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Tja! Jag har problem med addictive keys.

Jag har installerat det och fått det att funka som ett "fristående" program men vill ha det som en vst i cubase.

Det syns alltså inte bland vstpluggarna i cubase.

Hur importerar jag pluggen in i cubase? Det är cubase elemets 7.


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Du måste nog ladda hem Addictive Keys Grand Piano också för att få ut något ljud ur det tror jag, det behövde jag

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    • By Ali_81
      Jag vill skaffa Cubase pro 11. Går det att köpa det begagnat? Är nybörjare och tycker att det är lite dyrt att skaffa.
      Sedan undrar jag hur man kan lära sig programmet? Finns det kurser/ videos?
    • By Studio
      HAMBURG, Germany — Steinberg today announced the immediate availability of Cubase 11, comprising Pro, Artist and Elements editions, each with the same core technologies but with dedicated tools tailored to the scope and scale of individual music production requirements.
      Cubase is celebrated for its comprehensive feature set, powerful tools and unparalleled sound quality. Since 1989, Cubase has been bringing technological advancements to the table, the German expertise in creating which has been accumulated over three decades of core contributions to the industry. Today, Cubase 11 is the next major step in the long evolution of DAWs.
      Guiding you on your music production journey
      Cubase 11 is for music producers, songwriters, engineers and composers and those who aspire to become all of these. Version 11 not only delivers a myriad of workflow and performance improvements across the entire range. It has also upgraded the smaller Artist and Elements editions: VariAudio 3, ARA 2 support and unlimited audio, MIDI and instrument tracks in Artist, and side-chain support in Elements. Combining these enhancements and upgrades with the exciting newly introduced features provides genuine inspiration for the creative journey of producing music to the highest standards.

      Exclusively available in Pro
      Cubase Pro 11 focuses on making printing stems a much easier task. Exporting processes can be queued and exported in one operation, with the export selection easily aligned with the selection made in the project, and controlling the full signal path, including channel insert effects group sends and master bus effects, is now a reality within Cubase.
      Another focus within the Pro edition is synchronization across different windows. With Global Tracks now displayed in the Key Editor, staying in sync with tempo changes or markers is possible without ever having to leave the editor.
      The Frequency EQ plug-in has received an update, now delivering dynamic response options: dynamic mode for each of its eight bands makes the filter nodes follow the input signal, and the newly introduced multiple side-chaining allows each band in Frequency to be set to an individual side-chain.
      The Score Editor comes with many new enhancements. The new Properties provides instant access to matching options and notation settings, with Note Editing Overlay notes now edited as conveniently as in the Key Editor. The Score Editor now also supports the SMuFL font format, bringing Dorico’s Bravura and Petaluma fonts to Cubase for the first time.
      Other new additions in Cubase Pro 11 are Eucon integration for supporting the latest Avid consoles, the remote recording plug-in VST Connect SE 5 with a resizable and HiDPI-ready user interface, and 5.1 surround sound support for the MultiTap Delay signal processor.
      Amazing additions to Pro and Artist
      Available in both Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist, SuperVision is a fully customizable, multimeter audio analyzer, providing up to nine module slots for level, spectral, phase and waveform analysis.
      Alongside the many refinements included in Pro and Artist, such as new Marker Lines, Pitch Visibility and improvements to the Range Selection tool and ARA workflow, additional tools have been introduced. These include Imager, the new multiband plug-in that contributes to a cleaner mix, and SpectraLayers One, a compact version of the acclaimed SpectraLayers Pro 7. Imager offers four bands for placing audio tracks in the stereo field, and the individual scope and correlation displays facilitating an easier panning to make the tracks sit perfectly in the stereo spectrum, while SpectraLayers One lets users visualize and edit audio in the spectral domain.
      Family features for Pro, Artist and Elements
      The Sampler Track in Cubase 11 boasts many new additions, such as the new slicing mode for loop-based samples, two global LFOs for more complex filtering sounds, and the new mono legato glide, which is ideal for bass lines.
      The Scale Assistant is another addition to the Key Editor, setting the scale to ensure that all notes are played in perfect tune. Change the view so that only the notes of the set scale are displayed or let the Scale Assistant analyze the played MIDI notes and change them to the correct scale. Further improvements to the Key Editor’s capabilities include creating ramps and curves in the CC and Pitch Bend lanes, setting pitch bend steps to semitones, copying CC edits to another MIDI track and deleting MIDI notes with a simple double-click — it’s often the small things that make all the difference.
      Also new to Cubase 11 is Squasher, a great tool that combines upward and downward audio compression for up to three bands, making it extremely flexible for adjusting the dynamic range.
      Cubase 11 also comes with fresh-new content: six sound and loop sets have been created by hip-hop producer Beat Butcha, Hollywood sound designer Robert Dudzic and Black Octopus Sound, covering a wide range of music styles that will help to quickly jump-start any music production project.
      Additional features across the three editions of Cubase include variable DPI on Windows 10, with more scaling settings than ever before, optimized performance for Metal-capable GPUs, further optimization for real-time processing on systems with more than eight cores, and a new multiple side-chain input architecture.
      Steinberg’s Senior Marketing Manager for Cubase, Matthias Quellmann, commented: “Cubase 11 is an outstanding release, which includes many enhancements and new features to make producing music easier, quicker and, yes, make Cubase more fun to use as well. We have been working closely with producers and composers to see what developments would enhance their workflow: some have a big impact on how one works in Cubase while others are small, detailed changes that make certain processes run just that much more smoothly. Overall, Cubase 11 is an essential update for all Cubase users as well as being the ideal version for those looking to dive into the world of music production for the first time.”
      Availability and pricing
      Cubase Pro 11, Cubase Artist 11 and Cubase Elements 11 are available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop. The suggested retail price for the boxed version of Cubase Pro 11 is 579 euros; download only is available for 559 euros. The suggested retail price for the boxed version of Cubase Artist 11 is 329 euros; download only is available for 309 euros. The suggested retail price for the boxed and download versions of Cubase Elements 11 is 99.99 euros.
      Please note that download orders are exclusive of USB-eLicensers and that all prices include German VAT.
      Various downloadable updates and upgrades, crossgrades, and education versions are exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop.
      Customers who have activated Cubase Pro 10.5, Cubase Artist 10.5 and Cubase Elements 10.5 or earlier versions since October 14, 2020, are eligible for a free, downloadable grace period update to the latest version, respectively.
      New features
      Advanced Audio Export: Save time with new export queues [Pro] Sampler Track 2: New creative features including slicing, LFOs and legato glide [Pro, Artist, Elements] Scale Assistant: Follow, quantize and play live to a set scale [Pro, Artist, Elements] Advanced Key Editor: Create perfect pitch bends and more [Pro, Artist, Elements] Global Tracks: Stay in sync more easily [Pro] Frequency 2: Amazingly precise dynamic EQ for better mixing [Pro] Squasher: Improve leads, tame bass and enhance reverb for EDM [Pro, Artist, Elements] Score Editor: Workflow improvements and beautiful new fonts [Pro] New Samples: Six fresh sound and loop sets [Pro, Artist, Elements] SuperVision: Super-flexible, customizable metering [Pro, Artist] Imager: Multiband stereo placement for perfect panning [Pro, Artist] MultiTap Delay Surround Support: Delay in up to 5.1 surround sound [Pro] Windows 10 Variable DPI: More scaling settings [Pro, Artist, Elements] Cubase Artists/Elements Upgrades: More bang for fewer bucks [Pro, Artist, Elements] Multiple Side-Chain: Improved input architecture [Pro, Artist, Elements] Eucon Support: Latest Avid console compatibility [Pro] VST Connect SE 5: Resizable HiDPI-ready interface for remote recording solutions [Pro] Workflow and UI Improvements: Refinements to make your working life easier [Pro, Artist] Apple Metal Acceleration: Enjoy maximum Mac performance [Pro, Artist, Elements] SpectraLayers One: Remarkable visual editing and audio source separation [Pro, Artist] Links
      Product page: www.steinberg.net/cubase
      YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/cubase
      About Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
      Steinberg is known the world over for its music and audio software and hardware solutions. The company has been developing, manufacturing and selling innovative products for musicians and producers in the music, film, post production and multimedia industries since 1984. Steinberg products are used by Grammy and Oscar award-winning composers, engineers and producers. The company also offers business customers license- management and copy-protection systems.
      Visit www.steinberg.net for further details.
    • By Ali_81
      Jag funderar på att skaffa en hemmastudio. Vill gärna pyssla med att göra låtar, sjunga samt spela gitarr. Har gjort en del forskning på produkter samt tittat på massor av Youtube videos. Då det fortfarande inte känns så lätt att bestämma sig bland en värld av produkter så tyckte jag att det skulle vara smartare att höra av mig till er kunniga.
      Jag skulle därför uppskatta att få er rådgivning , om förslag på en studio kondensor mikrofonpaket med stativ och reflektionsfilter, ett ljudkort, en keyboard samt hörlurar. Har redan ett par monitorer av märket Yamaha HS 80M, samt en laptop av märket ASUS med Processor: 1,7 GHz, och RAM-minne: 6,00 GB.
      Har själv kommit fram till att följande mikrofon Rode NT1 samt ljudkort Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen, och keyboard av märket Alesis Vl49 kan vara några alternativ att starta med, men vet inte om det går att använda dessa produkter tillsammans efter synkorisering av deras drivrutiner och mjukvaror?
      Har även haft en Audio Fast Track C400 som inte gick att använda efter installation på min tidigare Windows 7. Fick höra att jag saknade Flash player av en tidigare version, vilket gjorde mig förvirrad och frustrerad eftersom jag inte är så teknisk, så nu vill jag testa nyare ljudkort med förhoppning om att det ska fungera.
      Tar gärna emot er råd om vilken mjukvara (DAW) ni rekommenderar som fri och premium version, samt vilka keyboard som passar dessa DAW:s?
      Tack på förhand!
      Med vänlig hälsning!
    • By Fismumriken
      Installerade just en ny SSD i datorn som jag hade tänkt klona den gamla hårddisken till. Detta gick inte som tänkt, utan får installera Windows på nytt på den nya hårddisken. Men det är nog lika bra då hårddisken inte varit formaterad sen ny (typ 10 år gammal).
      Jag har i dagsläget Cubase 5 som jag använt sen.... ja typ 8-10 år tillbaka? I vilket fall så är det ju en massa filer lite härs och tvärs på hårddisken. Nåt jag bör tänka på att spara i filväg, och vart brukar dessa ligga? Kommer det bli några komplikationer att öppna dessa gamla filer med ett uppdaterat Cubase? Tänker att det är väl dags för Cubase 10.5 när man ändå ska installera om allt.
      Som sagt, vad ska man tänka på för att inte göra bort sig fullständigt?
    • By asphyxia
      Är på jakt efter något mer mobil lösning 
      undrar en MacBook  pro retina 2015 är något att ha?
      eller ska man isåfall satsa på något nyare
      datorn ska användas främst till logic men även andra daw`s 
      Krav ska vara Apple 😀
      tack på förhand 😀😀
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