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  • Introducing our new PSR-SX600 digital workstation


    Introducing our new PSR-SX600 digital workstation
    Our PSR-SX600 digital workstation is the latest addition to our Yamaha PSR-SX- series and rounds off the range. No matter whether you are a singer-songwriter, stage performer or just a fan of making music at home, the PSR-SX600 is the ticket to the world of arranger workstation keyboards and is equipped with a host of exciting features.

    New debut features
    Our PSR-SX600 also introduces the Unison and Accent feature, which gives you expressive and nuanced control over style playback, thus allowing you to create a wide range of musical variations in the accompaniment.

    To round off the series the PSR-SX600 offers a range of content and functionality that makes it perfect for performing at home or on stage:

    • 61 keys with Touch Response
    • 850 voices, 43 Drum/SFX kits and 480 XG Voices
    • 415 accompaniment styles
    • EQ available for 27 parts
    • Coloured LCD (480 x 272 dots)
    • Playlist
    • Enhanced Audio playback features
    • Unison & Accent function
    • Smart Chord
    • Microphone input
    • Refined DAC
    • USB audio function
    • Upgraded expansion memory

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