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  1. Leila

    musik till text

    Hey! vill nagon satta musik till min lat Cyan Tears !!! den ar inte riktigt klar men ja feedback , samarbete el input uppskattas!! CYAN TEARS Our love was wavelengths from the ground, ecstatic and wild But shortlived since you choose to end What I loved in so many ways. Cyan tears I've kept them for so many Years I cry when no one is around To hide what I still feel inside. Cyan tears, haunting memories I feel everything so deep Blinded By the sun of your eyes Had I known it was the last time Id never hide The immense love I so sparingly shared, afraid of the hurt, It's like I knew, knew Of your sudden departure too. Promised on the phone to stay in touch Waiting for you, years passed by not a word nor a sound In my mind, I was still in love, Your silence made my soul die Cyan tears still run from my eyes My love will never die… Why did you leave without A word nor a sound. Cyan tears I've kept them for so many Years I cry when no one is around To hide what I still feel inside. Cyan tears, Cyan tears Tears cyan tears my My love will never die why did you leave without a word nor a sound..
  2. Hej, jag skriver lyrics kan skicka dig lite material??
  3. Hej hej!! jag skriver låt texter lyrics och önskar seriösa maniskor att samarbeta med att skriva tillsammans eller satta musik till vise versa. jag inriktar mig pa pop RnB och house men visst indie och ballader gar bra. Vill komma vidare i mitt skrivande och önskar att samarbeta med likasinnande, hor garna av er!! ?
  4. Leila


    Hey Alex, kul, ja hor av dig sa kan jag skicka material och ideer lenaostholm11.11@gmail.com
  5. Hej Mattias, Jag skriver texter och letar personer att jobba ihop med, hor av dig om intresseard mvh ?
  6. Leila


    Hej, jag skriver lyrics och söker efter music producenter att jobba med, skriver pop, house, ballads skriv garna for mer info o material
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