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  • Waves introduce Vocal Bender – Real-Time Voice Manipulation

    Vocal Bender is a zero-latency pitch and formant shifter that lets you manipulate vocals IN REAL TIME, to create the most popular vocal sounds in hip hop, pop, R&B, electronic genres and more.



    You can use the plugin in real time while tracking, without latency – or, of course, you can use it on your recorded tracks, to create high-quality Travis Scott-style deep-voiced ad libs, Billie Eilish-style pitch-shifted vocal doubles, Frank Ocean-style pitch-shifted lead vocals, the high-pitched vocal topline in every EDM drop – and more.

    Vocal Bender also includes extra modulation features for even crazier effects: vibrato, pitch drops, sequences pitching, and much more, all with a few simple knobs.


    • Real-time monophonic voice manipulation plugin
    • Two main knobs for pitch shifting and formant control
    • Zero latency for studio recording and live performance
    • LFO, SEQ, Amplitude and Pitch modulators for deeper musical effects: Vibrato, pitch drops, sequenced pitching, more
    • ‘Flatten’ feature for robotic vocals
    • Mix knob for blending harmonies and doubles on inserts

    Read more here

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