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Fireface 400 stor issue. Siffrorna ovanför reglarna säger "∞"

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Hej. Klistrar in det jag skrev på RME-forum då jag inte orkar översätta hela texten till engelska:

The FF400 is a really great piece of equiepment. Never failed me. Until now.

Since a couple of weeks something weird began occuring. First now and then, now every time. When I boot the card, all the numbers above the meters read "∞". I get no in-signal from plugged in instruments and no out-signal to speakers or whatsoever. And YES my cables are plugged in, everything turned on. After a while (this "while" seems to be random) the "∞" disappears and numbers begin showing again and the card seems to work. Except for some weird (seemingly silent) signal that seems to be coming into channel 3-8, even when I have nothing plugged in. If I push a meter above 0dB (sometimes I do this with the phones-channel, for obvious reasons) the overall sound begins to crackle, the performance becomes sluggish and weird noises sort of leaks out through channels where it is'nt even routed (yes, I know all about the matrix and routing possibilites). When I boot the card it It looks like this:


This is extremely unreliable, especially since I use the FF400 in live performances and one day perhaps the card won't start at all. I have both the latest firmware and drivers. Could it be my fw-chipset in my computer that's singing on it's last verses?

Thanks for your time reading and hopefully replying.


FF400, Driver v3.068, firmware updated Aug 12 2012, Amilo Xi2528 2ghz PC laptop, 4gb ram, win7 64bit

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Tack, jag vet efter 6 års användande hur mitt ljudkort funkar... Som du ser är in-kanal 3-4 uppdragna en bit och när screenshoten togs skickade jag in signal på de två kanalerna. Inget kommer vare sig in eller ut. Är du Fireface-användare själv?

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Rising from the dead! Det visade sig vara strömkabeln det var fel på. Skaffade mig nämligen samma kort begagnat och testade runt med olika kablar i de olika korten och kom fram till att det är mitt gamla "trafo" (strömkabeln) som orsakar felet. 🙂

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