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Remember me this christmas .

Snowflakes sailing thru the air and the cold is setting in.
Above the city chimneytops there is christmas in the air.

My memories leads back again to a time when i had all.
A mothers care a fathers arms a place to call our home.

The fever took you both from me and left me here alone.
I wish i had a moment more to show how much ive grown.

All i ever wanted was a family a home.
All i ever needed was to feel that i belonged

Even if you are not here. Ill make you proud and this i swear.
You made me good you made me strong.
You tought me the difference between right and wrong.

You will always be...
The guiding light in the dark for me.
You were always there showing me all i know and cared.

All i ever wanted was a family a home.
All i ever needed was to feel that i belonged.

Now i make a wish of mine.
I wish i could go back in time.
I know it doesnt work that way.
But all i can do is to hope and pray.
I miss you mom and dad so much.
One last hug.
One last kiss.
And one last touch.


If you like my text or think i can help somehow on another project? Please let me know .


Best regards from Robin Hansen.

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