat, måste dra nu jag är hungrig ...

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About me


time's running out, gonna do one song.
with instruments, played wrong
but anyway, what was I'm gonna say
nevermind, the lyrics gonna suck anyway.

to much rime, wrong in time
sombody should stop my crime
against music and song
my voice couldn't sound more wrong.

well hi-tech gonna fix that,
I got low-tech, it's crap
cheap from the net,
so I could kepp the kids fed

Got me a guitar and a bass
and somthing made of brass,
a accordion and some flute
think it's broken, it goes 'tooot'.

Violins and piano for the kids of mine
They read notes now, they gonna be fine.
I don't reade notes and manuals I hate
so I gonna need a lot of help, mate ?

Got a looper and an UAC-2
I really don't now what they do
downloaded cakewalk for free
they all make a sound like a piss'doff bee.

a stereo from the 90 i have
and a lot of youtube save
old mixtapes and som LP's
if you old you know what that is.

How did I pay for all of this you wan-da ?
I drive a used 5grand SKO-DA.
So here I am, don't know whats gonna be
look's like time is the real enemy ...

homer bass.jpg

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