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    Bose Professional announces three new important team members for the Scandinavian market


    New leader for Bose Professional Scandinavia, Ronny Nielsen Ronny Nielsen recently joined the Bose Professional team in Scandinavia, taking on the manager position for all three countries. With 20 years of background from the professional sound industry, both in Sennheiser and Scandec Systems, Bose are excited to welcome Ronny onboard in this very expansive and exciting phase of Bose Professional.

    “I've always admired Bose from the sidelines and seen how they work. I know the former Scandinavian leader, Bjørn Erik Hexeberg well, who has been a central figure for Bose in Norway, and I feel we have many of the same values and characteristics.
    It’s important for me to focus on sustainable solutions and that we can make a difference with our products, expertise and, finally our experienced personnel. What we often see is that sound is used as a central part of the projects and the demand for good quality is increasing.

    Bild_Bose.jpg.a39c6578964f5d24e32dc65c2eccb54e.jpgWhat I want to do in my new position first and foremost, is to maintain all good things going on and that is already established. We are so privileged to say that we have loyal partners and employees who have worked with Bose for over 25 years! Furthermore, it becomes important to be able to lead the team in Scandinavia through everything to come from investments, resources and new products within the professional audio segment. Bose Professional invests a great deal during the day, and we have a lot of exciting things ahead.”

    New Territory Manager for Bose Professional Norway, Marius Stegegjerde-Kristiansen
    1:st of September Marius Stegegjerde-Kristiansen joined Bose Professional as a Territory Manager for Norway. He as well has gained over twenty years of experience in the audio industry. First and foremost as a music producer / technician and owner of the studio Sparkle Sound Studios, but also as a concert sound technician. Some of his professional strengths lies in room acoustics as well as effective technical solutions in sound.

    “The position as Territory Manager at Bose Professional is perfect for someone who lives and breathes good sound. Bose has several good products that both sound good and are groundbreaking in their field. It is also a constantly changing and growing company. It is very exciting to be able to continue the good work that has already been done, and to be able to develop new concepts and collaborations.”

    New Territory Manager for Bose Professional Norway, Ola Storbråten

    1:st of November Ola Storbråten joined Bose Professional as a Territory Manager for Norway. Ola has been working with audio and communication systems for the last 21 years
    and 17 of those years at Zenitel with proprietary PAGA and intercom systems. He has also worked at Motorola radio systems where we have had several positions during the years. He started as a service engineer, then moved on to Sales Support, and last to more project driven sales.

    “I’ve had operational roles in all previous positions, and I’ve gained a lot of technical problem-solving experience and knowledge in all kinds of new and older technical systems. Besides being a dad, I have always been a dedicated hobby sound technician at concerts and theaters around Norway. I’m really excited over this new role at Bose Professional and I can't wait to get started and to dive in to the Bose world.”

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