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  • Spitfire Audio announces availability of Darkstar - Haunted House

    LONDON, UK: Spitfire Audio is proud to announce availability of DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE — the latest sample library presented in its award-winning, easy-to-use plug-in.



    This time immersing its users in the unique sound world of electronic music duo Darkstar, acclaimed artists on the trailblazing British independent record label Warp Records roster responsible for experimental electronic stylings such as IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), creatively collaborating to expand upon the sonic palette of this year’s critically-acclaimed Civic Jams album as a versatile tool to create the tension, depth, and atmosphere anchoring an equally unique sample library lending itself to any setting from contemporary electronic music to hybrid modern film, television, and game composition courtesy of processed analogue synth textures and loops, rich sub-basses, pitched- down drums, and icy, warped vocals, all layered with subliminal spectral echoes of rave culture and industrial noise — as of November 19, having been cryptically publicised previously with posters (plastered around London) and on social media…

    Warp Records is home to an impressive roster of some of the most influential electronic acts to have emerged from the UK, with Darkstar being amongst good company, such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Boards of Canada. Civic Jams is Darkstar’s fourth album, and explores their experience of the ever-changing London music scene. Subsequently expanding on that recording’s sonic palette, deciphering DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE involves stepping, briefly, back in time — to Darkstar’s origins in dance and bass music, beginning with sequencers and extensive sampling, creatively combining found sounds from the real world with those from films and television shows together with existing music samples — which, in turn, offers a fresh sonic perspective. Put it this way: when the duo discovered electronic music through their love of sampling, they found their home and community in the London club scene. Their take on electronic music — idiosyncratic in itself, which was hardly surprising for an act named after action-, horror-, and sci-fi-associated American film director, producer, actor, screenwriter, and composer John Carpenter’s 1974 spaced out odyssey debut, having themselves studied post-production and analysed a lot of sci-fi sound production — has positioned them as key voices within that scene for the best part of two decades. Darkstar more recently worked with the likes of Actress, Wild Beats, and Zomby, releasing music with Empress Of and Giaka, as well as branching out into scoring groundbreaking live dance performances with Holly Blakey — one of the go-to choreographers for anything from alternative pop to the weirder reaches of electronic music — and the Palme d’Or-nominated short film Dreamlands, vying for the highest prize awarded at the Cannes Film Festival.

    Forming a perfect fit for creatively collaborating with Spitfire Audio on DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE, the latest sample library presented in the sound-specialising British music technology company’s award-winning, easy-to-use plug-in, Darkstar’s James Young pertinently provides a timely introduction in today’s turbulent times: “London was a home for everything that birthed Darkstar, but slowly those things stopped and faded into the background and it became a ghost of the past — a shell of itself — and I started to think of it somewhat as a haunted house, with all the great things there but not there. Just echoes of the goodness — what it once was. We’ve never really been about the technical aspect of making music; it’s always been the intangibles — the things that bleed into recording from the everyday things you do. HAUNTED HOUSE is those sounds that creep around and lie in the periphery. The edges of each sound blur, because that’s how we like them — noise and all.”

    As such, this unique approach to sonic experimentation is palpable in the colour and shade of the versatile collection constituting DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE, drawing deep from a well of analogue synths, organs sampled at award-winning London venue and working church Union Chapel (central to Spitfire Audio’s publicly praised UNION CHAPEL ORGAN sample library that so successfully captured the unique sound of the restored 19th Century pipe organ there), found sounds, vocals (performed by Darkstar’s Aiden Whalley), and drums, duly transformed via finely-tuned processing techniques — from tape saturation to outboard re-amping, realising warmth and texture in various ways.

    As a distillation of a sonic palette built up by Darkstar during the last few years, DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE swings from introspective to expansive, moody and industrial to nostalgic beauty — from the highs and lows of nocturnal inner-city life to dawn’s emergence. Electronic beds of uneasy ambience are haunted by disquieting white noise and peripheral shimmers, taking influence from various dance music genres from shoegaze to deep house to grime, and the euphoria of Nineties rave abandon — echoes of millennial-era underground dance parties at clubs including The Void and Plastic People (with presets named in tribute to Darkstar’s favourite club nights).

    Needless to say its 44 presets span SYNTHS (analogue-sounding layered synth textures, from sub-basses and gritty, unsettling pads through to beautiful organ-like analogue- sounding synths); VO1CES (icy, processed vocal samples); FOUND SOUND (gnarly textural London sounds); RVVM (deep, lo-fi drums and percussion loops); and W4PRD (otherworldly synths sounds, wonderfully warped by Spitfire Audio developers from the source material). Meanwhile, THE KNOB dominating the GUI alters 4TT4CK (ATTACK — adjusts the attack time of the amplitude envelope), REL34SE (RELEASE — changes the amount of release triggered that is heard), 4 ETERNITY (REVERB — controls the amount of reverb being added), REP 4 ME (DELAY — controls the amount of delay being added), R LUV BOO (STRETCH — controls the speed of the sample playback), and MIST N FLEX (FLANGER — controls the amount of flanger being added) settings that are also available in distinctive Darkstar and Warp Records style alongside info box-highlighted EXPRESSION and H4UNTED HOUSE sliders — the latter dynamically fading from a clean signal to a 100% processed, ‘h4unted’ signal, unique to each preset, allowing adventurous users to totally transform each preset to speedily facilitate their own sonic vision. Virtual instruments often look superficially similar, yet there is no mistaking the distinctive design of the functionally flexible DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE plug-in, itself reflecting Darkstar’s journey into the world of electronic music through old-school plug- ins, interrupted Internet connections, and early versions of Apple’s long-running Logic DAW’s (relatively recently retired) EXS24 software sampler.

    Whatever way anyone chooses to work with DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE, it is certainly suited to games, television, and film — especially sci-fi and thriller — scoring, where it can create tension beds, atmosphere, warmth, textures, and ambience, or add to orchestral elements. It is also at home in the music production sphere, suited to a wide range of genres from house tracks to ambient electronic music, grime to 2-step, and beyond. Readily reminiscent of the hauntology movement, its experimentation-promoting sounds reflect the things that lurk at the back of our mind or in memory alone — beauty and heartbreak found in everyday life; a nostalgia for a future promised that never came to pass; faded cultural memories, with sinister undercurrents; London as a shell of its former cultural self. Creatively capturing the collective spirit of a city in mourning and its desolate horizons — a ghost town, waiting for the dawn... DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE. Musically make of it what you will, but use it at will — while possibly scaring yourself in the process! 

    DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE is available as an AAX-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-compatible plug-in supporting Native Instruments’ NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) for Mac (OS X 10.10 or later) and Windows (7, 8, and 10 — latest Service Pack) that loads directly into any compatible DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for an RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of only £29.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$29.00 USD/€29.00 EUR (inc. VAT) — from here.

    Civic Jams, the fourth album by British electronic duo Darkstar, is available to purchase either on its own or as a bundle — comprising a limited-edition 12-inch vinyl album (plus WAV / FLAC digital download) and the DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE sample library — directly from Warp Records here

    Spitfire Audio’s namesake Spitfire Audio application allows anyone to buy now and download anytime, and is available for free from here.

    Watch Spitfire Audio in-house composer Homay Schmitz’s walkthrough of DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE here: https://youtu.be/g6q0ciCwZKE

    Hear the unique sound world of electronic music duo Darkstar in action while watching the trailer video for DARKSTAR - HAUNTED HOUSE here:

    Watch the walkthrough here:

    Read more here

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      Watch MeldaProduction’s informative introductory video for Drum Empire 2020.
      Getting Drum Empire 2020 out there into the wider world sees MeldaProduction broadening MDrummer’s massive percussive scope still further. Available as another extension pack for free, Drum Empire 2020 offers over 60 GB of compressed content to owners of MDrummer as a huge array of sampled high- end drums and cymbals played mostly with sticks, but also brushes and mallets, while hands also got a workout when things got broken!
      But there was only one recording location geared up for this no-holds-barred percussive approach as far as MeldaProduction was collectively concerned. Svárov Studio is a highly-specialised recording facility designed for working with drums, conveniently located a few kilometres outside of the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague — possibly the best studio for recording drums in Central Europe, thanks to its beautifully-controlled, high- ceilinged hall, not to mention many desirable drum kits always available from the likes of Gretsch, Ludwig, and Pearl, readily recordable to the highest standard using a superlative selection of microphones and preamps/DIs that are more than up to the task at hand. Helpfully, it turned out that it is owned by total drum junkies who eat, sleep, and drink drums!

      Turbulent times meant MeldaProduction started sampling for what would become Drum Empire 2020 at Svárov Studio two days before COVID-19-related restrictions kicked into play, yet the production played on with wearing of face masks failing to dampen the percussive passion from everyone involved in recording professional drummers in professional studio conditions — including the drummers themselves!
      Superlative sampling to the high standards for which MeldaProduction is well known necessitates exploiting equipment of the highest order when it comes to such content creation. Clearly, Svárov Studio — where the best preamps money can buy live together in perfect harmony with an abundance of analogue equalisers and compressors combining to bring a little musical mojo to the party, even when recording dry with some of the best-sounding microphones around (including the Neumann U87 large-diaphragm condenser classic and AKG D112 professional dynamic bass drum microphone) — lived up to expectations as MeldaProduction started working with cymbals. But best ones only, of course — and lots of them! Zildajians, Sabians, Meinl... so many, in fact, that it was difficult to capture all of them at once when photographing the sessions for posterity. Put it this way: when counting them, there were no fewer than 42 crashes, 17 rides, 11 Chinese cymbals, 10 splashes, and eight hi-hats! Stacking some of them on top of each other turned out to not only look cool — after all, not many drummers can afford to stack multiple K Zildajians — but sounded cool, too. So sampling 18 such combinations was where MeldaProduction ended up, ultimately available for all to hear and play using Drum Empire 2020.

      That said, as implied by the name chosen by MeldaProduction to front its latest free extension pack for MDrummer, the real magic comes courtesy of Svárov Studio’s desirable drum kits themselves with individual-sounding iconic examples ending up being sampled for Drum Empire 2020. To namecheck but a few: the classic Ludwig Vistalite was used by the one and only — but not only by — John Bonham (R.I.P.) during his trailblazing tenure with Led Zeppelin; the Yamaha Recording Custom is another classic that has remained regularly in use throughout the decades — designed as appropriately named by Steve Gadd, it is also responsible for Phil Collins’ classic drum sound, albeit without the bottom heads; a vintage Ludwig rock kit with 26-inch kick drum, plus 20-, 18-, and 15-inch toms, is so big that only big guys can comfortably play it; and the limited-edition Pearl Masters 50th Anniversary simply cried out to be sampled, as did a vintage Pearl MLX and classic Gretsch galore!
      Get this, though: all told, MeldaProduction sampled 13 different kick drums — ranging from a small one that is only 18 inches in diameter right up to the aforesaid 26-inch monster! Meanwhile, 18 of the most iconic snares, including the mighty Ludwig Black Beauty and its Supraphonic sibling, were also sampled. Subsequent experimentation revealed just how cool a snare can sound with another head on it — or, for example, with a tambourine.
      This literal march to (the beat of) a different drum certainly served MeldaProduction well when developing Drum Empire 2020. If, indeed, broadening MDrummer’s massive percussive scope still further was its mission, then mission accomplished! And owners of MDrummer are its beneficiary... and all for free!
      Drum Empire 2020 is available for free as a free extension pack for MeldaProduction’s MDrummer virtual instrument plug-in, directly downloadable via its dedicated webpage, which also includes more in-depth information, here: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MDrummerDrumEmpire2020
      MDrummer itself is available to purchase at an attractive 50% discounted price of €125.00 EUR (inc. VAT) until the end of October 2020 — returning thereafter to its regular price of €249.00 EUR (inc. VAT) — via its dedicated webpage, which also includes more in-depth information, here: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MDrummer (A fully-functional, 15-day trial of MDrummer is also available.)
      The latest version of MDrummer is downloadable — as an AAX-, AU-, VST- and VST3-supporting 64-bit-only virtual instrument plug-in for macOS (10.9 Mavericks - 10.15 Catalina ) and AAX-, VST- and VST3-supporting 32- and 64-bit virtual instrument for Windows (Vista / 7 / 8 / 10) — from here: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MDrummer/support
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      DYSTOPIAN GUITARS — a new kind of library totalling 21.32 GB of highly-creative content designed to cover all modern hybrid guitar grounds for film scoring as a huge KONTAKT-hosted virtual instrument incorporating a wide range of sounds, from clean and dreamy atmospheres to hellish industrial tones, three years in the making — as of October 19
      Ultimately unique in today’s swelling soundscape production toolset, DYSTOPIAN GUITARS includes several different types of KONTAKT instruments fashioned from the perspective of working film composers, ensuring everything is very useable right out of the box with no fillers and a very intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface). It includes several so-called Natural Solo instruments and Unnatural Solo instruments — fully playable multisample patches; customisable Ensembles, capable of performing multisamples, pulses, and sequences all at the same time; a playable Pulse Designer, with several guitar-based pulses and arpeggios; a collection of acoustic and processed Shimmers; several pads and ambiences; a collection of guitar Tools and FX; as well as PulseSetter-Sounds’ most powerful sequencer to date.
      Digging deeper, Ensembles are complex instruments that let DYSTOPIAN GUITARS users perform several simultaneous layers of music in a very organic way when combining loops, multisample guitars, pads, sequences, and other elements — especially effective for film composers wanting to perform and quickly compose complete scenes, while working well also as a starting point when writing sketches or building a unique palette. Possibilities are (almost) endless!
      Elsewhere, DYSTOPIAN GUITARS showcases several multisample guitars and other string instruments, plus their alter egos — effectively hybrid Frankensteins that work well when writing modern film music. Moreover, PulseSetter-Sounds tried to tweak even the natural versions by sampling them in unusual ways, as is its way — sampling an acoustic guitar by mostly playing open strings, for instance, or slapping an electric bass with different kinds of sticks.
      Shimmers are various combinations of fast arpeggios and tremolos that will add movement, air, and expression to any kind of score — from an intimate piano song to a king-sized sweeping orchestral scene. Several acoustic versions are included alongside processed versions to match any style, so users are also able to mix and match their own combos.
      Creativity abounds further still since PulseSetter-Sounds saw fit to helpfully provide DYSTOPIAN GUITARS with several kinds of pulses and loops that will match many different styles. Supplementing hundreds of pulses are their ‘playable’ versions, whereby users can play chords or combine loops in different keys — a very organic way of using loops. Last but far from least, the provided Pulse Designer duly lets users combine most loops for one-pass performances.
      Performance-wise, DYSTOPIAN GUITARS also comes complete with more than a hundred customisable pads that its users can also mix and match in pairs, plus a powerful Gate and FX sequencer that lets users customise them to make them unique to their needs.
      Needless to say, PulseSetter-Sounds also added a number of different instruments to DYSTOPIAN GUITARS that did not sit easily in any other category, such as infinite raisers and downers, guitar impacts and scrapes, chords, a feedback machine, and more besides.
      Besides being able to sequence all available effects in the FX GUI, discerning DYSTOPIAN GUITARS users can take advantage of PulseSetter-Sounds’ powerful Quad sequencer that will let them work with four independent lines, combining note sequences and arpeggiators in a very intuitive and musical way.
      While taking advantage of newer KONTAKT guitar effects, PulseSetter-Sounds succeeded in building very organic instruments, combining those new effects with its own ‘baked’ versions using its in-house guitar and synth rigs — Muted Metal Guitar Combo is a prime example of this in action, allowing anyone to play very convincing heavy grooves without the need for external effects or external guitar software. Since the PulseSetter-Sounds team had so much fun with this, they decided to include a whole set of metal sequences in DYSTOPIAN GUITARS.
      With 21.32 GB of highly-creative content designed to cover all modern hybrid guitar grounds for film scoring as a huge KONTAKT-hosted virtual instrument incorporating a wide range of sounds, from clean and dreamy atmospheres to hellish industrial tones, it is going to take time to fully explore DYSTOPIAN GUITARS as a new kind of library in which PulseSetter-Sounds invested so much time — three years in the making, no less. Little wonder, then, that the company collectively hopes that each and every user of DYSTOPIAN GUITARS will find a permanent place for many of its inspiring instruments in their template for unique use in project after project, for many years to come!
      DYSTOPIAN GUITARS can be purchased as a 21.32 GB (16 GB compressed) KONTAKT instrument for a time-limited introductory promo price of $169.00 USD until November 19, 2020 — rising thereafter to $199.00 USD — via its dedicated webpage, which also includes more in-depth information (including some superb-sounding audio demos), here: https://pulsesetter-sounds.com/product/dystopian-guitars/
      (Note that DYSTOPIAN GUITARS requires the full version — 5.7 or higher — of KONTAKT, Native Instruments’ advanced flagship sampler for macOS 10.12 - 10.15 and Windows 7 / 8 / 10.)
    • By Hasse Nilsson
      Svenska XLN Audio känner många igen från trumpluggarna i Addictive Drums-serien. Den senaste produkten XO är dock något utöver det vanliga. Här handlar det om ett nytt sätt att överblicka och behandla ljudfiler, gärna i stora mängder.
      Genom att analysera och indexera samplingar visar XO en karta, där ljud med övervägande del diskant hamnar uppe i högra hörnet (hi-hats, shakers) och samplingar med mycket basfrekvenser (kickar) hamnar nere till vänster. Virvlar, och effekter syns i de centrala delarna i gränssnittet. De olika kategorierna visas med färger och när du styr pekaren över trumrymden spelas ljuden upp i realtid.

      Förutom det medföljande ljudbiblioteket har vi här låtit XO indexera cirka 40 000 slagverksljud.
      Det går mycket fortare att välja rätt ljud och plocka ihop ett trumkit jämfört med att sitta och leta filnamn i foldrar. Under ”Edit” återfinns en 8-spårs groove-maskin med extra allt. Du har tillgång till reglage för sådant som volym, tonhöjd, anslagskänslighet, filter, swing,
      panorering, transientgenerator och två effektbussar.
      Det finns även en effektregel på masterkanalen för kompression. Antingen spelar du in trumslag i ditt musikprogram eller så använder du den inbyggda sequencern. De medföljande midi-mönstren är en bra utgångspunkt.

      Leta upp en folder med samplingar på dina hårddiskar och låt sedan XO katalogisera ljudfilerna.
      Det svänger nästan onödigt mycket om du förskjuter spår mot varandra och använder accentfunktionen. Slumpknappen för att helt sonika byta kit ur trumrymden är en kreativ krydda.
      Vi saknar möjligheten att importera midi-filer med rytmiskt innehåll. Det går dock att exportera både midi-mönster och ljudfiler direkt in i ditt musikprogram. Excellenta hjälpfunktioner hjälper dig på traven utan att behöva fippla med en manual.

      XO:s groove-maskin är en av de bättre vi använt. Det går kvickt att få till rätt kit och ett grymt sväng.
      Video: Exploring the XO Space
      Vad: Sampling/trumsequencer
      Tillverkare/kontakt: XLN Audio https://www.xlnaudio.com
      Operativsystem: Windows och Mac OS X
      Format: Vst, Au, Aax och fristående program
      Pris: Cirka 1 919 kronor
    • By Hasse Nilsson
      Efter år av smygtittar släppte NI äntligen uppföljaren till syntpluggen Massive, som inte minst har varit ljudmässigt framträdande inom modern urban dansmusik de senaste tolv åren. Provkartan på vad pluggen kan prestera är minst sagt imponerande – pluggen låter helt sagolikt.
      Kostar det så smakar det mumma. Massive X låter nytt och mycket.
      Med risk för att ta till överord så finns det få, eller inga, syntar i den här prisklassen som har liknande bestyckning och har en sådan arsenal av möjligheter. Massive X är inget för den Teknikrädde om hen vill börja skapa egna ljud. Här återfinns mycket avancerade funktioner för bearbetning av vågformstabeller, 170 mot föregångarens 80, och olika former av
      sekvensering av ljud, både dess beståndsdelar och rytmik.
      Självklart är pluggen enkel att använda om du inte avser att skapa egna inställningar från ax till wienerbröd. Tyvärr kan inte Massive importera förinställningar från ”gamla” Massive, vilket innebär att vi för tillfället får hålla tillgodo med de 420 förinställningarna och våra
      egenhändigt slöjdade ljud.
      Släktskapet med byggsatsprogrammet Reaktor är tydligt, exempelvis routing-möjligheter som inte är att leka med.
      Det är mycket sannolikt att det inom kort växer fram en frodig tredjepartsmarknad och att NI själva kommer att släppa expansioner som i alla fall inledningsvis kommer att vara gratis. Vi gillar smarta funktioner som att kunna tilldela makroinställningar för styrning från midi-kontroller eller automatisering.
      Rytmisk modulationsmatris och sofistikerad sequencer. Massive X kan det mesta.
      Systemkraven är rätt tuffa och kräver den senaste versionen av exempelvis Logic, så användare med äldre maskiner som inte kan uppgradera göre sig icke besvär. Om du skapar något slags musik (eller bara ljud) och vill ligga i den berömda framkanten kan du faktiskt inte missa Massive X.
      Video: Introducing Massive X
      Video: Dissect the preset: Massive X - Kesselbeat
      Massive X
      Vad: Mjukvarussynt
      Tillverkare/kontakt: Native Instruments https://www.native-instruments.com/en/
      Operativsystem: Windows och Mac OS X
      Format: Vst, Au, Aax (och snart fristående program)
      Pris: Cirka 2 122 kronor
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