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    Softube releases new Modular expansions: Statement Lead, Monoment Bass, and Parallels are now Modular Ready


    Linköping, Sweden, October 8th, 2020: It's Modular Month at Softube and we're happy to announce that the instrument plug-ins Statement Lead, Monoment Bass, and Parallels are now Modular Ready – the three synthesizers are available for the first time as modules for Softube Modular.


    Endlessly expandable and the only officially licensed Eurorack modular platform, Modular was created in partnership with Doepfer and now has premium expansions made in collaboration with Doepfer itself, Mutable Instruments, 4ms, Intellijel, Buchla, and Vermona.

    These new modules are included with the purchase of the instrument plug-ins and available for download to those who already own the stand-alone synths. Since it’s possible to combine them with any other Modular modules, producers and composers can now build their own versions of these synthesizers or even completely new instruments, opening up a whole world of new possibilities for sound creation. The only limit is your imagination.


    Statement Lead for Modular
    The polyphonic synth for contemporary lead sounds now includes Source, Filter, and FX modules for Modular. Build your own version of Statement Lead or create a hybrid monster synth.

    Monoment Bass for Modular
    The modern, mix-ready bass synthesizer now includes Source, Filter, and FX modules for Modular. You can go beyond the possibilities of the original bass synth and build your own instrument with as many sources as you want.

    Parallels for Modular
    The special occasions synthesizer with dual wavescanning source sections now includes five modules for Modular: Source, Shape, Mod, Env, and FX. The stand-alone instrument is powerful by itself but having these new modules to play with really expands your options when you need unique sounds.   

    In short

    • NEW: Statement Lead for Modular—Source, Filter, and FX modules, perfect for music production and songwriting
    • NEW: Monoment Bass for Modular—Source, Filter, and FX modules, for producing huge, solid bass tones
    • NEW: Parallels for Modular—Source, Shape, Mod, Env, and FX modules, to create unique sounds for unique ideas
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    • By Nyhetsroboten
      Linköping, Sweden, August 27th, 2020: When inspiration strikes and a new hit song begins to take shape, it feels like magic. For a producer or a songwriter, the trick is finding that inspiration in the first place. But it also helps a lot if they have an easy way to transport their ideas to a flawless recording, ready to be shared with the world. We have a plan for those hitmakers.

      Statement Lead is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly polyphonic synth designed with the contemporary producer and songwriter in the EDM, drum and bass, and house genres in mind. We created Statement to the same high standard as our bass synth Monoment Bass, but for lead sounds. To achieve the very best sound sources for Statement, we fastidiously recorded and processed the sounds of rare and expensive hardware synths and, just like Monoment, it comes with built-in effects of the highest quality.   
      The effects make it easy to fine tune, create spaces, add clarity, and further sculpt your lead sounds. These include Drive, Reverb, Delay, Multiband Compression, and Spatialization, and have been carefully chosen and designed for polyphonic synth lead sounds with the same superb high quality as Softube mixing plug-ins.
      In addition to the effects, Statement Lead comes loaded with meticulously created presets. There are no fillers–they're all good and the perfect starting point. It's easy to dig deeper and start tweaking until it’s exactly the sound you need.
      To put it simply, Statement Lead aims to inspire producers and songwriters to make a statement. This is the lead synth for creating hit songs that sound polished and finished with no complications along the way.
      In short
      NEW: Softube Statement Lead A 5-octave polyphonic synth designed for lead sounds with an organic, analog feel Amazing sound quality from careful recordings of rare, expensive hardware synths  The perfect songwriting tool for EDM, drum and bass, house, and more, with an intuitive user interface and 150+ meticulously designed presets The lead sounds counterpart to Monoment Bass, with the same type of interface and similar features. Learn more about Monoment The 90 sound sources can be used two at a time with smart, modern tools that make it easy to dial in the foundation of the sound Advanced analog-sounding filter with its own modulation sequencer  Advanced Auto Glide for creating organic-sounding analog sounds Analog Dirt feature: adds grit for a richer or dirtier sound Aging feature for less stable pitch, more unpredictable attacks, and even more dirt and grit Read more here
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