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  • EBS launches a signature Acoustic Preamp with Stanley Clarke

    Stockholm/Los Angeles, November 2, 2020 - With superior sound quality, powerful filters, and essential features, the new Stanley Clarke Signature Acoustic Preamp by EBS is the perfect tool to deal with all the challenges that come with amplifying aco



    The EBS Stanley Clarke Signature Acoustic Preamp is engineered and designed by EBS together with the legendary bass player and composer Stanley Clarke. It is built with premium components exclusively.

    "This preamp has become a mainstay to my upright bass sound. I think it is absolutely essential for every acoustic bass player to own one of these."
    - Stanley Clarke

    The analog 2-channel preamp uses a superior signal level quality that matches the performance of a professional-grade mixing console. The headroom and specific features make it ideal for handling the complex sonic characteristics of upright bass and other acoustic instruments.


    Each channel feature a similar set of familiar EQ controls to adjust Bass, Mids, and Treble. They both also have a control to be used either as a HIGH PASS or NOTCH filter. A switch decides the function, while the control knob picks the frequency range. The notch and high pass filters are excellent tools to prevent unwanted feedback and adjust the sound to the characteristics of the room and instrument.

    The two 1/4" inputs are both 10 Mohms high impedance inputs to handle both passive, active, or piezo pickups. The A channel also provides support for Electret pickups when activating a dedicated switch. The B channel, on the other hand, allows you to use a Phantom powered or passive microphone as the source via an XLR microphone input.


    Jump between the A and B channel, or mix the two depending on what you prefer. A Phase Inverter switch handles any possible phase issues that may appear when mixing two different sound sources.

    Other features include an EFFECTS LOOP,  a TUNER OUT,  a BALANCED XLR-OUTPUT with Speaker Simulator, and Ground Lift to prevent hum. An Aux Input and Headphones output makes practicing and learning new songs easy. 

    The Stanley Clarke Acoustic Preamp is an excellent tool also for other acoustic instruments.

    Key features:

    • 2-channel preamp (A/B or A+B)
    • Operates with Studio-grade signal quality
    • 10 Mohm Impedance inputs (both channels)
    • Individual High Pass/Notch Filter for each channel
    • XLR microphone input with Phantom Power (channel B)
    • Electret pickup support (channel A) 
    • Tuner output
    • Effects Loop (serial/parallel)
    • Balanced Output (with Speaker Simulator and Ground Lift)
    • Aux Input and professional-grade headphones output.
    • Power Supply included.

    Price: 389 Euro / $499.99 . Available now. 



    StanleyClarke_Photo_by_TOSHI_SAKURAI.thumb.jpg.c4a56ab66343190a20e2468ac7247b79.jpgFull statement from Stanley Clarke

    "I have been using this new preamp on every show and in the studio since November 2019, when I got the final sample in my hands. It has become a mainstay to my upright bass sound. I think it is absolutely essential for every acoustic bass player to own one of these. The 2-channel preamp allows you to have a completely different setting for bowing and pizzicato at the push of a button. 

    The effects loop, EQ, ¼”, and XLR input, and outputs make it extremely versatile for stage or studio. It even sounds great on the electric bass."


    Photo: Toshi Sakurai

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