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  • Milab announces the VIP-60 multi-pattern condenser microphone

    37 years after the introduction of its predecessor, the VIP-60 has been upgraded with a new rectangular capsule and optimized circuitry to bring the sound of the classic VIP-50 into the 21st century.



    The VIP-60 is the result of a multi-year R&D project where the goal was to reinvigorate what is arguably the most iconic Milab model ever produced, the VIP-50. The process included an 18-month testing period with feedback from a number of highly skilled sound engineers in Europe and the US. The result is a microphone which is technically superior to its predecessor – the most notable difference being the significant reduction in self- noise - but users of the VIP-50 will still recognize the characteristic Milab sound that made it a commercial success in the 80s and 90s.

    The VIP-60 offers five different polar patterns and a selection of roll-off filters and pads. The microphone is delivered in a waterproof SKB 3i case together with a Rycote USM shockmount and an individual frequency chart. First deliveries are expected in January 2022.

    Milab Microphones AB is one of the oldest, continuously operating microphone manufacturers in the world with a history going back to the 1930s. To this day, all microphones are built entirely by hand in Milab’s plant in southern Sweden. Since 2017, Milab is the owner of the Pearl Microphone/PML brand. Every Milab microphone is delivered with its own individual frequency chart and protected by a lifetime warranty.


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