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  • FarPlay - Simple Low-Latency Internet Audio

    The easiest, fastest & safest ultra low-latency audio over the internet.


    FarPlay is a user-friendly software solution that enables real-time musical collaboration over the internet by dramatically reducing latency: the time it takes for sound to travel from one place to another.

    FarPlay transports audio so efficiently that you can play music, conduct interviews, or practice a comedy routine as if you were together in the same room, even though you might be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

    FarPlay has been carefully designed to be as easy as possible to use. You don't need to configure a server or open ports on your router, you don't need any dedicated hardware, you don't need to install any third-party software. It's as easy to use as Zoom, without Zoom's huge latency. It just works, allowing you to start playing music in minutes.

    FarPlay is based on the groundbreaking open-source research project Jacktrip, which set the standard for transporting audio over the internet with the lowest possible latency. FarPlay is every bit as fast as Jacktrip, and in some cases even faster, but with none of the difficulty. This is because all data with FarPlay is sent directly between participants instead of through a central server, cutting down on travel time.

    FarPlay doesn't require you to open ports on your router, a potential security vulnerability. In fact, you don't have to change your internet configuration at all. Plus, your audio data is sent directly to the people you're playing with, and nowhere else, for maximum privacy.

    For a list of FarPlay screen shots of the software and exclusive features, including real time buffer adjustment, Broadcast Output and more, click on the PRODUCT section below.

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