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  1. Jag har en del låttexter som behöver musik. Visor, progg, rock o hårdrock En del av dem går att läsa här: https://www.poeter.se/Medlem?author_id=106069 https://gratisrocktexer.blogspot.com/?m=1 The Lady By the Lake With an arrow in her breast this lady were lying Close to the shore this lady were dying The lady by the lake she's got a deadly wound I kneeled down beside here she was dying on the ground She took my hand and whispered she whispered kind of slow - I was betrayed by a friend You can't trust any soul -I know about a woman she's a widow to a gypsy king This woman knows the answers to almost everything -I was on my way to see her In the Reeds of Distress when a friend to my family put an arrow in my chest -So please mister chosen one please fullfill my quest Seek her out in the swamp so in peace I can rest The lady by lake died there in my arms But I saw hope in her eyes when she looked at me that warm The lady by the lake lies dead there by the shore There're things i'd like to ask but she won't answer anymore By the lake I buried a young lady in the sand I will now fullfill her quest and save the kingdom and the land Under a wooden cross I'll leave her to rest in peace And what'll happen to her mission I guess its up to me
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