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  • Fuse Audio Labs rolls out FLYWHEEL tape emulation plugin

    DUESSELDORF, GERMANY: DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) plugin and audio DSP (Digital Signal Processing) developer Fuse Audio Labs is proud to announce availability of FLYWHEEL.



    FLYWHEEL — a brand new plugin focused on injecting the analog qualities of reel-to-reel tape recording systems into digital recording and mixing environments — as of October 21…

    FLYWHEEL formulates an alternative approach to tape emulation; rather than focusing only on the specifics of one particular machine, this plugin combines all the typical analog imperfections such as saturation, hysteresis, high frequency loss, and head bump in a single, clearly laid out tone-shaping interface. Its intention is to make digital tracks sound more organic, cohesive, and diversified — making material sound more interesting as a result. Indeed, it makes adding the typical warmth and presence of tape recordings to mixes and masters an easy and enjoyable process. No credit plan, no service tech, no tape salad — just pure analog awesomeness!

    As such, a lot of thought has been put into reducing the parameter set, offering plenty of sonic flexibility while maintaining a straightforward user experience: simply dial in the RECORD GAIN, select TAPE SPEED and FORMULA, then tweak the results with the HYST (hysteresis) and HF EQ (high frequency equalization) settings. So only a handful of controls are needed to grant access to a wide variety of interesting textures.

    That said, the magnetic sound experience would not be complete without different tape formulas, adjustable wow and flutter (SPEED VARIANCE), as well as a tape transport STOP/START, all of which are included in FLYWHEEL’s feature set. Readily rounded off by optional oversampling (OS) for improving overall audio quality and GLOBAL LINK for controlling all instances of the plugin from a single interface, this tape emulation offers everything needed for applying an authentic reel-to-reel polish to all styles of music.

    “I got into the music production game when analog recording technology slowly but surely started to get superseded by digital,” says Fuse Audio Labs CEO Reimund Dratwa. “Now, after more than two decades of evolution in digital perfection, super linear converters, and so on, we seem to understand what exactly it is our ears love about analog, and FLYWHEEL is an homage to exactly that.”

    FLYWHEEL is available at an attractive 50%-discounted introductory promo price of $29.00 USD until November 21, 2020 — rising thereafter to its regular price of $59.00 USD — directly from its dedicated webpage, which includes more in-depth information, here: https://fuseaudiolabs.com/flywheel.html

    Note that 14-day trial versions of all Fuse Audio Labs plugins without any restrictions are also available to download for free from here: https://fuseaudiolabs.com/#/pages/plugins

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      Nevoverb is a reverb plug-in that combines industry-leading Exponential Audio technology with an intuitive, AI-powered workflow to help music producers and mix engineers quickly find the right space for their vocals and instruments. Neoverb’s Reverb Assistant feature lets users get to a starting point quickly in real-time and can also combine three different reverb engines at once, either through the Assistant or with an intuitive Blend Pad interface. Other highlights include Intelligent Pre and Post EQs that make suggestions to shape and tame reverb in the mix.
      Neoverb Features:
      Reverb Assistant: With an easy four-step assistant that adjusts iZotope Neoverb’s settings in real time, users can get a great reverb for any track and create complex, customized reverbs, without spending time in menus. Blend Pad: Visualize and mix three different types of reverbs at once to create a unique reverb tail that fits their track. EQ Section: This feature helps clean the input signal to keep a reverb tail from overwhelming a mix, to get great reverb sound without using a long plug-in chain. Advanced Panel: Allows users to dive as deep as they need to find the exact vibe they are looking for, while Advanced Controls set by Reverb Assistant that can be saved as unique presets for later use. Input Smoothing: Keep dynamics even and avoid artifacts in the reverb tail with one simple control that reduces the sharp, percussive transients. Modulation (Mod): A modulation panel that gives even more control over the reverb tail. Two different modes offer subtle modulation to avoid buildup or a classic chorus for a more pronounced mixing effect. Resizable: Window resizability ensures Neoverb fits in any workflow and screen, meeting the demands of the modern music producer. Presets: Includes over 100 inspiring presets created by iZotope’s team of professional sound designers, including presets for vocals, guitars, experimental spaces and more.
        “We are thrilled to add Neoverb to our roster of essential production products,” said iZotope Product Manager Udayan Sinha. “It is a truly intelligent reverb that combines Exponential Audio’s best-in-class sound quality with iZotope’s intuitive workflow that will empower music producers to efficiently tackle any mix.”
      Neoverb is also a part of newly released Music Production Suite 4, which also includes RX 8 Standard, Ozone 9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3 (with Melodyne 5 essential), Insight 2, NIMBUS by Exponential Audio, and Tonal Balance Control 2. Those that purchased Music Production Suite 3 after September 2, 2020 will receive a free upgrade to Music Production Suite 4.
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      Satriani performed all of the guitar and keyboard parts in the song. He recorded it using AmpliTube® Joe Satriani - the newest artist signature collection in IK's acclaimed AmpliTube series of guitar and effects tone studios, as well as his personal AXE I/O® premium audio interface.
      Everyone is invited to listen to the song for free on the IK Multimedia website, and even try shredding along! Owners of AmpliTube Joe Satriani can also explore the settings used on the song.
      Satriani shares his inspiration and gear set up for the new song:
      "I had so much fun exploring my legacy tones and techniques on this musical trip down memory lane. It was all done with IK Multimedia's AmpliTube Joe Satriani Collection software suite!"
      "I dug deep into my collection's presets as well as AmpliTube's enormous selection of sonic options to create a series of musical vignettes, all tied together with a deep groove and a decided nod to a few of my well-known songs."
      "The signal chain looked like this: My Ibanez JS guitars, 5-string bass, acoustic guitar and mandolin into IK's AXE I/O interface, then straight to my Pro Tools rig. Then I fired up the AmpliTube JS presets. No amps, no speaker cabinets, no microphones. It's amazing how easy and flexible this setup is. AmpliTube gives you the tools to take each patch and manipulate it in so many ways, it's really inspiring."
      Mark Menghi, IK Multimedia guitar brands manager and founding member of heavy metal supergroup Metal Allegiance, comments, "It's been an honor to work, record, jam and write with so many amazing world-class musicians, but one of the very first artists to welcome me when I broke into the industry over 20 years was the incomparable Mr. Joseph Satriani, who has also appeared on a Metal Allegiance album. When Joe agreed to do the Joe Satriani AmpliTube collection, I knew it would be a lot of work for our team at IK, but would also be a rewarding and fulfilling product for guitarists around the world."
      Available for Mac/PC, iPhone and iPad, and able to work both as a desktop app and plug-in for any DAW, AmpliTube Joe Satriani offers users instant access to play, practice and record using precise models of the guitarist's amps and pedals that were created with Satriani himself. It reflects the guitarist's reputation as a tone and gear connoisseur by featuring models of both classic and artist signature pieces, along with some fan favorites. Each model was created to Satriani's exact specifications, for an authentic user experience.
      AXE I/O is IK's premium guitar interface with advanced tone-shaping features such as the proprietary Z-TONE® impedance-adapting circuit, and powerful guitar recording tools.
      To listen to "Joe Satriani's AmpliTube Shifting Song," for information about AmpliTube Joe Satriani, or to see Joe in action, please visit: www.ikmultimedia.com/satrianisong
      For the official Joe Satriani website, visit: www.satriani.com
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      Loaded with effects and modulation options ranging from the subtle to the sublime, it is a powerhouse of creative potential that can take impulse responses to new highs.
      It features a wealth of editing and modulation tools that can refresh and enliven any third party stereo and true stereo impulse responses. Take your captures closer to their original hardware than ever before, or so far away that they become almost unrecognisable.
      A cornerstone of Reverberate 3 lies in LiquidSonics’ own proprietary modulated capture and playback technology format called Fusion-IR. It is an innovative approach to convolution capture and playback creating a lively, organic reverberation that is impossible to achieve with traditional static convolution.
      At A Glance
      Deeper Fusion-IR Editing
      New in Reverberate 3 is the ability to independently adjust the late reverb pre-delay without disrupting the integrity of the sampled reflections.     
      Enhanced True Stereo Simulation
      Now in Reverberate 3 you can modulate the simulated crossfeed channels bringing them to life in way you may have never thought possible without impacting the essential structure and onset characteristics of the sampled reverb.
      Extended Split Modulation
      Reverberate 3 features pitching and non-pitching delay and time modulation features so you can apply dramatic or natural modulations to any static impulse response.
      Completely redesigned interface
      Improved hierarchical design, supports high DPI, and is now resizable.
      New factory presets
      Two extra free Fusion-IR sample packs available for download (FS-24x and FS-48)
      More comprehensive parameter locking throughout the interface.
      VST3 now supported.
      Licensing now via iLok USB, Cloud and local host (including two activations per license).
      New permanent lower price ($99 down from $125).
      Purchasing and License Information
      Pricing on launch: $99; loyalty coupons and upgrade pricing all available.
      Upgrades: Owners of Reverberate Core, Reverberate 1 or Reverberate 2 get a 50% discount off Reverberate 3. Offer available at any time.
      Grace period upgrades: Any customers who purchased Reverberate 2 on or after 1 June 2020 is entitled to Reverberate 3 via voucher emailed to original purchase email address. Offer expires 31 October.
      An iLok 2/3 dongle, iLok local authorisation or iLok Cloud is required. Two activations are included with each license (both must be associated with the same iLok account).
      Technical Information
      Reverberate 3 supports all major 64-bit DAWs on Windows and macOS:
      iLok 2/3, iLok local computer or iLok Cloud 64-bit DAW Windows 7 and above OS X / macOS 10.9 and above VST 2.4, VST3, Audio Unit and AAX Native plug-in formats 600 MB hard disk space is required At least 8 GB of main memory is recommended Modern quad-core (or higher) processors are recommended Read more here
    • By Ollie Olson
      Kompressorn Rough Rider 2 är en enkel och lättanvänd kompressor som funkar väldigt bra på många instrument. Som namnet anger så är det en tuff kompis att ha när du behöver få saker att “pumpa” ordentligt. Den finns att hämta utan kostnad på: https://www.audiodamage.com/pages/free-downloads
      Med en ratiofunktion som går från 1:1 till 1000:1 så går det dessutom att använda den nästan som en limiter. En annan väldigt bra funktion är att det finns en mixfunktion vilket gör att du kan använda den som en parallell-kompressor och ”blanda in” det komprimerade ljudet i det rena om du inte vill ha så mycket kompressor-effekt.
      Den har förhållandevis korta attack- och releasetider vilket är praktiskt när du vill få saker att ducka snabbt. Det som vanligtvis kallas ”Threshold”, det vill säga tröskel, kallas på Rough Rider för ”Sensivity”, vilket är passande när det rör sig om en sådan kraftig kompressor.
    • By Hasse Nilsson
      Ett uppfriskande modernt utseende, som dessutom är mycket praktiskt, ger Portal fördelar jämtemot andra granulära effekters ofta avancerade akademiska gränssnitt.
      Ständigt intressanta Output producerar allt från stiliga studiomöbler till pluggar i utvecklingens uttjatade framkant. Portal är det amerikanska företagets senaste effektplugg. Gravt förenklat är granulärsyntes en metod att dela inkommande ljud i småbitar (granulat) för att manipulera innehållet på olika sätt. I praktiken brukar effekten låta som skitig tidssträckning, komplicerad ekoförvrängning och ”stutter” (upprepning). Med Portal har Output åkt hela vägen till stan vad gäller gränssnittet och funktionaliteten.
      Du flyttar en punkt i en sfär och mixar då steglöst mellan grupper av inställningar med sådant som modulation, ”vanliga effekter”, tonhöjd och själva granulärstadierna (storlek, tid, filtrering, reverserad, et cetera). Effekten kan bli allt från crunchiga trumloopar, moln av syntljud till upp-pitchade röster och det mesta däremellan.
      Eftersom Portal har temposynkning av parametrar och är enkel att automatisera vittnar det om att produkten är tänkt för modern musikproduktion, snarare än endast akademisk ljudkonst.
      Effektprocesserna har användbara reglage för torr/våt signal som minskar risken att det blir för mycket av det goda. Outputs senaste effekt är inget för den försiktige, men levererar framförallt kreativ ljuddesign utan huvudbry i en stimulerande miljö.

      De över 250 förinställningar gör pluggen rättvisa. Vi gillar att de är pedagogiskt indelade efter användningsområde.

      Givetvis kan du dyka under huven på Portal och justera inställningarna eller skapa helt nya och egna effektljud.
      Video: PORTAL by Output - Granular FX Plugin
      Vad: Granulärsynteseffekt
      Tillverkare/kontakt: Output https://output.com/
      Operativsystem: Windows och Mac OS X
      Format: Vst, Au, Aax
      Pris: Cirka 1 595 kronor
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