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    Elektron Model:Cycles Six track FM based groovebox


    We're delighted to introduce Model:Cycles, the six track FM based groovebox that brings exploring into the heart of sound sculpting.

    With six unique Machines in one lightweight unit, you can effortlessly mold rhythm and melody across the digital spectrum using instant, tactile controls. Scale angles dense and jagged, glide over plains vast and fluid, or sink into mists of dissonance.


    Define the formless
    The six Machines of the digital FM engine are exclusive to Model:Cycles, covering both percussive and melodic synths, allowing you to make full, varied compositions. The four core Synth Controls put the tools of sound sculpting right in front of you, altering the behavior of each Machine differently and letting you push them to the limit. Every sound has a start, where will you take it?

    Dedicated × 12
    Dedicated knobs let you twist each Machine far and wide with wild, unexpected results waiting to be discovered. Use Control All to heave a parameter to the extreme and back again across every track. Elektron’s powerful sequencer gives you the freedom to record live or program the sounds and parameters of your composition one step at a time.

    Light weight, heavy sound
    Whether you use it as a versatile live instrument or groovebox on the go to pick up and craft full-blown compositions away from your studio, exploration has rarely felt so convenient and unimpeded.

    The Machines
    Model:Cycles continues our deep affection for FM synthesis. Six different Machines: Kick, Snare, Metal, Perc, Tone, and Chord, come together to give us a sound engine rich in the DNA of Elektron greatness, but reimagined in its own distinctive way.

    The Synth Controls
    Each Machine is a unique mapping of the engine, and can be explored using four core synth controls – Color, Shape, Sweep, and Contour. Turning one of these knobs changes several, under-the-hood, parameters at once, allowing the machines to be tweaked both effortlessly and immensely.

    Model:Cycles specifications

    Synth voice features

    • 6 × FM-based Machines
    • 1 × Assignable LFO per track
    • 1 × Assignable velocity modulation per track
    • Storage space for up to 60,000 presets 


    • 6 × Audio tracks (all of which may be used as MIDI tracks as well)
    • Elektron sequencer with up to 64 steps
    • Unique length and scale settings per track
    • Parameter locks
    • Micro timing
    • Trig conditions
    • Assignable retrig
    • Real-time or grid recording of notes and parameters
    • 96 × Projects
    • 96 × Patterns per Project

    Send & master effects

    • Delay and reverb send FX


    • 6 × Velocity sensitive pads
    • Class compliant USB audio 2.0
    • 1 × 1/4” stereo headphone jack
    • 2 × 1/4” impedance balanced audio out jacks
    • 1 × Hi-speed USB 2.0 Micro B port
    • 3.5 mm dual polarity TRS MIDI In, Out/Thru jacks
    • 128 × 64 pixel LCD screen
    • 48 kHz, 24-bit D/A converters
    • Hi-speed USB 2.0 Micro B port
    • Power inlet: Center positive 3.5 × 1.35 mm barrel jack, 5 V DC, 1 A

    Included in the box

    • Power Supply PSU-4
    • Micro USB Cable USB-2
    • 2 × MIDI adapter (5-pin DIN to 3.5mm TRS minijack)


    • W 270 × D 180 × H 39 mm (10.7” × 7.1” × 1.6”) (including knobs and feet)
    • Weight: approximately 0.80 kg (1.8 lbs)

    Pricing & availability
    Model:Cycles is now available to purchase from the Elektron website or from retailers carrying the Elektron range of products. Pricing is 299 USD.

    Read more here

    Come see Model:Cycles at Elektron Studios Berlin. Keep an eye out for upcoming events.
    Meet Model:Cycles on 
    Listen to sound examples from Model:Cycles on 
    More info at 

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