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  • Toontrack releases Electronic Edge EZX

    Umeå, Sweden, February 2, 2021. Today, Toontrack released the Electronic Edge EZX, an expansion featuring a massive battery of mix-ready sounds tailored for modern music production.



    This marks the forty-seventh title in the company’s ever-growing collection of EZX expansions for EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3.

    About the Electronic Edge EZX
    In the Electronic Edge EZX, drum machines, acoustic percussion, foley and melodic instruments merge, meld and converge in a universe of never-before-heard hybrids of sound. In this zero-gravity audio cosmos, layering, texturing, pitch shifting, granular processing and circuit bending all intersect and pivot at the zenith of cutting-edge sound design to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind percussive battery for modern music production.

    In total, the EZX covers 30 mix-ready kit presets made up from in excess of 370 unique and individually engineered percussive components. You’ll find kicks, snares, risers, hi-hats, toms, atmospheric and FX sounds, claps, cymbals and more – all free-floating at the divides between electronic and acoustic and between modern and vintage and as far from anything conventional you can imagine.
    Welcome to an immense universe of sound and an ideal vantage point for near-endless creative odyssey. Be it for beat-making, modern pop composition or elaborate sound design, the Electronic Edge EZX has got you covered.


    • Electronic, acoustic and foley sounds combined to never-before-heard hybrids of percussive textures
    • 30 unique kit presets
    • 57 kicks, 49 snares as well as a broad range of toms, rims, FX sounds, risers, cymbals and more
    • In total, more than 370 individually engineered source sounds
    • Includes a ‘Melodic’ section of chromatic instruments
    • Ideal for beat making and any facet of electronic and modern music production

    Read more here

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