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  • Arturia releases SQ80 V – emulation of the classic Ensoniq synth

    Arturia releases SQ80 V, a faithful & enhanced software emulation of the classic Ensoniq digital synthesizer.



    With a unique voice centered around the combination of waveforms and wavetables, its signature gritty sound combines digital oscillators with an emulated analog filter & amp for characterful textures ranging from edgy to ambient.

    Arturia’s SQ80 V will be available for download on September 14th, 2021 6PM CEST

    Where digital dreams are made
    Explore hard industrial textures, hybrid lo-fi character, and thousands of unique waveform combinations in a quick-fire softsynth based on a digital ‘80s classic. SQ80 V is an instrument that’s simultaneously complex and accessible, focused and intricate, edgy and dream-like - and unlike anything you’ve heard.

    An authentic hybrid
    SQ80 V has been modeled to accurately reproduce the gritty yet colorful texture of its predecessor’s 8-bit DOC chip.

    • 3 DOC digital oscillators
    • Thousands of possible waveform combinations
    • Modeled CEM analog filter & amp
    • Instant modulation via LFOs, envelopes, and more
    • Analog dispersion offers organic synth experience

    Beyond Ensoniq
    Expertly enhanced with extra sounds, features, and functionality for modern producers

    • Hundreds more waveforms added
    • Additional arpeggiator, MIDI modulation, and envelope modes
    • Accessible, streamlined modern workflow
    • 15 built-in effects with 2 busses
    • MPE compatibility


    Celebrating with 2 soundbanks
    Traverse gritty industrial soundscapes and dusty lo-fi textures with the organic digital wavemaker as your vessel - explore our 2 brand new sound banks offered for every SQ80 V purchase until October 5th.

    Dust Materials (new soundbank)
    Smooth, saturated sounds for the digital lo-fi age.

    Raw Machinery (new soundbank)
    Gritty hybrid timbres showing SQ80 V’s industrial side.

    Introduction deal until October 5th 2021
    To celebrate the launch, new & registered customers will be able to benefit from huge discounts up to 50% off SQ80 V. A generous bundle comprising both SQ80 V and V Collection 8, Arturia’s legendary keyboard anthology, will also be available to new & registered customers with up to 70% off!

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